Fully Licensed Blackjack Casinos

BLACKJACK Updated on: 14 November 2018

Blackjack is the reason many people spend countless hours online. That is because this game is incredibly fun and engaging.

But where can you safely play blackjack online?

And not just to enjoy this game, but also to have a playing experience that makes you glad you “discovered” online blackjack.

We all know that over the web, getting tricked into losing your money is only a few clicks away, if you are not careful.

That is why you should insist on playing at fully licensed casinos.

However, before we get to the issue of licensed online casinos, let’s discuss the legality of online blackjack in general.

1. So, Is Online Blackjack Legal?

I’m guessing not many players bothered asking this question before playing blackjack online, but it is a very important question.

In fact, the legality issues around this game supersede the casino licensing issue we are going to focus on today.

The truth is that some countries have not legalized online blackjack playing. However, most places around the world have laws that allow people to play this game.

Fortunately, many countries have legalized online blackjack in one way or another. Just to clarify, this means that some countries have laws that make playing blackjack legal.

But other countries have no laws that ban playing this game. But they don’t have laws that illegalize it either.

And that means you can play online blackjack games if you are from these countries without having to look over your back even if your country does not license these kinds of online activities.

But to be on the safe side, be sure to use casinos licensed in other jurisdictions by reputable authorities.

Now we can try to answer one important question:

Why Use a Licensed Casino?

The first obvious reason is that a licensed casino is more responsible in the way it offers its games.

And it’s all because licensing requirements are quite strict.

For a casino to get a license, it needs to offer fair games. Its standards when it comes to processing financial transactions also need to be up to the mark.

After getting a license, there are other requirements the casino needs to meet to hold on to its license.

For instance, it has to offer good customer service and proper business conduct. That means too many complaints about a casino could result in its license getting withdrawn.

So, a licensed casino has to be very careful not to disappoint its users if it is to retain this prestigious status.

What that gets you is peace of mind as you enjoy blackjack or any other casino game you like over the web.

But let’s deal with the elephant in the room.

Can you actually get into trouble for playing blackjack online? Even when using a licensed casino?

Or, Is Online Blackjack Illegal in Some Countries?

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but yes; there are a few places where playing online blackjack could mean ending up in court.

In these countries, the laws on blackjack make it illegal, and there are matching penalties for those caught in the act.

The good news is that as time goes by, the list of countries where you can end up in trouble for playing blackjack keeps shrinking.

That’s promising, right?

Without a doubt. But in the meantime, if you know that playing online blackjack could get you in trouble, you would be better off avoiding the game altogether.

Fortunately, most online anti-gambling laws focus on chasing down the big fish. So, these territories might have laws that allow them to go after the online casinos, but not the players themselves.

But if your country has no laws about online blackjack, either pro or anti, then you are good to go. You can play online blackjack without worrying too much about what the authorities might do to you if they find out what you have been up to.

What about Europe, Is Blackjack Legal Here?

There are two broad categories of countries in Europe as far as online blackjack goes – those that have laws legalizing this game, and those that have no laws on blackjack.

As we saw earlier, you can play online blackjack in either of these legal landscapes.

The only difference is that, when your country has laws regulating this industry, you can use a local licensed casino. Otherwise, if no such laws exist, nobody will fault you for using a casino licensed to offer these services, but in another European country.

Some licensing authorities to look out for include those in Malta, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Isle of Man, and Gibraltar.

Top Licensed Online Blackjack Casinos

Blackjack is one of the best casino games there is. So, it’s only fair that you play it at a great casino as well.

And just because a casino is licensed, don’t assume that it will give you the best playing experience. Some of these establishments have pretty lousy playing experiences to offer, and you have every right to give them a wide berth.

A few, however, know how to give you a blackjack experience unlike anything you have ever experienced in the past.

With these casinos, you will be happy whenever you visit your online casino, knowing that every kind of fun awaits you as you play this game.

But what should you expect of a top online casino, now that proper licensing is not all it takes?

How about the game selection?

A good blackjack casino should give you as many blackjack variants as you can find. These include live and multiplayer versions.

Also look into issues like payment processing options. You need a casino that can give you the payment mode you prefer over all others.

After that, consider the level of customer service the casino will give you. That last thing you need is a casino that does not answer your emails, phone calls or chats.

And think of bonus offers as well. Every other casino on the planet practically has some bonus to give its players, even if it is the ubiquitous sign up bonus. So, why should your choice casino deny you this pleasure?

I could go on and on, because there are plenty of things to look into before joining your choice casino.

But you can cut to the chase and see our up-to-date selection of the best licensed blackjack casinos in the world today. This list is based on extensive research and testing.

You couldn’t be in safer hands with any of these top casinos.