History and Origins of Blackjack

BLACKJACK Updated on: 1 September 2018

Blackjack has been around for much longer than most people imagine; and although its precise origins are not clear, this popular casino game dates back to the sixteenth century. The general consensus is that this game was invented in France.

Since then, the game has retained a formidable presence in the world, which is why it continues to thrive today. Even in places where gambling is just starting out, blackjack is often one of the most popular games played.

Many blackjack players would never have guessed how old this game is. But it can be quite exciting to know how the game started, how it has changed over the years, and some of the more recent changes it has has experienced. So, here are the highlights of blackjack history.

1. How Blackjack Started

You might be surprised to learn that card games have been in existence for about about 3 millenia, and were initially played by the Chinese. From this standpoint, you can consider blackjack a relatively recent card game for having been around for just hundreds of years.

Blackjack is thought to be a card game invented by the French, with its creation going back to the sixteenth and the seventeenth century. In France, it was called “Vingt En Un”, which is the French phrase for “21”. As you might imagine, the rules of the game at the time were quite different from those used today. For one, only the dealer could double down, players couldn’t.

But the French were not the only ones who influenced the early developments of the blackjack game. Italians also contributed to the rules of blackjack as you know it today. Their version was called seven and a half, not twenty one. In this game, face cards contributed half a point, while regular cards contributed a point each. The Italians are believed to be responsible for the term “bust”, which is still used in modern blackjack games.

But in order to give credit where its due, it is important to note that the French had a great role in spreading the game around the world. During the French revolution, 21 was already a popular game in this European country. The conditions in this European country during this period in history resulted in high levels of immigration to America; and the French immigrants brought their game with them. The timing was also perfect in that America did not have anti-gambling laws at the time.

For this reason, the game caught on pretty fast and became popular throughout the country. Not even the anti-gambling laws that came later on could affect the game’s popularity. This is why when America later legalized gambling in the twentieth century, it re-emerged with a vengeance, especially in the casinos that had just been built.

It was in America that 21 got the name blackjack. The casinos were trying to get more people to play this game, and they offered the players a chance to bet on a black jack and the ace of spades. This led to the name blackjack; and although this bet was not pursued for long, the name stuck and came to be the title of this card game.

History of Online Blackjack

Internet gambling is a relatively new phenomenon. After it began taking off, it did not take long for online casinos to realize that they could not offer a rewarding gambling experience without having games like blackjack in their catalogs. This made casinos create advanced blackjack software to make the game appealing in an online platform.

Soon after, the convenience that online gambling offered made it into the industry it is today. Blackjack lovers do not have to leave their homes and visit a casino in order play any of their favorite casino games, including blackjack. This is why today, online blackjack is a big part of the gambling industry. Many variants of the game have also been developed to reel in the online gambler.

Consequently, the high level of interest in the game has resulted in the creation of numerous literature explaining how the game is played and strategies that can help regular players perform better against the casino. Online casinos are also often scrutinized by players with the goal of comparing them to their competitors. This information is used by seekers of online gambling fun to find the best places to play blackjack, and the best strategies to use in order to win.

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