Best Online Blackjack Casinos

BLACKJACK Updated on: 31 August 2018

The online gambling world is pretty crowded, with every casino vying for your attention. To begin with, not every casino even deserves your attention, and this particular group consists of unregulated casinos with shady operations and unflattering reviews from former clients.

But even past this elimination process, you will still be left with lots of casinos to sift through. Truthfully, there is no way you can give each casino the thorough review it needs before making a decision as to whether you should open an account or not.

Does this means you should settle for the first casino that seems decent and give up on the seemingly elusive task of finding the very best? Of course not – reviews such as those you will find on this site can help you find the best casino for your gambling needs in no time.

I have personally checked out these sites, which is why I can recommend them to anyone who wants to enjoy a high-class gaming experience. But just to put your mind at ease about the quality of my reviews, below is a breakdown of some things I look at when evaluating an online casino’s standing.

1. The Playability Of The Casino's Games

Otherwise called ease of play, this attribute describes the convenience with which you can dive into the the games a casino is offering. Intuitiveness is key here – you will want to sign up with a casino whose games you can figure out without having to read guides and go through lots of trial and error. Finding your favorite blackjack game should be a walk in the park, and playing it should come naturally without the potential for confusion and unnecessary mistakes.


Looks count for something when playing games online. The last thing you want is a poorly designed game with graphics that bore or strain you as you play. A game that brings a smile to your face every time you see it because of its amazing graphics is what you should seek as you play casino games over the internet. A drab, lousy game that has been hurriedly put together will not endear you to any casino, however well it ranks in other areas.

Security and Safety

Playing blackjack is fun, even when you are using virtual money. But if you want the thrill of playing with real money, security and safety become important things to consider when opening an account. Right off the bat, the first thing I look for in a casino to confirm if it is secure and safe is its licensing.

And I don’t stop there, I probe further and ensure that the casino also offers flexibility when it comes to payment processing modes. The reliability of the support staff is also something I look into. There are plenty of scam casinos on the internet, and it does not take much effort to come across a gambling outfit whose prime goal is to part you from your money. Alarming as this might seem, it is still possible to know if a casino can be trusted or not – but this takes the form of research I have conducted while reviewing the casinos you see on this site.

Blackjack Payout Percentages

Everyone likes to have the best payouts possible when playing blackjack. A higher payout means a lower house edge, which in turn improves your chances of winning. With blackjack, the best payout percentage you can hope for is around 98%. However, the average casino will only give you a payout of just 95%, which is still quite decent.

Blackjack Variants Offered

Like all tremendously popular games, blackjack has over the years been tweaked in various ways, resulting in many iterations of the game. In addition to regular blackjack, many casinos also offer other versions of the game today. You might already be a devotee of a less popular blackjack version, which you might expect from the casino you finally join. For this reason, blackjack variants offered by a casino is something this site also addresses with its reviews.

How Do You Find The Best Online Casino?

The truth is, without professional reviews such as those posted on this site, this is damn near impossible. To get even close, you would have to spend several hours or days scouring the internet for information on every casino brand you come across to determine whether its the one.

This is the kind of work that lies behind the reviews on this site. I even use indirect approaches whereby I try to find out what other reputable organizations have to say about the casino I am evaluating. My own evaluations of these sites helps to augment such information so that the final recommendation can be relied on by people like yourself.

This multifaceted review process is the reason you can expect lots of good things from the casinos I have reviewed here. You can rest assured that your money will be safe, and that you will enjoy high quality gameplay, and lucrative payouts and bonuses with the high quality casinos listed here. I am confident you will not get more accurate online casino reviews elsewhere on the internet if you want to enjoy premium online blackjack.

But you don’t have to take my word for it – look through the reviews and see just how deep and objective they are. Otherwise, all the best in your online gaming!