How to Play Blackjack Online

BLACKJACK Updated on: 1 September 2018

Without a doubt, knowing how blackjack is played is one of the easiest things to do. However, mastering advanced strategies and becoming a wizard at this casino game is another thing altogether. To become a really good player, you will need to master a few major strategies beyond the formal rules of the game. Some of these strategies and tactics include card counting and shuffle tracking.

This site is as much about helping you become the best blackjack player as you can be as it is about helping you find the best online casinos in the world. Consequently, you will get to learn more about these advanced blackjack playing strategies right here on Gamble711. But for now, lets make sure you know all the major rules of blackjack, which obviously precede any complex strategies you might eventually use as you grow as a player.

1. Blackjack Rules

Blackjack always entails playing against the dealer. You win by performing better than him in your quest to get a card total of 21 or a total that is as close to this figure as possible. Getting a total of 22 and above automatically makes you lose your bet, even before the dealer has revealed his/her hidden card.

Speaking of which, the game starts out with the players placing their desired bets. From there, the dealer issues two cards, both facing upwards, to the player. The dealer also deals himself/herself two cards, but with just one of them facing upwards. At this point, you could already be a winner if both your cards total to 21 (referred to as a blackjack). This happens when you have an ace (counted as a 11) and a 10 or a face card (counted as a 10).

Blackjack Playing Options

Below are the basic blackjack rules. It is worth noting that a casino may have certain variations to these rules, which is why you should read through a blackjack table rules when playing at a new casino so that you understand better what is required of you.

Hit: Picking this option will result in an extra card for you. This move is necessary when your card total is low, and you still feel that you have a chance of not going over 21 (busting) by getting an extra card. So, you can comfortably hit when your card total is 11 or less, because no extra card would automatically put you out of the game; but decide not to hit when your card total is 16 and above because of the high likelihood of getting a card total of more than 21.

Stand: This option means that you get no extra cards, and the dealer has to move on to the next hand in the game. So, after telling the dealer to hit so that you arrive at a card total you are confident can win against the dealer, you choose stand and then wait to see if you have done better than the dealer.

Split: This is an option to turn your two initial cards into separate hands. But there is a catch, the two cards have to be similar. Since the two cards will now make two separate hands, you will need to place another bet. This bet has to be similar to the initial bet you placed.

Double Down: Just like the name suggests, this move means that you increase your bet amount by doubling it. However, this move also comes with certain conditions. First, you have to accept an additional card. Furthermore, you will have to stand after you get this additional card.

Insurance: When the dealer has an ace as the face card, you can insure your bet so that you get your money back if this turns out to be the case. If not, the insurance bet is lost and you are left playing with the main bet just as you normally would. The insurance is usually 50% of the initial bet.

Surrender: Sometimes you will get a really bad hand, and you will realize that you are practically guaranteed a loss by the time the game ends. In such a case, you can forfeit the game by surrendering. However, this move will cost you half your bet.

Dealer Rules

The dealer also needs to follow certain rules with blackjack, and these are usually different from player rules. For instance, a dealer can stand, but not before reaching a card value of 17. Furthermore, once they have attained a card value of at least 17, dealers must stand.

How To Become A Better Blackjack Player

Being good at blackjack requires a bit of time, although preparing to play this game for the first time could only take a few minutes of learning. For beginners, it is recommended that you place small bets. Placing smaller bets would mean losing just a small portion of your money at a time, and being able to play long enough to master the basics of the game and notice some strategic playing opportunities.

As easy as it is to play blackjack, a real lover of the game needs to learn as much as possible about it, not only the rules, but also the most effective strategies. This is why you will find plenty of guides about this game right here on Gamble711. These guides will teach you some important blackjack strategies, and also tell you more about the game and its many variants so that you can win more when you play it in future.