How to Play Multihand Blackjack?

BLACKJACK Updated on: 1 September 2018

Online blackjack is quite a hit around the globe. Why else would there be so many variants of this game in existence today? Each of these blackjack versions has its upsides and downsides. Anyway, casinos are now offering multihand blackjack, a blackjack version that gives you a chance to use card counting to better your winning odds.

Basically, as the name suggests, this blackjack version lets you play with several hands at once. This is unlike single player blackjack where it’s just you and the dealer. When playing alone against the dealer, you cannot use the card counting strategy, which is the first of a few benefits multihand blackjack offers over single player blackjack.

1. How Is Multihand Blackjack Played?

Multihand blackjack allows a player to use more than one hand during the game. In most cases, you will be allowed to use 2 to 5 hands, each of which is given an individual bet. The bet amounts on each cards do not even have to be similar. You can think of the different hands as different players on the same blackjack table, except that you make all the bets and get all player winnings.

Each hand consists of two cards, and the dealer gets two cards as well, with one of the cards facing up. From there, each hand is dealt with individually, and you will have to make the decisions to stand or hit on each of them. When you stand on one hand, you move on to the next hand and so forth.

The results are also settled differently for each hand. There is absolutely no relationship between the wins achieved in one of the hands and the wins or losses accrued when playing a different hand. So, with a five hand multihand blackjack game, you could win all hands, lose all of them, or get any other winning possibility in between.

Benefits Of Multihand Blackjack

Multihand blackjack obviously makes for a more exciting and fast-paced playing experience, particularly when compared to multiplayer blackjack. Rather than sitting around waiting for the dealer to finish up with the other players, you get to play with each hand on the table.

Another major benefit to playing multihand blackjack has everything to do with its better strategic options. This is especially apparent when you compare it to single player blackjack, where you cannot use a card counting technique to improve your odds of winning.

How To Use Card Counting When Playing Multihand Blackjack

When playing with up to 5 cards, you can tell what cards are more likely to be dealt next because you can discount the cards already exposed. This strategy is very powerful when playing online multihand blackjack for one simple reason: you can take your time.

In brick and mortar casinos, such delays would give away your card counting strategy, and the casino would no longer want you to play at its blackjack table. But when playing online, you can even get a notebook and a pen so that your card counting is more accurate.

You Can Vary Your Bets To Improve Your Winning Chances

Since each hand is played differently, and you can place different bets on different hands, you can use this to your advantage when playing multihand blackjack. The first few hands are harder to predict, and you can consider them as the hands that help you improve your card counting accuracy.

For this reason, you can place smaller bets on them and then place larger wagers on the last two or three hands because these are the ones that stand to win more often. And since you are practically guaranteed to be a winner over the long run when you use card counting, you can place larger bets on these hands knowing that this will translate into better wins.

For instance, you can bet only $1 on the first three hands, and then put $5 or $10 on the last two hands in the case of a five-hand multihand blackjack. The point here is not to win the first three bets, but rather to use them as sources of information; information you will use to predict the cards likely to be dealt during the last two bets.

Best Online Casinos for Multihand Blackjack

Clearly, multihand blackjack is the way to go if you want to have some of the best winning odds an online casino has to offer. Not every casino offers this game, which is why you need to check if the casino you are about to sign up with will give you a chance to play multihand blackjack before you sign up and send them your money.

Also ensure that the multihand blackjack being offered has five hands at least, anything lower will not give you the best conditions to use a card counting strategy. There are casinos that will also try to limit the strategic benefits of this blackjack game by not letting you place varying bets on each of the hands. So, be on the lookout for this as well.

But just to make it easier for you to find a good multihand blackjack casino, I have listed a few casinos on the top right section of this page. These casinos are really good for a host of reasons, and their multihand blackjack offering is just one of the many perks that their members enjoy.

Of course, having the opportunity to play the more advantageous multihand blackjack counts for nothing if your blackjack skills are not up to par. Make sure you understand other ways to improve your blackjack winning odds by reading other guides provided on this site.