How to Play Multiplayer Blackjack?

BLACKJACK Updated on: 14 November 2018

For several centuries that blackjack has been in existence, it has remained relatively unchanged.

But there is has never been a century like the twenty-first century, has there? In this peculiar age, even ancient games like blackjack have witnessed phenomenal changes.

There are many examples of this happening, obviously. But we’ll concentrate on multiplayer blackjack for now.

And even if you know nothing about this game, you can be certain that it has a lot more fun to offer its players than a regular game of blackjack.

Actually, this appears to be the direction in which most casino games are evolving at the moment – moving from one level of fun to another.

1. What’s Multiplayer Blackjack?

Generally, multiplayer blackjack is a blackjack game that you play beside other players. It is not just you against the dealer anymore, as is usually the norm.

But why would you need other players beside you as you play?

Because this makes the game more exciting, especially if you are used to playing alongside other players in physical casinos.

And for the win-oriented players out there, a multiplayer game gives you more strategic options, specifically card counting.

Yea, card counting is much easier to accomplish with a multiplayer game. And besides, in an online casino, nobody will call you out on it.

Multiplayer Blackjack Rules

Because online blackjack players log in to their casino accounts to play from various places around the world, multiplayer gaming is not possible in a traditional sense.

That is why online multiplayer blackjack is such a big deal.

However, while you can see the cards other players have in a physical blackjack game, you will not have the same opportunity with multiplayer blackjack.

But little else changes about the rules of this game.

For instance, you will have to “hit”, “stand”, “double down”, take insurance or even “split” as with a single player or standard online blackjack game.

Even the house edge remains practically unchanged in comparison to a single player blackjack game.

Why Play Multiplayer Blackjack?

I might not be speaking for everyone, but I believe that multiplayer is a little more exciting.

In particular, this game is more “realistic.”

You see, in a regular blackjack game, be it be at a casino or your own home with your friends, you will usually play in a table full of other players.

This adds to the thrill of the game as you get to see other players make their moves, lose bets and even win big.

A single player online blackjack game does not give you this experience. But the multiplayer alternative clearly does. To many players, this is a huge advantage.

Online casinos are well aware of this.

That is why they offer a chat feature that lets you talk to other players during the game for a more realistic multiplayer experience.

That said, if you like a quick playing experience, multiplayer blackjack might not hold too much appeal for you.

In this game, the pace is determined by how fast other players make their moves.

In a single player game, you determine how fast the game goes because its you against a super-fast gaming software.

How does Multiplayer Blackjack Compare to Live Dealer Blackjack?

Not to sound like a broken record, but in this case, individual tastes matter as well.

There are those who will pick a live dealer game over a multiplayer blackjack game any day. But at the same time, given a choice, some people would pass up on a chance to play a live dealer game in favor of a multiplayer game.

In a live dealer game, you will be playing against a live dealer, but in a multiplayer game, you play against a computer program.

However, if you want a multiplayer game that offers a greater pace, then multiplayer blackjack is what will suit your needs the best.

What’s So Unique about Multiplayer Blackjack?

There is one great benefit to playing multiplayer blackjack.

You can count cards.

For those who think that counting cards when playing online blackjack is not a possibility, multiplayer blackjack blows that perception out of the water.

We will not go into details of this strategy here, but it’s discussed in another article on this site.

Basically, this strategy involves keeping track of the cards that have been dealt within the game to know what cards are more likely to come up next.

With a multiplayer game, you can make better playing decisions with this strategy since there are other players in the game whose card values you can use to make better playing decisions.

An added advantage to counting cards over the web is that you can do it without worrying that someone is watching you, which is what happens when you play this game online.

So, the greatest benefit to online multiplayer blackjack is greater profit potential, all because you can use card counting more effectively.

Best Places to Play Multiplayer Blackjack

By now, you know plenty about multiplayer jackpot.

I also think you now have pretty convincing reasons for trying out this game; and a few comparisons to other blackjack variants, I think, have helped clarify this.

The important thing to note is this: if you like your games more sociable, and you don’t mind the slower human pace, the multiplayer blackjack is right up your alley.

But don’t be surprised that some casinos will not give you a chance to play this game. And among those that do, don’t be surprised that some of them might not give you a very good playing experience.

Is there a way around this?

Yes. There are great casinos that can let you enjoy this game without having to deal with a bunch of negative issues such as problematic withdrawals or bad customer service.

On this site, you will find a list of the leading online multiplayer blackjack casinos on the web at the moment. At these casinos, you can enjoy high quality gaming every time.

With these companies, you can look forward to great bonuses, high payouts, and an assortment of other great features that will make you enjoy every minute of your multiplayer blackjack gaming.

Oh, also remember that with this game, you can truly exploit card counting and improve your win rates considerably.