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Is Online Blackjack Rigged? – Find the Truth Here

BLACKJACK Updated on: 5 November 2018

There are plenty of myths floating around about online casino games. But one of the most common is that online blackjack is an outright scam, because it is rigged. But could this be true?

Frankly, a number of people are incredibly concerned that online games are rigged, including blackjack.

Some even have horror stories of how casinos cheated them out of a whole lot of money when they tried to play blackjack online. But we’ll get to the credibility of such stories later.

For now, let’s focus on answering this important question.

1. Is Online Blackjack Rigged?

It is a well known fact that online casino games, blackjack included, are designed to offer a slight edge to the casino. This is what we call the house edge, and physical casinos have this advantage as well.

But that does not constitute rigging. After all, the casinos are in this business to make money, that is what the house edge does for them. Otherwise, they would be out of business.

This also means that as an average player without a good strategy will lose a little of their money over time. It is even possible to lose all your money in this manner.

And sure enough, many people have lost their money in casinos, but not through the casino’s fault. For this reason, they have gone on to claim that online casino games are rigged.

But, while rigging is possible, online blackjack is not inherently rigged.

Rigging is completely different from a house edge. It goes well beyond a reasonable house edge and becomes outright thievery.

When an online blackjack is rigged, you would have absolutely no chance of winning since the set up would ensure that the odds are never in your favor.

That is not typically what happens online. There are many top casinos where players win all the time.

2. But Yes, Rigging is Possible

But let’s call a spade a spade by admitting that there are online casinos where blackjack is rigged.

These are usually scam casinos, although unlicensed casinos without proper regulation might also be guilty of this practice.

However, most rigging claims are unfounded. The truth is that many players have condemned the industry as full of scamming casino operators after having bad blackjack gaming sessions that cost them more money than they were willing to lose.

Blackjack games, and other casino games for that matter, are designed using random number generators. Therefore, although the casino will win a little over the long term, short term conditions might imply something different.

It is not uncommon for a player to have an exceedingly good winning streak. Similarly, players can have a seemingly unfair gaming experience whereby they lose one bet after another in a single sitting.

Sure, skill matters when playing blackjack, but chance also plays a significant role in this game. But random chance can still make you lose regardless of your playing skills.

That said, there are online casino establishments that blatantly rig their games to ensure that the player ultimately walks away empty handed. With the most notorious of these establishments, you can lose dozens of bets in a row even in games where you should get a win after every couple of tries.

For instance, when the dealer gets a blackjack a dozen times when you are playing a blackjack game, then you have every reason to feel that something it not right about the fairness of that game.

3. Why Online Blackjack Sometimes Seems Rigged

The fast-paced gameplay online casinos provide is sometimes the reason these games seem rigged.

In physical casinos, where the dealer is usually handing out the cards manually, the game unfolds a lot more slowly.

In an online casino, unless playing live dealer blackjack, the game proceeds at a much faster pace since a computer is dealing out the cards and settling the bets.

That is why some people will claim that the online blackjack game they played was rigged and go on to make explain that, “I have never lost $300 within an hour in a blackjack game before while betting just $10.”

Simply by losing more money than they typically would in a given time period makes such people think that online blackjack is rigged. But that is not the case.

What such players fail to realize is that the online blackjack version is on average twice as fast as physical blackjack, because a computer is dealing the cards and settling the bets, not a much slower human dealer.

4. Is there a Way to Avoid Rigged Online Blackjack Games?

As a matter of fact, there is.

Today, many countries have laws that regulate online gambling establishments. A common requirement of these regulators is that the casino in question offers its players provably fair games.

These institutions have ways of evaluating the games to prove that they are fair and that they have not been tampered with in order to give the casino an undue advantage. These tests are not just done once, but several times over the course of the licensing period.

A casino with a good reputation will also typically provide provably fair games to avoid tarnishing their reputation. That is why you should generally avoid any casino that has a bad reputation as it is likely to give you unfair winning odds that would pretty much guarantee that you lose all your money over time.

5. Why Online Casinos would Rather not Use Rigged Games

Few accusations are as damaging in the online gambling world as the claim that a casino is rigged.

Players avoid such casinos like a plague. And casino review sites spare no effort in making the entire gambling world know that a certain online casino is playing fast and loose with its game payment scheme to increase its profit margin.

Additionally, it is not just casinos that can be shady, but players as well. There are plenty of players out there who would like to understand a game’s algorithm with the aim or predicting game outcomes to win more as they play. Obviously, with enough cash, such players could make serious money off online casinos.

Therefore, a casino has every reason to ensure that the games it offers are unpredictable so that no player can use the predictability of the game to their own advantage.

Even when a game was originally rigged against the player, to a smart player, this predictability could be used to its detriment.

6. To Sum Up

Sadly, it’s true that rigged online blackjack games do exist. But not all online blackjack games are rigged.

Only some casinos have gone over and beyond to ensure that their games keep draining your bankroll without giving you any winning chance. And luckily, these are easy to spot.

The good news is that there are plenty of great casinos that have provably fair blackjack games. When playing jackpot at these casinos, you can win regardless of the inherent house edge designed into the games.

Anyway, the most effective way to avoid playing rigged online blackjack is to work with the right casino. These casinos have provably fair games, and they welcome independent testing bodies to confirm this fact.

Such casinos are also licensed and will go over and beyond to ensure that their customers enjoy a high quality gambling services.

So, as long as you are using a properly licensed casino with a great reputation for offering fair games, then playing a rigged version of this game should be the least of your problems.

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