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How to Play and Win in Online Blackjack Tournaments

BLACKJACK Updated on: 30 October 2018

I would like you to get something straight first – there is a world of difference between playing a regular blackjack game and a blackjack tournament game.

But how is this possible?

Because in a tournament game, it’s you against other players as well as the dealer. The rules are different too, to some extent. For instance, in a tournament game, you need to have the greatest number of chips to win. There is more to playing a blackjack tournament game.

Luckily, that is what we are about to discuss today. In fact, we will not stop at letting you know how these games are played, but how you can win them as well.

So, pay close attention.

But first of all, there are some basics you should learn about blackjack tournaments

You can be part of a single table or a multi-table blackjack tournament. The difference between the two is just as it sounds – in a single table game, a single table is used in the tournament. In a multi-table game, several tables are involved in the tournament.

There are also no hard and fast rules about tournament games, each can have its own rules dictating how the game will progress until a winner is found. But in most cases, you will find that these tournaments have 2 to 3 rounds.

Each round is basically used to determine who makes it to the next round. The final round determines the winner.

Also, the casino says how many rounds a tournament will have. And each round has a pre-determined number of hands.

Finally, the prizes awarded during the tournament follow a fixed payment structure. However, the winners get the largest prize.

1. How to Play Online Blackjack Tournaments

1. The first step is to sign up for a tournament. This can be an online or a land-based tournament. The process involves paying in order to get chips you will use in the tournament. All players get the same number of chips.

2. Then you have to match the bet placed if you are not the first player to make a bet. Otherwise, other players have to match your bet. Note that there is usually a minimum and a maximum bet you can place at the tournament table.

3. You then have to make playing decisions like those of regular blackjack, but in consideration of other players and the dealer.

4. From there, you should wait and see if you have won or lost that hand. When you lose, only the bet you placed is lost.

In case you lose all your chips, you are eliminated. The same goes for players who lack enough chips to place the minimum bet in the subsequent round.

At the end of the tournament, a winner is announced and awarded the prize. The winner is usually the player with the highest number of chips at the end of the tournament.

2. How to Win Online Blackjack Tournaments

1. Stick to the basic blackjack strategy with regards to hitting, standing, splitting, doubling down, and even surrendering.

2. Make your move within the given time to avoid elimination. Typically, this could be 25 seconds, but in some cases, you will have just 10 seconds to make your move.

3. Match the bets other players are making to ensure that you are at par with them with regards to wins or losses.

However, as your chips add up, or go down, adjust your bets appropriately to ensure better winning chances. You can get more aggressive or more conservative depending on your current state. For instance, when you have more than enough chips, you can bet more conservatively.

4. You can use the “Contrarian Blackjack Tournament Strategy,” whereby you bet in opposition to the bets other player make. For instance, when your rival bets big, you should bet small and vice versa. The logic here is that good hands do not typically guarantee a win.

The strategy also allows you to get a chance to lead, for instance, in case the dealer busts. With this strategy, the cards on the table are basically ignored and focus is placed on bet sizes.

3. Some Tournament Winning Tips

1. Work on winning the current round. It is easy to focus on the big final prize you stand to win if you beat everyone else in the tournament and emerge the winner. But what is currently happening bears more weight since winning consecutive rounds is what gives you a chance to win the final round.

2. It is also important to understand tournament rules properly. Each tournament tends to have some special rules. Failure to follow them could mean getting eliminated, even with a sound strategy.

3. You also need to know how to make quick decisions. In tournaments, you will be faced with situations where you will have to decide your next move within seconds. So make sure you are up for the challenge before the tournament begins.

4. Blackjack Tournament Types

1. Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments

These tournaments are very popular among online casinos. The tournaments run as soon as 6 players sit down at the tournament table.

2. Major Tournaments

These can run for over 2 days, and the entry fee is much higher than is the case with regular tournaments. Similarly, their prizes are usually a little higher, and millions are often at stake. Online casinos hold them over the weekend since they need more time.

3. Elimination Tournaments

In these tournaments, players with the least amount of chips by the time the tournament ends are eliminated from the competition while the rest go through to the next round.

4. Mini Tournaments

These have low entrance fees and they never go past a day. The prize pool usually maxes out at about $2,000.

5. Non-Elimination/Accumulation Tournaments

With this game, players are not eliminated at each round. The chips are accumulated over time to determine who the best player is.

6. Live Money Tournaments

In these tournaments, the chips have monetary value. Therefore, the chips won can be exchanged for cash.

7. Traditional Elimination Blackjack Tournaments

These tournaments are not as popular. The players go against each other, and eliminated players are sometimes given a chance to reenter the tournament through an additional buy in.

5. How Does A Tournament Differ from a Regular Game of Blackjack?

1. The first obvious difference between these two blackjack variants is that the regular game involves playing against the dealer alone. You don’t have to give a damn how other players are playing the game. But in a tournament game, you have to beat the dealer and other players as well.

2. In a regular game, the prize is money. Granted, that is typically the same goal you have in mind when playing a tournament game; but that is the ultimate prize. To get the tournament prize, you goal will be having more chips than other players or the dealer.

3. The wins in tournament games are much larger. In regular games, these kinds of wins are rarer.

4. In a regular game, you never hope that the dealer wins, since that means you have lost. But in a tournament game, when the dealer wins, other players lose as well, and that can be a good thing for you.

5. In a typical blackjack game, there are no restrictions on how much you can lose in a single gaming session. However, with a tournament game, you can lose only the amount of fee you paid to enter into the competition.

6. With regular blackjack, a basic strategy such as card counting will do. But with a tournament, game, you have to learn how to win against other players as well, and that means a different strategy would yield better results.

6. To Sum Up

Blackjack tournaments are the way to go if you want big wins without investing a lot of money.

But you need more than your regular blackjack skills to make it through these competitions with a good chance of winning. Generally, these competitions take many forms, and unlike regular blackjack games, you have to compete against other players in addition to the dealer.

Furthermore, each tournament has its own unique rules, and you have to master them to improve your chances of winning. But all things considered, playing in online jackpot tournaments is pretty easy.

With the tips explained above, you should have a pretty good chance of beating your competitors and winning in blackjack tournaments.