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How to Win at Blackjack Using the Best Blackjack Strategies

BLACKJACK Updated on: 8 November 2018

Did you know that blackjack is the most popular casino game in the world?

So, if this game has recently become your favorite, then don’t be too surprised – that, apparently, is its nature. Today, blackjack is the reason many people around the world keep logging in to their online casino accounts to have some fun.

My point is: blackjack is easy to love, exciting, and incredibly fun to play.

And if that is the case, then why not play to win? After all, there are plenty of chances to do so.

A lot of people play this game for fun, which is enough reward for them. But with the right strategy, you can go beyond this and become a winning blackjack player.

In fact, you should be especially motivated to play blackjack to enjoy the fun and win yourself some money because it is one of the few casino games that actually gives players incredible chances of winning.

There is another reason you should play to win – the house edge is pretty low on this game. For this reason, the payouts are also pretty high.

And do you know what that means? That your odds of winning are pretty good.

Therefore, armed with some bit of knowledge and skills, you can easily overcome the small house edge and become a winning blackjack player.

So, stick around till the end if you want to win at blackjack; because here is a breakdown of how regular players are doing it all the time.

1. How to Win at Blackjack

1. Join the Right Casino

Blackjack has payout rates of close to a 100%. That is incredibly promising if you need a game that offers you a great winning chance.

So, with a simple basic strategy that involves knowing the best time to hit, stand, split and so forth, you should have no problem holding on to all your money as you play this game.

And you can actually win with such a strategy by joining the right casino.

You see, there are casinos that pride themselves on providing the best blackjack playing experiences, and they have the bonus offers to back this up.

For the top online blackjack casinos, these bonus offers are sometimes over 1,000 dollars in value.

So, how do you win here?

It’s simple. You can join such a casino and claim the bonus (typically 100% of the deposited amount).

And then, play with a simple conservative strategy that doesn’t let you lose any money. Even if you do not win much or anything at all, you will end up the winner by the time you clear the playthrough requirements because the bonus amount will become part of the cashable amount.

Fortunately, some of these leading casinos regularly award deposit and other kinds of bonus promotions to blackjack players.

That means you can use this strategy again and again to keep making money.

2. Take part in a Blackjack Tournament

Here’s the best thing about a blackjack tournament – you don’t need to spend much to win large amounts of cash. With just a few bucks, you could win a few hundred or thousand dollars.

Your goal with tournament games is to have more chips than the dealer and other competing players; which you can achieve with a good playing strategy. And if you are lucky enough to make it to the final round, you could be the ultimate winner.

These tournaments often take a day to complete, but multi-million dollar tournaments are also accessible to regular players; and these can take 2 or 3 days.

You should not shy away from these competitions either. New and unheard of blackjack players win at these tournaments quite regularly, and with the right strategy, you could be one of them as well.

3. Understand The Rules and the Terms Used in the Game

For you to win at blackjack, you have to know its rules and some of its terminologies. For instance, when you know what a “natural” or a “blackjack” means, you will inevitably know that this is the most rewarding outcome you can have when playing this game.

Other terms that might help you instinctively make winning playing decisions include card counting, doubling down, busting, soft and hard hand, and so forth. These terms have to be at your fingertips if you are to become a serious winning blackjack player.

That said, you should also know the specific rules of the game you are playing, because blackjack tables can have their own unique set of rules.

For instance, there are games where doubling down might not be allowed, or the dealer might not hit a soft 17. So, know such details before sitting down at a blackjack table to ensure that your strategic options are not affected by the table’s specific rules.

4. Master Some Tips to Help You Play Blackjack Better

There are improvements you can make to your game and end up winning more regularly as a result. Here are a few of them.

– Avoid taking insurance

This playing move is not fair to the player. So, it is not even worth considering. So, avoid it.

– Have a basic guideline on when to stand, hit, double down and so forth

To beginners, hitting and standing decisions are a little random. But as someone who wants a winning edge, having information on when to hit or not is very important.

For instance, when the dealer’s up card is low, and you have a hand value of 12 to 16, you should stand to avoid going bust when the dealer has such a good chance of not busting.

Similarly, if you have a card value of between 4 and 8, you should always hit since there is no chance that any single card will make you go bust.

Also, you should double down (double your bet) when you have a 10 or an 11, particularly if the dealer has a 2 to 6 as an up card since that means the dealer is very likely to go bust while you are very likely to encounter a similar fate.

5. Learn Some Strategies

Some pros and experts have sat down and come up with definitive formulas that should help you win more while playing blackjack.

There is evidence that some of these strategies work, and you can use them to make your gameplay more financially rewarding and become a consistent blackjack winner.

With such a strategy, in addition to the other points discussed above, you should have no problem winning at blackjack.

However, before trying to win any money with your blackjack strategy, test the strategy in demo mode and make sure you understand how to apply it effectively. More importantly, ensure that the blackjack strategy you have chosen actually helps you win.

6. Understand the Concept of House Edge

Generally, winning at blackjack, or any casino game for that matter, is a battle against the house edge. More importantly, this edge varies with the number of decks being used in the game.

This is why I suggest that you play blackjack games with as few decks as you can find. That is because while a single deck game will give the house a 0.17% advantage, a two deck game will have a 0.46% advantage for the house. With eight decks, the house gets an advantage of 0.65%.

While we are on the subject, I suggest you learn to play blackjack variants with lower house edges. For instance, while Blackjack Switch has an edge of 0.17%, 21 Duel Blackjack has an edge of 0.62%.

In Summary

For many decades, blackjack has been the dominant casino game in physical casinos. And in the bold new world of online gaming, where new and exciting games are introduced every day, the game has become a top favorite as well.

Quite simply, blackjack is the go-to game for the average online gambler – online or offline.

And why wouldn’t it be? Blackjack is simple, incredibly fun, quite engaging, and you can enjoy it for hours without getting bored.

Besides, with its slight edge, you can enjoy several rounds of this game without going bust. This is not always the case with some casino games which come with atrociously low payout rates.

Thanks to this smaller edge, blackjack is also easy to win. With the steps discussed above, winning at blackjack should be a pretty regular thing.

So, why not put these tips to the test today and see your fortunes turn around if you have not been winning with blackjack in the past? Others have been doing it, and you can as well.

Best of luck!