Real Money Blackjack Casinos

BLACKJACK Updated on: 31 August 2018

Blackjack has been, and still remains, the favorite casino game for many people. With a bit of experience with the game, and confidence about your chances of winning, you might even consider playing online blackjack for real cash. Like you, my concern when playing online blackjack is whether the casino site I am dealing with is properly regulated.

In this article, you will know what it takes to play online blackjack for real money. Better still, you will discover the right casinos to sign up with if you would like to play real money blackjack. And by any chance, are you also wondering if online blackjack is legal? Then keep reading, you will find the answer to your question soon.

1. How Do You Play Online Blackjack For Money?

For most part, online blackjack is just like the blackjack game in a real casino. The same rules are used in online blackjack games. The only difference is that a computer program is involved in an online gameplay environment while real dealers are used for real-life blackjack games.

The way you pay your wagers will also be a little different in an online environment, and more convenient at that. Otherwise, your odds of winning are just as good in an online casino as they are in a brick and mortar casino.

Pick Your Casino Carefully

Like it or not, joining the right casino is one of the major steps towards having an enjoyable online blackjack experience, especially when you are putting real money on the line. For one thing, the casino you sign up with should have a gaming license, otherwise, funding your account will be a gamble in itself.

Once the casino’s regulation has checked out, you will need to look at its selection of blackjack games. Ideally, what you should look out for is whether the blackjack variant you like is on offer. Great casinos will let you play Blackjack Surrender, traditional blackjack, Pontoon, Double Blackjack, European Blackjack, and even Blackjack Switch among other versions of the game.

Once the licensing by the casino and its game selection satisfy you, you can go ahead and create an account. The process should take no more than a few minutes as it entails providing a couple of personal details and confirming your email address.

Putting Money Into Your Account

Since you already have an account with a casino at this point, you should give the blackjack game on the site a try. By playing in demo mode, you can tell whether you like the game and the way it has been designed. If you do, then you can proceed to the next major step – depositing real money into your account.

Online casinos offer several deposit and withdrawal options, and you can pick your favorite as you make your deposit. You can use bank transfers, credit cards, and electronic payment processing modes such as PayPal and Skrill. With most deposit methods, the funds show up in your account without any delays, which means you should be ready to play blackjack for real money in no time. However, with wire transfers, it might take a few days before the money is credited into your account.

Picking The Appropriate Blackjack Game

Some people prefer a particular form of blackjack to all others. Obviously, you should have already known that the casino had the blackjack version you prefer prior to opening an account and making a deposit.

On the other hand, if you are a new to blackjack and someone had sold you on the benefits of a particular version of the game and you would like to give it a try, it might be a good idea to play the traditional version of the game first to learn the basics before giving the recommended variant a shot.

Making Your Bets

Blackjack limits vary considerably, and you can place hundreds of dollars at stake with each game if you are up to it. Personally, I recommend that you place smaller bets at a time. Online casinos will even let you place a bet of just $0.10. The wisdom of playing with small amounts lies in the fact that you can play for much longer. Otherwise, you could wipe out your entire bankroll in just a few moves when you stake too much on a single blackjack game.

How Safe Is Real Money Blackjack?

Playing blackjack games with real money is very safe, but only when done at reputable licensed online casinos. These casinos have an intention to keep their licensing, and this essentially means they will do all they can to ensure their business conduct is flawless.

An unlicensed online casino does not have much to lose by defrauding its customers, except maybe its reputation, which is not something dishonest companies will nurture at the expense of their illicit behavior anyway. And another thing, if a casino does not have a license, odds are that it tried to obtain one but never met the prerequisites, which is a key red flag.

But there is no need for alarm, there are great reliable casinos out there you can use to play blackjack for real money. The industry is well-regulated, and with casinos that use payment processing modes such as PayPal, you can bet that they try to be straight with their customers to avoid getting into problems with such financial organizations.

Best Casinos For Playing Blackjack With Real Money

On this site, you will find top-ranked casinos that offer gamblers like yourself a chance to play blackjack for real money. I diligently looked at what the top leading licensed casinos in the world have to offer, and compiled a list of blackjack casinos I have found to be better than all other alternatives in the market.

These online casinos will give you a chance to play all forms of blackjack, including Pontoon, regular blackjack, and others. You will also learn a thing or two about the best place to get bonuses right here. So, don’t hesitate to have a look at these reviews before opening an account, it will reduce your research effort substantially and save you lots of time. One last thing – you can learn more about blackjack and how to make it more exciting and profitable with the blackjack guides provided on this site.