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Play Blackjack Switch Online – Rules and Strategy Guide

BLACKJACK Updated on: 5 November 2018

My guess is that you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t an avid blackjack fan. So, allow me to ask: have you heard of Blackjack Switch? And if you have, do you know how to play this game?

Well, your search for answers ends here – I am going to tell you more about Blackjack Switch, how it is played, and some of the top places to play it.

I can assure that there is every reason to learn about Blackjack Switch, especially with its impressive RTP (return to player) rate of 99.87%.

1. About Blackjack Switch

As an avid blackjack fan, you probably know that this game is typically played with a single hand.

Except in the case of blackjack switch. With this variant of the game, you are allowed to play with two hands. And therein lies its greatest quirk.

While playing with these two hands, you are allowed to switch the two cards at the top to come up with a better hand.

Traditionally, this is considered a cheating move. But with blackjack switch, it is just another arrow in your quiver as you try to beat the dealer and win the game.

You are also allowed to make a side bet in addition to the main bet, and we’ll look into that as well. Also, the game is played with about 6 to 8 decks.

How did it Begin?

With few exceptions, blackjack switch is played through Playtech software; and that shouldn’t be surprising since the gaming software provider developed the game to begin with.

The rules of this game, obviously, are a little different.

So, in the course of this review, you will learn how to play blackjack switch, since it’s gameplay is slightly different from that of regular blackjack.


Being a Playtech creation, the graphics on Blackjack Switch are obviously quite impressive. The sound is pretty good too, and incredibly immersive.

Beyond that, you can add your own little tweaks to the game’s layout for a personalized appeal. This includes changing the color of the table, and the playing mode among other things.

2. How to Play Blackjack Switch

Generally speaking, standard blackjack rules apply when playing Blackjack Switch.

– To begin with, you will get two hands, and you play them in turns using basic blackjack rules regarding splits, doubles, and even insurance.

– Then you will place two bets, one for each of the hands. You simply click on the chips to increase your bets. A click on the chips places two identical bets on each hand.

– After placing your bets, you press deal.

– You can then hit, stand, double, split, take insurance, or place the side bet (more on that in a while, I promise).

– With the two hands, and the chance to switch the top cards, you can create a better hand and increase your chances of getting a blackjack, or at least a stronger winning hand..

However, the switch needs to come before you make any other playing move. Obviously, the goal with this game, as with regular blackjack, is to get as close to a card value of 21 without going past it.

However, a blackjack that you form after switching cards is considered to be just a 21.

– After the game is over and the bets have been settled, you should press “New Game” if you want another round.

The Side Bet

– You can also place the side bet if you like. The side bet is placed on the circle labeled “Super Match”.

With this bet, you will win when any of your first four cards match.

If the four cards all match, your reward will be 40 to 1. For a single pair, the payout is 1 to 1. For three matches, the payout is 5 to 1. Two pairs will give you a reward of 8 to 1.

3. Blackjack Switch Rules

Unlike regular blackjack, this version of blackjack has a payout of 1 to 1, instead of 3 to 2.

The dealer also has to hit a soft 17. The dealer is also allowed to take a peek at the hole card see if they have a blackjack in case the top card is an Ace or a 10. This is also what happens when playing regular blackjack.

Additionally, the dealer will push when he has a 22, except in the case of a natural blackjack. Also, as you play, you are allowed to double after a split, resplit up to four hands.

4. Top Blackjack Switch Casinos

1. Mansion Casino

At this casino, you will enjoy several other perks in addition to getting a chance to enjoy Blackjack Switch.

For instance, a deposit of at least $20 will entitle you to a first deposit bonus of 100% of up to $200. Cashbacks are also available on the first and all other deposits made on the first week. There are bonuses on additional deposits as well.

2. Betfair Casino

As a brand, Betfair has a very good standing in the gambling community. That is because it has a singular focus to provide high quality games and playing features to its customers.

When you join this casino to play blackjack, you will get a 100% bonus of up to $100.

3. Casino Las Vegas

Casino Las Vegas is one of the leading casinos that offers Blackjack Switch. The casino will even welcome you with a bonus of up to $500 based on its 100% bonus offer. You will get 50 free spins when you decide to play at this casino.

5. Blackjack Switch Strategy

Strategies that work with regular blackjack will also serve you well when playing Blackjack Switch.

However, due to the switch element, the strategy for this game is slightly different. That is because, in contrast to other blackjack games, you have to decide whether to switch to two top cards or not. The general strategy is that if a switch strengthens your hand, you should go for it.

For instance, when the dealer has a 7 or an 8, you should try to make the weaker hand as high as possible without busting.


Don’t be surprised if blackjack switch becomes your favorite blackjack variant, a lot of people have had a similar experience.

This game is very exciting, and the payouts are incredibly good.

Fortunately, playing this game is also quite easy, and basic blackjack rules apply to this game. The payouts are a little different though, and you can place a side bet if you like.

Blackjack Switch has pretty good payout rates, even when compared to other blackjack variants. So, a simple strategy might help you win some cash on a consistent basis as you play this game.

Above are also some great casinos that will give you a chance to enjoy this game without limits. In fact, you will even get some bonuses when you join these gambling establishments.

Overall, this game is especially favorable to players who need a blackjack version that gives them the best chances of winning real cash, as it has a very low house edge.

So, be sure to give it a try.

The unique gameplay and the lucrative rewards this game offers might be the exciting thrill you have been looking for all along.