Guide to the Best Blackjack Bonuses

BLACKJACK Updated on: 31 August 2018

Not all online casinos were created equal – some brands will give you an experience that will endear to their services for years, while others will hardly cross your mind after your initial visit. Casinos have at their disposal a broad arsenal of features to help them attract and retain clients. These features include sleek and exciting games, large selections of games in various categories, reassuring regulatory backgrounds, and what will be today’s focus: bonuses.

I am going to discuss casino bonuses and why you should care about them as you play online blackjack. I will leave no stone unturned as I introduce you to blackjack casino bonuses and look at some common bonus types you will meet and hopefully seek the next time you decide to play blackjack over the internet.

1. What Is A Blackjack Bonus Offer?

A blackjack bonus offer is simply something extra you get when you choose to play blackjack at a particular online casino. There are lots of casinos that offer blackjack games, and many of them are also willing to give you a bonus for wanting to sign up with them. But bonuses come in many forms, as you will find out below.

Blackjack Welcome Bonus

Nowadays, casinos like to welcome their blackjack players with a bonus. Typically, the welcome bonus will represent 100% of your deposit amount, but up to a certain bonus amount. For this reason, many blackjack players have been able to double their bankrolls when they sign up to play blackjack. In some cases, some casinos will give you a much higher bonus percentage. This bonus also goes by the name match bonus.

There are casinos that will give you a 200% welcome bonus. But in such cases, the bonus clearing requirements might be a little more restrictive than in the case of say, a 100% welcome bonus. So, don’t jump at the highest bonus offer that comes your way, it might end up causing you more trouble than its worth.

Blackjack Reload Bonus

After the initial deposit, and a bonus to go with it, a casino may offer to give you a bonus for the second deposit and a few other deposits you make. In most cases, this bonus is usually a fraction of the welcome bonus, but it can still go a long way into improving your edge as you play blackjack with that particular casino. Not every casino will give you a blackjack reload bonus, and its up to you to find out which casinos do, which should be pretty easy with the casino reviews you will find on this site.

Blackjack Payment Bonus
This is a bonus given to people who have chosen to use a particular payment mode when making a deposit into their casino account. Although not as large as the welcome bonus, this bonus can also go a long way into increasing your bankroll. Whenever this blackjack bonus is issued, it usually represents about 10% to 20% of the deposited amount.

You are probably wondering why a casino would reward you for using a certain payment processing mode and not another. The simple reason is that some payment processing modes may be putting them at a disadvantage as they try to cover part of or all transaction fees for you.

VIP Bonuses

Being a high roller could also entitle you to a bonus in some online casinos. In fact, most casinos offering distinctive VIP programs also offer VIP bonuses. These players can get bonuses that are slightly better than what other gamblers get from the casino. The VIP players also often get rewards such as tickets, electronics, and so forth.

No Deposit Bonus

Surprising as it may sound, there are actually casinos that will give you a bonus without having to make any deposit. And we are not talking about the money you get when you are playing a demo blackjack version here, but rather a real money bonus you can withdraw to your bank account.

But there is usually a catch if you want to withdraw this bonus. You might even be required to make a deposit to make the winnings eligible for withdrawal. Usually, you need to refer people to that casino to get the no deposit bonus.

How Do You Get The Best Blackjack Bonuses?

Well, that’s easy, in theory at least – you have to compare the various blackjack bonuses being offered by eligible online casinos. I say eligible because you have to consider where the bonus is coming from – some casinos will play all sort of games once you claim their bonuses, and you could even end up putting your own deposit at risk.

So, its important to find a reliable casino, and not always the one with the biggest bonus. If you see something that seems too good to be true, chances are that it is. So, just because a casino appears on Google’s first page with a bonus offer that will multiply your deposit several times, it does not mean you will get what you are looking for after signing up.

But I have done the legwork for you and figured out the right places to go for good bonuses. This is why on this site you will get casinos where the bonuses offered actually turn out to be just as advertised. These casinos have proper licensing, and they have been proven to offer safe, secure and high quality gambling services.

Make sure you go through this site and read more about blackjack bonuses, and see for yourself what casinos are offering the best of them. Also feel free to browse through various guides posted here to learn more about blackjack and improve your playing skills so that you can have better odds of winning as you play this exciting card game in your next online blackjack session.