How to Play Perfect Blackjack?

BLACKJACK Updated on: 1 September 2018

As you might already know by now, blackjack has many versions. One of the more advanced variants of this game is Perfect Blackjack, which is today readily available in top online casinos. As the name suggests, this blackjack game has something extra to offer in comparison to regular blackjack. In particular, you can place side bets when playing this blackjack game, a privilege you will not enjoy when playing regular blackjack.

1. Perfect Blackjack: What Is It?

All things considered, Perfect Blackjack is just like regular blackjack, except, as mentioned above, the fact that you can place side bets. These bets can actually pay you quite well. As with other blackjack variants offered online, the side bets feature present in Perfect Blackjack is a normal part of most brick and mortar blackjack games. It is just that online casinos got rid of this move to make the game simpler for the numerous casual online gamblers who want a straightforward card game.

So, Perfect Blackjack is not exactly the variant beginner’s should try, it is a more advanced version whose appeals are only apparent to players who know how to use the side bets feature. To cater to this group of players, online casinos invented Perfect Blackjack.

Even so, the side bets in Perfect Blackjack don’t include all the side bet options available in the blackjack version played in physical casinos. There are three possible side bets offered when playing Perfect Blackjack. But the good thing is that the three side bets online casinos offer for Perfect Blackjack are also the most profitable and the most winnable.

What Kinds Of Side Bets Are Offered for Perfect Blackjack?

As stated above, online casinos offer you a chance to place three types of side bets. But what are these side bets like? If this is the first time you are reading about blackjack side bets, you probably think that they are quite complicated. Fortunately, this is not the case. Below are more details on the three side bets online casinos offer their customers.

The Perfect Pair

This side bet is won if you or the dealer’s first two cards are from the same suit. Obviously, there isn’t a very good chance of this happening, which is why the bet also pays you 25 times your initial bet if you win.

The Colored Pair

With this side bet, you will win if your pair or the dealer’s is of the same color. The bet is a little more achievable, but still a little hard to win, which is why you get 12 times your bet amount if you are right.

The Red or Black Pair

For this side bet, you will win if your cards or the dealer’s are of a different color and from a different suit. There are two possible colors in a deck, and this bet will therefore pay you much less than the Perfect Pair and Colored Pair side bets by giving you 6 times your stake.

How Perfect Blackjack is Played

In addition to the bets placed when playing regular blackjack, Perfect Blackjack players can place side bets. This option is available to both the player and the dealer. These bets are placed after a normal bet is placed, but before the round begins.

Another thing, a side bet is won depending on the first two cards. The outcome of the side bet is very independent from the outcome of the main bet. After the side bet has been won or lost, the game proceeds until the normal bet is also won or lost. The rules for playing the main bet are precisely the same as those used when playing regular online blackjack.

How Good Are The Chances Of Winning Perfect Blackjack?

As profitable as side bets can be, the chances of winning are also quite slim. Winning a side bet depends a lot on chance, although a little foresight on your part can go a long way in helping you secure a win, eventually. By this I mean that you have to plan for the long term because it can take a while before you hit a win with a side bet.

You also need to take into consideration that you have to place a regular blackjack bet in addition to placing the side bet, which means your bankroll has to be managed properly. For this reason, Perfect Blackjack is better suited to experienced and disciplined players who understand all the unusual additional risks involved.

In particular, it helps to be pretty skilled at regular blackjack so that your winnings with regular bets can help finance a long streak of losses that side bets create; or at the very least, allow you to sustain your bankroll. Furthermore, side bet amounts should be much smaller.

Luckily, side bet payouts are pretty good, which means a small amount can win you plenty of cash. For instance, a $2 side bet on a Perfect Pair can win you $50. But before you even win this side bet, you might have lost more than 10 bets in a row.

So, as a new player, you need to keep this in mind so that you don’t deplete your bankroll before you even stand a fair chance of winning your first side bet. And since being successful with Perfect Blackjack also requires regular blackjack playing skills, you should check out other blackjack guides on this site so that you can refine your blackjack strategies and improve the overall potential rewards of playing Perfect Blackjack.