What is Tournament Poker

POKER Updated on: 31 August 2018

People get into poker in a variety of different ways. Maybe you were flicking through the TV channels one night and stumbled across an episode of Late Night Poker, or maybe all of your friends play the game and talk about it incessantly making you feel out of place.

1. What is Tournament Poker?

So you decide that you want to learn the game – where do you start? What learners do not realise is there are so many different variations of poker. Not only are there different variations, there are also different ways to play those different variations. If you play on poker sites you will encounter most forms of the game.

One of the easiest ways to learn the game of poker is to play Texas No Limit Hold’em (NLHE) tournaments. NLHE will be the format you will see on television and the one your friends will more likely be talking about. The popularity of tournament poker has exploded in recent times. There is usually a buy-in and a fee. The buy-in goes into the prize pool and the fee is handed to the organisers of the tournament. So you could enter a $10+2 tournament for example. $10 will be invested in the prize pool and $2 for the organiser. You might even be able to play free poker while you learn.

In a tournament each player will be given the same starting stack and you play until one player has all of the chips in play. Once you lose your chips you are out of the game. To help increase the likelihood that players will bust, the game has a blind and ante structure (forced bets) that increases at regular levels.

Tournament poker is great for beginners because you go into play knowing how much you are likely to lose. This puts you more at ease, which is important when you are first starting out.