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How to Play Flush Poker Online – A Complete Guide

POKER Updated on: 21 October 2018

So, you love High Card Flush and appreciate a chance to lose yourself in a round of Ultimate Texas Hold’Em?

If so, the gambling world might have something more ultimate – it goes by the name Chase the Flush, but we’ll just call it flush poker as many people do.

Flush Poker blends these two popular poker variants. Its betting structure is similar to that of Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, while the scoring is similar to that of High Card Flush.

And this makes for a riveting gameplay experience that is keeping many many gamblers glued to their computer and mobile phone screens long past their bedtime.

But how do you play Flush Poker? I’m glad you asked, because that is precisely what we are here for.

1. Flush Poker Rules

First things first: you will need a regular 52-card deck. Just to make it clear, that means you do away with the Wild Card or the Jokers.

How to Play Flush Poker

1. The game begins with you placing two mandatory bets. This should be familiar if you have played poker before, as many poker games are played in this manner.

To clarify, you have to place two matching bets. One on the Ante spot and the other on the X-Tra bonus spot.

You also have the option of making a Same Suit Bonus side bet in addition to these two bets.

2. With your bets in place, the next step involves dealing the cards, whereby you and the dealer get three cards each.

3. The dealer then places the first two community cards, facing up.

At this point, you can view your cards. However, the dealer cannot check their cards until the end of the game.

4. From there, your goal is to beat the dealer’s best flush hand based on the 3 cards in your possession and the 4 community cards issued.

You can make a flush using at most 7 cards, and the dealer must use at least 3 cards to make his/her flush. The dealer also has the option of making a 9-high quality.

5. After looking at your cards, you can wager 3 times your Ante bet in the “All” in spot. You can also check.

Otherwise, if you do not make this move after seeing the cards, you will have to wait for the dealer to turn over two community cards. At this point you can wager 2 times your bet amount on the All in spot, or check.

6. Finally, the dealer will turn over the two remaining community cards.

In case you have not wagered anything in the All in spot yet by this point, you should fold or bet 1 times your Ante wager.

From there, the dealer reveals their cards and announces the best flush hand in the game to determine the winner.

2. How Do You Win at Flush Poker?

If you remember correctly, this game is all about beating the dealer’s flush. So, that is how you win – by having a better flush than the dealer.

Basically, the longest flush is the always the best flush, as it will win every time. Otherwise, if the flushes have a matching number of cards, the flush with the best value wins.

However, winning is usually a little more complicated during the actual game. For one thing, the dealer might not even qualify, in which case you get back your ante bet because such a bet will have ended in a push.

Otherwise, if the dealer qualifies, then getting a better flush makes you the winner.

And for you to have a better flush, it must have more cards than the dealer’s, or a better value for that matter if you draw with the dealer on card numbers.

3. What Do You Actually Win?

Good question. It is important to understand what you actually win after you have emerged the winner in a game of Flush Poker.

To begin with, the All in bets are yours if you get the better flush. You also the Ante if you win.

However, to walk away with the bonus wager, you have to get a flush of at least 4 cards.

Also, when there is a 3-card flush tie between the dealer and the player, all the wagers push. However, with a better flush than the player, the dealer gets the X-tra bets and the Ante.

The payouts are based on the pay table.

You can also win without winning by a flush if you win the same suit bonus side wager.

In this scenario, all that’s needed is for the dealer and the player’s flushes to be of the same suit. Another requirement is that your hand has at least 4 cards.

4. Flush Poker Winning Strategy

When you get any three suited cards or two suited face cards, check or make an All in bet that is 3 times your Ante bet. This is the first decision point.

When you have a 3 suited cards, make the All in bet that is twice your Ante bet amount.

Even when the game has progressed considerably, and you can only make an All in bet that is one times your Ante bet, go All in if you have a 3 suited flush or 2 strong suited pairs of face cards in your deck. Winning at this point is a little tough, and you should only raise if you have no other option.

House Edge

The house has an edge of 5.67% on the same suit bet, while the edge on the ante bet is 1.20%.

5. Final Thoughts

Above is how a Flush Poker game goes down.

Basically, if you love the thrilling gameplay Ultimate Texas Hold’Em offers and the reward scheme of the High Card Flush, then this game could very well be your favorite poker variant today.

The rules are simple, particular if you have played poker before, and the bets are easy to place and the profit opportunities quite enticing.

Beyond that, the basic strategy outlined above should make the game all the more rewarding for you, financially and entertainment-wise.

As you can see, you can even win without having won the flush hand.

So, all in all, this is a pretty interesting game!

Make sure you give it a try at the leading online poker sites, and you will see first-hand why it has become quite popular in online poker circles.