What is Online Poker and How to Play it?

POKER Updated on: 1 September 2018

Although initially not considered more than a way kill time, poker eventually rose in popularity over the twentieth century to become a revered casino game. Today, with multi-million dollar tournament prizes, and its availability all over the world because of online gambling, poker has become completely unstoppable. Online poker rooms are all over the place, and the potential rewards for playing this game keep growing.

Still, as popular as online gambling has become, finding the right online poker room is another story altogether. But now that you are on this site, you will have an easy time getting your interest in this game rewarded through proper education about its invention, rules, gameplay, and winning strategies.

1. History of Poker

How poker started is still a subject of debate. While some people will tell you that the game originated in Persia, others believe that it was invented in Germany, France or even Ireland. The only point of consensus seems to be that the modern version of the game began in America during the 18th century.

After this time in the game’s history, many variations of the game came up. By the middle of the 20th century, the game was conquering new frontiers, especially with the introduction of the immensely popular World Series of Poker.

Internet Poker

As with other milestones in its history, internet poker hit the ground running. Lots of players were willing to play this game over the internet, and things like poker tournaments became even more popular than they ever were. Expert poker players literally became famous celebrities.

But overall, online poker opened lots of doors for aspiring players. For one, beginners did not feel intimidated anymore. In physical casinos, you had to go and play your first game among seasoned players, which could be quite overwhelming. But with online casinos, this barrier no longer exists for those who would like to give this game a try for the first time.

Besides, because of slight edge this game offers the casino, the minimum stake is usually quite high in physical casinos, which makes it more suited to high rollers. But with online casinos, the resources for running this game are much cheaper, and you can play with substantially less sums of money.

Even when playing online, it does not mean you have to forget about a chance to take part in one of those outspoken live poker tournaments. Top online poker sites will give you a chance to take part in events called satellites. When you win at such an event, you can get an entry into a mega-sized poker tournament. In fact, in 2003, Chris Moneymaker earned an entry into the World Series Poker and walked away with the top prize of 2.5 million dollars.

Is Online Poker Fair?

There is this lingering suspicion that online casinos have rigged poker games in their favor in order to give themselves a better edge. While this concern is not completely unfounded, it is not something you will have to concern yourself about if you work with properly licensed casinos.

Regulated casinos usually have to prove to the authorities that their games are fair and safe for their customers. This level of transparency is required of such establishments even after they have obtained their license in order to retain the privilege to continue offering their services within such jurisdictions. In fact, regular checks of online poker rooms are common to ensure that online poker casinos don’t try anything shady as they offer their services.

But not every licensed poker casino is worth your time. Some are licensed by less than vigilant jurisdictions that will not truly care if the casinos they regulated is honoring the law or not. However, most licensed casinos usually have sound licensing from authorities that do follow ups to ensure that their services are fair and professional.

Chance or Skill – What Matters More with Poker?

If you are just starting out as a poker player, you might be convinced that poker is a game of chance. But this is only because you will not have known enough strategies at this point. But once you get more experience, and you realize just how much you can do to improve your winning odds, you will start to see poker as a game of skill.

Given that there are professional poker players, some of whom have earned their reputation by winning poker games again and again, it is reasonable to say that poker is largely a game of skill. You can learn its strategies and rules and improve your gameplay so that you can even end up making money off this game regularly. Academic research into this game has also revealed that it is a game of chance. The study was done with regard to online poker, and the conclusion was that “skill is an important factor in online poker.”

So, while skill may do little to improve your prospects as you play casino games such as roulette, it will help you plenty as a poker player. With enough dedication, you could join the exclusive category of professional poker players who have won millions in poker dollars.

Learn More About Poker

On this site is some information on how to play poker better. These tips will help you improve from a point where luck has more to do with your winnings to a level where your playing skills have the greatest impact on the quality of your game.

Besides these tips, I have also prepared articles to help you understand the basics of this game better, especially with regard to its variants and ways to find the best rooms, get bonuses, and so forth. You will need to know all you can about poker before you can become successful with this game.

While blind luck might allow you to get by with most other casino games, you will need all the education you can get to better your chances of success with poker, especially if you intend to play it for the money. Fortunately, the rules of this game are quite simple, as are its strategies.