How to Play Multihand Video Poker Online

VIDEO POKER Updated on: 5 September 2018

Multihand poker involves playing video poker with more than one hand – and that’s clever. For one, it raises the level of thrill beyond anything traditional poker or video poker could ever hope to achieve. And it helps to establish once and for all why online gambling has a much bigger capacity to keep its customers happy that most traditional casinos. You cannot play multihand poker in a real casino.

Your head is probably swarming with scenarios depicting the possibilities you would have at your disposal when playing multihand poker – more wins, more fun, faster gameplay and so forth. And you would be right: multihand video poker has lots of benefits to offer in comparison to regular video poker. Here’s a look at what multihand video poker is all about, and why it could very well become your favorite form of video poker after your first try.

1. What's Multihand Video Poker?

Multihand poker requires that you play with more than one hand, rather than a single hand as in regular video poker. So, it’s like you would be taking the role of different players at the table. In fact, each hand is played independently of all the other hands at the table.

How to Play Multihand Poker

With a single hand, or rather, regular video poker, you will be issued with five cards. From there you will have to choose which cards to hold on to and which ones to discard in order to try and get close to the desired or expected winning combination. If the combination you get after these decisions is a great one, you will end up winning.

It’s pretty much the same with multihand poker, except for the fact that you will not be issued with a single 5-card hand but rather a several hands. From there, the rules of regular poker will take over for each hand. Therefore, you will have the power to choose the cards to keep and the cards to discard for each of the hands under your control.

There is one minor tweak to the game, however, that makes it much simpler and less tedious. You will be issued with a main hand and secondary hands. The number of secondary hands will depend on the the number of hands you are using during the game. The main hand offers more direct control to the player, but it also controls the secondary hands. For instance, if you choose to keep a card in the main hand, the same card will appear on the secondary hands where it will be put on hold as well.

And all the discarded cards on the main hand will be replaced by newly drawn cards. The same will be done for the secondary hands. Of course, this will introduce variations to the card combinations for all the hands. Some hands will have winning combinations while others might not. Of course, if you win with more hands, you will end up with a bigger pot.

What are the Benefits of Multihand Poker?

As far as winning chances are concerned, there isn’t much to be gained from making the switch to multihand video poker. But when you look at things like the quality of playing experience, then the importance of this form of video poker begins to materialize. First of all, its quite exciting to have the opportunity to play with up to 50 hands of poker at the same time. So, if your plan was to play 50 rounds of video poker that day, you can do this with just a single round of multihand video poker. How cool is that?

And when the results come in, the excitement will just be as great. With all these hands to work with, the potential wins can be quite amazing. It can be quite exciting to see different hands bring in various payouts.

Something You Should Look Out For

With greater excitement comes greater potential risk. When playing this game, being reckless will have a much greater impact on your bankroll. Therefore, it is important you take into consideration every important video poker playing tip as you play multihand poker to avoid turning this gameplay into a curse. For one, you will need to understand that the bet amounts will be much bigger. So, if you want to play a couple of multihand poker rounds, you will have to adjust your bets accordingly to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

For instance, a $1 bet on each of the 50 hands issued during the game would mean spending $50 on a single round of this game, which might be well beyond your spending limits. For this reason, you could reduce your bet sizes to say $0.2, which would bring your spending on that round to only $10. And with 50 ways to win, odds are that the round will not leave you empty handed once the bets have been settled. This, by the way, is another benefit of multihand video poker over its regular single hand video poker variant.

Best Multihand Video Poker Casino Sites

No online casino wants to be left behind in the race to provide multihand video poker to its customers. In fact, there are now different versions of the game available with different establishments. Some casinos will let you play multihand video poker games of more than 50 hands, while others will keep the limit at just 5 hands or some other figure.

These video poker games vary in other ways as well. For instance, some versions are based on Jacks or Better video poker, while others are based on Deuces Wild, or some other common video poker variant. There is a chance that you might not know which shade of multihand poker you will love the most as you sign up with a top multihand casino. Therefore, you should try to work with sites that offer the largest selection of multihand video poker games.

As for the leading multihand video poker casino sites on the planet, you needn’t look any further than the top-right corner of this page. These sites have been selected from dozens of other choices because they offer the best multihand video poker games in the world today. Their regular poker games are also pretty good. So, you can kill two birds with one stone by signing up with either of them. Have a look at them and decide for yourself which casinos are worth your time.