Best Sports Betting Bonuses and Promotions

SPORTS BETTING Updated on: 5 September 2018

When most people try to come up with ways of making money from sports betting, few consider the impact promotions can have on their winning chances. This is why today, my focus will be on why sport betting promotions could be your secret to winning with sports. Although typically created to lure in new players, these promotions can change your fortunes around and make you a winner as you bet on you favorite sporting events.

1. What are Sports Betting Promotions?

Some people look upon sports betting promotions with obvious misgivings, believing that there is some hidden agenda that will ultimately come to haunt them somewhere down the road. But these promotions are not tricks, there is no reason for you to avoid them.

Look at it this way, there is more competition among sportsbooks online, and they have to find a way to attract customers and keep them interested in what they are offering. Besides, online sports betting companies do not have to deal with as many overheads as physical sportsbooks, and this means they can afford to pass on some of these cost benefits to their customers in form of promotions.

So, a promotion is just a way for the sportsbook to show you that they are happy that you have chosen to use their services in spite of all other choices at your disposal.

Most people know of the first deposit bonus, but there are other sports betting promotions as well, they are just less popular. The first deposit bonus usually represents 100% of the amount of money you have put into your account as you initial deposit, which is why it is also called a match bonus because the casino will match whatever you put into your account.

However, there is a lower as well as the upper limit on the amount of deposit that qualifies for this bonus rate. Therefore, deposits below a certain amount might not qualify for the bonus, as well as amounts beyond a given figure. Fortunately, the upper limit is usually pretty high, and an average bettor does not usually have to worry about missing out on the benefits of this promotion by exceeding the deposit limits.

Sportsbooks also provide other promotions, particularly the reload bonus, which will be available to you for making subsequent deposits to your account. This bonus is usually offered to people who have been awarded a much smaller initial deposit bonus. But it’s a good bonus for bettors who make regular deposits into their accounts.

Other promotions are also available to sports bettors. This is why you can quality for free bets, free tickets, specific bonuses for certain events, comp points, and other exclusive promotions that will ultimately help you have more money in your account as you bet on your favorite sports events.

How to Claim an Online Sports Betting Bonus

It does not take much to benefit from a sports betting bonus. Simply registering an account and making your first deposit entitles you to the first deposit bonus. It is not exactly automatic, you might need to claim it to get it, but this is usually very easy.

But there are a few conditions attached to this bonus. For one thing, you cannot withdraw it to your account as soon as you get it; such an attempt might even be considered a breach of the bonus conditions by the sportsbook. And another thing, before this bonus becomes “real”, you might be expected to meet certain wagering requirements. This should not be awfully hard to accomplish.

The reason for the wagering requirements is to protect the sport betting site from shady bettors who might make a deposit to get the bonus, and then withdraw it and in effect turn a profit without having to risk a dime in the sports betting market.

But for an experienced bettor with a sound strategy, the wagering requirements would be no impediment to benefiting from the bonus promotion. Just read through other guides I have posted below about betting on sports and you will learn what it takes to be successful at betting on sports.

Why Get the Sports Betting Bonus?

In case you don’t know this already, having more money in your account means that you can place a larger number of bets. And the more the bets you can place, the better your chances of winning.

Therefore, in the right hands, a sports betting bonus is simply the opportunity to make more money from betting on sports. Therefore, you should not squander the bonus once the sportsbook gives it to you, but rather use it wisely to make more money as you bet on different sporting events.

The Best Online Sportsbook Promotions

The promotions you will find at different sportsbooks are as distinct as the sports betting companies themselves. Generally speaking, each sportsbook will try to give you the best promotion it can, in its own way. But obviously, some promotions will be more favorable to you than others, and it will fall upon you to find out which promotion to use over all others.

Then again, there are quite a number of promotions, with some sports betting companies running more than one promotion at a time. Therefore, even though finding a good and reliable sports betting site is quite a task given their large numbers, it will even be more challenging to find a sportsbook with the best promotion. But this would only be true if you did not have the list of sports betting sites listed on this page.

In my analysis, I evaluated the leading sportsbooks on the internet today. These sports betting sites offer many great features, and still manage to stand out among the competition for their generous promotions. Just have a look at them and see which sportsbook offers a promotion you prefer the most and sign up to claim your bonus and bet on various sporting events.