Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites

SPORTS BETTING Updated on: 5 September 2018

Betting on sports has never been more convenient; and it’s all thanks to mobile sports betting sites. These sports betting outfits have literally put the ability to bet on sports in the palm of your hand. With your smartphone or tablet, you can bet on your favorite sports events at any time of the day, wherever you are, and with a convenience that no other betting interface could give you.

Today, I am going to focus on mobile sports betting, and say a thing or so about the best mobile sports betting sites. I’ll also tell you some things you will need know as you claim and get exclusive mobile betting bonuses that are regularly offered to sports bettors who choose to place their bets using their mobile devices.

1. How to Bet on Sports Using Your Mobile Device

Mobile devices now have the full attention of the gambling industry; and you can bet sports betting was among the industries that benefited the most from what mobile technology had to offer. There are many reasons why sports betting had such an easy time being a success in this platform. For one, unlike other forms of gambling, sports betting is more time conscious.

You can play roulette any time of the day, but you have limited time to bet on a particular sporting event, whether it be a historical boxing event or a regular soccer match. For this reason, the ability by mobile devices to help bettors place their bets in time made mobile sports betting more successful. The other major reason sports betting reported such a great deal of success online is because sports betting apps do not require complex graphics like casino games do.

With casino games like roulette or poker, the companies offering mobile apps have to worry about things like animations, sound effects and so forth. For sports betting sites, no such features are necessary because bettors just need to see the event they want to bet on and click on their favorite choices. In other words, there is no need for bells and whistles such as sounds or animations when creating mobile sports betting platforms.

The reduced demand for graphics and other advanced design features is also the reason why practically every sportsbook can support mobile betting. Even for sites that don’t have apps, a good mobile site is enough to satisfy the needs of most users. In fact, this was previously the norm until some while ago when betting sites began creating mobile apps to help their customers place bets more conveniently using their mobile devices.

In the past, people trying to access their favorite sports betting sites using their phones did not even have the benefit of a mobile site, which made the mobile sports betting experience a little wanting, though tolerable in most instances. But now, all sportsbooks seem to have done something to make things easier on the mobile bettor.

The use of applications has now become quite commonplace. This is why there are apps for Android, iPhone, and other popular mobile platforms to help bettors enjoy their experience even more. The use of apps makes things much easier, not to mention more personal and engaging. You can put the sports betting app’s icon on your home screen, and literally access your account with a few taps on the screen. But with a mobile site, you would have to search for the sportsbook using a search engine, then use the results to find the company’s site, which might not even be mobile-friendly.

Smartphone Sports Betting

Smartphones are the most popular mobile devices in the world today. It should therefore come as no surprise to anybody that most mobile betting applications and sites are created to cater to bettors who intend to use their smartphones to place their bets. Smartphones have smaller screens than tablets, and that makes it necessary to make the betting sites and apps specifically suited to this limited screen space.

Tablet Sports Betting

There are those who prefer to bet on sports using their tablets. And with their better screen real-estate, designers of apps and sites for use with tablets have a little more freedom. Tablets are more convenient to use when betting on sports because they can display more information at a go. But their large size also works against them in that they are not as portable as smartphones.

For instance, you don’t need a bag to carry a smartphone, you can just slip it into your pocket. You can’t do that with a tablet, and it’s not exactly convenient to carry around a tablet in your hands either, as it is with smartphones.

Live Mobile Sports Betting

Live sports betting is arguably the highlight of the online sports betting industry. In-play betting, also called live betting, is a relatively new facet of sports betting, but it has found many devoted fans. This betting market offers several betting possibilities, and makes watching and betting on sports events a wholesome experience. With pre-match betting, the two activities are somewhat separate things.

Live betting is now available on mobile devices. That means you don’t need to be at a computer or the event venue itself to bet on matches as they take place. But only great sports betting sites can offer this form of betting, and below is more information on how to get a hold of them.

Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites

As things are today, half of all online bets are placed using mobile devices. Future estimates point to the possibility that the proportion of bets placed using mobile devices is likely to increase much further. Any sportsbook that does not realize the opportunities that lie in offering mobile sports betting is therefore putting its very future at risk.

In fact, you should avoid any online sportsbooks that do not have mobile betting because they will soon find themselves on the wrong side of history. In fact, it should make sense for a site to put more emphasis on mobile betting than desktop based betting. Additionally, a good mobile sports betting site should provide dedicated support for both app-based and site-based mobile betting.

Mobile Sports Betting Bonuses

You are probably aware that betting sites provide plenty of bonuses to their customers; the most popular of which is the first deposit bonus. But bonuses are now offered to people who choose to place their bets using their mobile devices as opposed to their computers. To get this bonus, you will usually have to register an account through the sportsbook’s mobile site or app.

The thing I love most about these bonuses is that they don’t interfere with other bonuses sportsbooks give you. So even if you had already benefited from the first deposit bonus, you can still qualify for the mobile bonus. In fact, if the mobile platform becomes the path through which you open your account with the betting site, you would get both the first deposit bonus and the mobile bonus.

To find such sites, you needn’t look any further than the top right corner of this page. The sites you will see here have been carefully evaluated for their ability to offer high quality mobile sports betting. You cannot go wrong by using their services if you want the best kind of mobile betting this industry can possibly give you.