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SPORTS BETTING Updated on: 5 September 2018

As far as online gambling goes, sports betting is king. And based on its surging popularity, we might be yet to see its full potential. But given the turbulent history gambling has had, some people might be curious as to whether betting on sports online is legal or not.

There is no simple answer to this question. Suffice it to say that the legality of this gambling market depends on what country you are residing in. But on the flip side, most countries in the world have made online sports betting legal.

But to clear any doubts about the legality of sports betting in various countries and the world in general, I have prepared this article. So, if you had any questions regarding the legality of sports betting, then you have much to learn.

1. Is Sports Betting Legal?

In most countries, yes. Many of the countries in this planet have taken the trouble of making laws that recognize and regulate the sports betting industry. Still, there are countries that do not have any laws that regulate this industry at all, leaving sports betting in a legal gray area. In either of these cases, you will be not be violating any legal provisions by betting on sports online.

There is another category of countries that have made laws that clearly state that sports betting is illegal. In such countries, betting on sports could land you in legal trouble. However, most of these countries only deal with the establishments that try to offer gambling activities and not the people who use search services.

Still, there are countries where betting on sports might make you personally liable from a legal standpoint. However, in the online world, it can be difficult for the authorities to verify which of its citizens are engaging in sports betting. My advice is, if you reside in a country where sports betting is illegal, it would be best if you avoid engaging in this activity completely, however hard that might be for you.

What Different Legal Statuses of Sports Betting Mean

If you are in a country where sports betting is legal, chances are that there are sports betting sites regulated within the country that you can use. Such operations will typically be very reliable because you can trust them with your money.

Chances are that the authority that regulates the industry in your country will also work hard to weed out any shady and unregulated sports betting sites in a bid to keep local sports bettors safe. But if you live in a country where there are no laws regulating online betting, your options will be a little different.

In general, there will be no locally regulated betting sites, and that means if you are to bet on sports, you will have to use sports betting companies licensed in other jurisdictions. There is nothing wrong with using such betting companies, as long as you understand the importance of sound regulation and stick to companies that are licensed in countries with strong and reliable regulators.

Legality of Sports Betting In The US

Surprisingly, the US does not have very liberal attitudes towards sports betting, which is why online sports betting is illegal in the US under the Wire Act. This law, which was meant to illegalize placing of bets over the telephone, was used to make online sports betting illegal. This is despite the fact that online casinos and online poker are legal.

However, many players in the US still bet on their favorite sports events over the internet. The law specifically made it illegal for US companies to provide online sports betting activities over the internet. The law’s silence on whether or not people can place bets over the internet has been the green light some people need to engage in online sports betting.

However, these people use sports betting companies regulated in other parts of the world, many of which also take advantage of the fact that the law does into outrightly ban US citizens from placing online sports bets to serve this group of clients. This is a bit risky for both parties, and it might be more appropriate for bettors to wait until the country legally welcomes the concept of online sports betting.

Fortunately, some US states are already making the right strides towards this goal. These states have given their local gambling regulators the power to license online sports betting operations, and some companies are already up and running. But these states represent a minority in a country that is still hostile towards this form of betting.

Legality of Sports Betting in Europe

Most of the countries in Europe have already legalized sports betting. Actually, many of these countries issue licenses to companies that offer sports betting activities to the locals. To make it even easier on the players, many of these countries do not require foreign bettors to pay taxes on their winnings.

This progressive view on sports betting by European countries has made this region the largest sports betting market in the world. No wonder most of the leading sports betting companies are based in Europe.

What Online Sports Betting Licenses Mean

When a country legalizes betting, it usually goes on to provide licensing to operators who want to provide such services within the country. The license shows that the company providing the sports betting services is legit.

This licensing also helps prevent fraudulent operators from preying on the local bettors, in addition to helping the bettors find reliable betting companies which can handle their money safely. Besides, by regulating online sports betting, such governments can get taxes from this industry.

Which are The Best Sports Betting Sites to Use?

The leading sports betting companies tend to have licensing and regulation in more than one country. These companies are usually quite good at what they do, and also pretty reliable. Essentially, you should stick to licensed companies, because any unlicensed companies are usually unpredictable and not above running away with your money.

I have listed great sports betting sites on this page to give you immediate access to top-level sports betting companies. The sites you see on this site offer legal operations and have multiple licenses from some of the leading industry regulators in the word. This means you should have no doubts about the safety of your money or the quality of the services you will receive while using these betting sites. As a plus, you will also get great bonuses for choosing to use these companies.

I have also prepared other guides on sports betting and posted them right here on this site. You can learn how this industry was born, how to get bonuses and benefit from various sports betting promotions, how to engage in live betting, and ways you can become more successful with sports betting.