History of Sports Betting

SPORTS BETTING Updated on: 5 September 2018

Sports betting is very old, much older than other forms of gambling you see today. And the reason why is simple – people have always wanted to back their opinions on who will win a sporting event with some money. In fact, ancient Rome had a popular mix of sports and gambling, with many emperors being regular sports bettors. The other reason sports betting is this old, of course, is that sporting events are as old as the human history.

And that was why the legality of gambling also became a pertinent issue very early on. Romans could even legally bet on chariot races long long ago. Over the years, the passion for sports betting has remained close at heart, and even when authorities sometimes banned the practice, it continued to thrive away from the public eye. But I’m getting ahead of myself – here is the history of sports betting.

1. Origins and Evolution of Sports Betting

Although sports betting is believed to be very old, the first record of its existence dates back to more 2,000 years ago. History has it that the Greeks, who are well known for their love for sports, used to bet on various athletic competitions.

And if you were to brush up on your religious history, you might remember that a little over two thousand years ago, roman soldiers cast lots for Jesus’ garments. It was not exactly sports betting but it does show that gambling is not exactly a new-age phenomenon.

In fact, Romans borrowed the habit front the Greeks, and they eventually grew it further by making it more commercial and even giving it a legal status. In particular, Romans bet on the gladiator games, and even when this ancient sporting event eventually came to a stop, gambling survived and continued to thrive and even spread to other kingdoms.

During the medieval times, some leaders took issue with the practice, and tried to make laws forbidding it. But this only made sports betting an underground industry, where it persisted and even underwent some of its next major evolutionary steps as new sporting events were introduced to the world.

Eventually, gambling became quite popular in England, where people placed bets on horse races. The English spread the practice to the rest of the world, particularly the US, where it quickly became a favorite pastime for many people. Again, legal issues plagued the sport, which is why only a few US states currently allow sports betting.

But generally speaking, the rest of the world has been very welcoming to gambling, which is why it has become so popular today. Europe, however, deserves a special mention for being the biggest sports betting market, which has something to do a long tradition of sports betting in the region.

An expansion in the number of sports events that people can wager on has also helped improve the popularity of sports betting. Some of the sports you see today were not in existence more than a few centuries ago. This is why at any point in time, you typically have a chance to bet on thousands of sporting events.

At the moment, sports betting is not just a fun activity, it is also a major business. Both sportsbooks and their players are now able to reap unbelievable cash rewards from sports betting.

Online Sports Betting

Before the internet, sports betting, though popular, was not as widespread as it is today. With the internet, people could place bets from the comfort of their own homes. And given the integral role sports have in our daily lives, mass acceptance of this form of gambling was predictably overwhelming.

No longer was there a need to visit a bookmaker to place your bets, or even attend the sporting events yourself in order to enjoy sports betting. From the comfort of your couch, you can now place bets as you watch the events live on your television. With the online betting, you can also see the betting lines change and this means you can find the best betting opportunities as the event unfolds, especially when betting on live sporting events.

Because of online betting, it is now possible to bet on practically any event in the world. Many people who have learned of sports betting through online sportsbooks might be surprised to hear that in the past, you had to visit the venue of the event in order to bet on it. But today, you have the option to bet on any of the thousands of events played every day around the world. It does not matter if you will even follow the event on your television or not.

And why stop with sporting events? You can also bet on politics and other divisive issues. There are people who even bet on computer game contests. Furthermore, online sports betting has other perks, the most notable of which is the issuance of bonuses to bettors. As things are now, you should expect to get a bonus that is as big as you initial deposit when you open an account with your choice online sportsbook.

To Sum Up…

Clearly, sports betting has been with us for as long as we can remember, and this is not going to change any time soon. Actually, the industry received the boost of a lifetime after it managed to exploit the internet to reach all people around the world. Sports will forever remain an integral part of our lives and culture, and that means sports betting will continue to have a palpable presence in our lives as well.

Of course, if you are going to bet on sports, you might as well learn of ways you can win. I have prepared a guide detailing some tips and strategies you can use to win with sports betting. There are also guides laying particular emphasis on online betting in general as well as mobile betting in particular.

Have a look at them and you can learn what sports betting is all about today so that you can enjoy it better. Also learn how to claim those amazing bonuses I have just mentioned above, and how to find the best online sports sites in the internet today. Otherwise, enjoy your sports betting; after all you are part of a tradition that has been passed down for well over two millennia!