What are the Best Sports Betting Sites?

SPORTS BETTING Updated on: 5 September 2018

If asked, many people would without hesitation admit that betting is what makes sports so much fun for them. For many people, betting is a hobby; and for others, betting is a way to earn some additional cash while still enjoying their favorite sports.

But there is no denying that online sports betting has single-handedly lifted this industry from relative obscurity and turned it into a towering gambling phenomenon. In the past, you could only bet at specific physical establishments called sportsbooks, and with people thronging to place their bets during outspoken sporting events, placing bets was quite hectic.

Everything is easier now, and several times better. For one, with the advent of online sports betting, you can place bets on live events because live feeds can be transmitted to you in real life. The markets have also expanded considerably, with some events having dozens upon dozens of possible betting opportunities.

I wish I could tell you that choosing the right online sports betting site was easy, but I can’t. Online sportsbooks have mushroomed all over the place, and choosing the right one is a skill unto itself. And that’s even when we overlook the fact that knowing what to look for in a good sportsbook is something of an art.

But don’t give up just yet, I have done all this work on your behalf because I already know what to look for in an online sportsbook. This means you can work with nothing but the best sportsbooks the industry has to offer when you use the companies I recommend. I’ll walk you through my process and you will understand what makes my recommendations so reliable.

1. How do You Find the Best Online Sportsbooks?

There is no single attribute that will tell you that an online betting site is the best you are ever going to find. You have to look at a checklist of factors, each carrying quite a bit of weight. Aesthetics matter, because ultimately, they also point to the intuitiveness of the betting site you are using. The last thing you need is a site that confuses you and makes you make the wrong bets.

So, the site needs to have a professional and intuitive design that gives you the information you need with ease. Convoluted designs that make you go through hoops before you can find the sports event you would like to bet on is not the hallmark of a good online sportsbook.

The sportsbook also needs to have an ample selection of games. Bettors have become quite demanding today. Therefore, a site that specializes on a single sport would still fall short as far as the best sportsbooks go. Some popular events include football, soccer, basketball, rugby, tennis, cricket, and horse racing; and the top sportsbooks offer them all.

A good sportsbook also needs to be innovative. At this moment, there are a few things you can look out for to know whether a betting site is on top of things in this regard. For instance, the sports betting site should offer mobile gaming, and also provide live betting, otherwise called in-play betting. Beyond this, the betting site should have live feeds of the games being played at that particular moment.

Proper licensing is also something you cannot ignore as you rank online sportsbooks. Every good sportsbook should have great licensing. Various jurisdictions around the world are now pretty good at providing oversight over the sports betting industry, and the best sportsbooks manage to get multiple licenses without problems. Any sportsbook that has not managed to get even a single license is clearly not any good.

A good support team is also a good sign that you are dealing with a sportsbook that knows what it is doing. Basically, the support team needs to be responsive, and also professional enough to deal with various queries from customers in an expert manner because it is not enough that the support team can respond in time, it also needs to resolve your queries effectively.

Good sportsbooks also show appreciation for your business. This is why they offer bonus promotions when you sign up to encourage you to use their services. Other promotions are also not unusual, and they should make you feel at home sticking with the sports betting services the sportsbook is offering.

Where do You Find the Greatest Online Sportsbooks?

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of seemingly great sportsbooks on the internet. So, finding the few great ones is not easy. But it’s doable, if you have the time to do the grunt work. And some commitment might be necessary as well.

You see, you cannot really tell what a sportsbook’s services are like unless you sign up and even make a deposit to see what playing with the sports betting site is truly like. After all, sportsbooks are not like regular casinos where you can use a demo account to get a feel of what is being offered before you sign up and use real money.

Doing this work can take a toll, and you might end up giving up the mission to find the best sportsbook altogether. Fortunately, having tried out several sports betting sites myself, and having the experience to see sports betting sites for what they are and not what they claim to be, I have been able to find the best online sportsbooks in the world today based on every important parameter worth considering.

The companies you see on this site are fully licensed, and they excel in many other areas as well. For instance, you can expect to get the best bonuses you could possibly hope to find as a regular bettor, as well as some of the highest number of betting options.

That means you will never have to be disappointed to find that you cannot bet on that eagerly anticipated sporting event with your choice sportsbook because the site’s coverage of the sports betting market is a little spotty.

And finally, you can trust the sites recommended here with your money. Even big rollers bet successfully with them and get to withdraw their winnings using a broad selection of payment processing methods.