How to Play Video Slots?

SLOTS Updated on: 1 September 2018

Generally speaking, playing slots of any kind is going to be a special experience for you, but video slots are uniquely special. So sure, regular slots might keep you glued to the game for hours, but video slots take the fun and enchantment to a whole new level. Consequently, it should hardly come as a surprise that video slots constitute an immensely popular slots variant.

Although video slots were birthed in traditional casinos, they really hit their stride with the introduction of online casinos. Today, you will find video slots in nearly every casino you visit, whether online or land-based. But that hardly qualifies you to play this game competently. There are some basics to video slots, and that’s what this article is all about.

1. How Do Video Slots Work?

Video slots may be considered a distinct slots category, but their inner workings are no different from those of regular slot games. The only difference to speak of when playing video slots as opposed to regular slots is the way the spins are generated. Their predecessors had mechanical parts spinning to produce the winning symbol combinations. However, video slots rely on computer software to take care of this particular issue.

The results of the “spin” with this game are shown on the screen. The spinning you will see after you activate the random number generator is simply a sleek animation meant to replicate the action as it appears in a mechanical slots machine.

Video slots have been in existence for quite a bit of time now, and traditional casinos prefer them for the fact that they rely on a complex software that is more reliable in generating spin results. Because of this, video slots cannot not be manipulated by the player like classic slot machines could.

So, to play video slots, you will have to use coins to place your bets and then pull on the lever to activate the random number generator. If the end result is a winning combination, the machine will dispense your winnings, otherwise, you will have to make another bet and try your luck once more.

But don’t be one of those people who believe that using a particular amount of bet will tip the winning odds in your favor – winning chances are constant for all bets. In any case, the more you bet, the greater your potential winnings and vice versa.

In fact, the similarities between video slot machines and any other slot machines do not end there. People who hold on to the myth that the way you pull the lever has an impact on the spin results also attribute this ridiculous fallacy to video slot games.

Any slot game that relies on a random number generator cannot be manipulated, only archaic slot machines that did not yet have this technology could be made to produce certain results using an advanced lever pulling technique. For this reason, it is important that video slots be seen as games of chance, which means your playing skills will have a very small impact on your winning chances.

Online Video Slots

You could be wondering – why say online video slots? Don’t all slot games in an online casino rely on a screen to display the winning symbols? True, all true. All online slot games rely on a computer program to do the ‘spins’ before the results are displayed on the screen. For this reason, the term online video slots pretty much describes any slot game you can play in an online environment because no mechanical reels will be involved in the process.

But then, there are some differences between video slots in physical casinos and their counterparts in online casinos. To begin with, you will get better payouts when you play video slots on the internet. If you are wondering why, you should consider how much it costs to run these games in each respective scenario. With physical casinos, the video slot machine occupies physical space, requires maintenance, consumes resources like electricity and incurs other costs associated with physical machines. On the internet, the casino is incurring a lot fewer costs when offering its slot games.

Furthermore, if you want a video slot game you can customize, you will have to forget about playing this game in a physical casino. At online casinos, you can choose options like number of pay lines and reels, options you will not have at a physical casino unless you come across a machine that already has the setup you are looking for to begin with.

The experience you will get out of playing an online video slot game will also be more wholesome. The special animations are usually a lot better, and the sound effects will really help you feel the game as you play it.

Winning Tips For Video Slots

When its all said and done, there are no special strategies for winning video slots – they are pretty much like other slot games. So, as you play video slots, make sure you can keep playing for as long as possible, especially when going after the slot jackpot because the longer you are in the game, the better your chances of winning.

Another way to improve your winning odds is to look at the payout table before placing your bets. Some slot games pay better than others, and the game with the best payouts is the one you should play if a higher rate of winning is something you are seriously interested in.

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