Best Slots Strategy to Increase Your Odds

SLOTS Updated on: 1 September 2018

If you are playing slots for any other reason besides fun, then you have your work clearly cut out for you. However much you try, this game is still based on luck; and there will never be a surefire way of guaranteeing your success as a slots player. And why, you might ask, should anyone even bother discussing this game’s tips and strategies when its potential outcomes are already so rigidly defined?

The reason is simple: your chances of losing with this game, in general, are very small; usually about 2% to 5%. Therefore, any tip that minimizes this edge, however slightly, has the potential to turn you into a winner. For many people this makes it worth learning a slot playing strategy or so.

With that out of the way, I can now go on to discuss some winning strategies. They will certainly not introduce double-digit improvements to your percentage winning odds, but they will clearly make the small improvements you need in your gameplay to turn you into a winner. And given that these strategies can even give you a chance to win even a million-dollar slot jackpot, they are certainly worth knowing as they will add to the excitement you will get when playing slot games in general.

1. Are Slot Games Truly Unbeatable?

In theory, yes. The game has been designed to chip away at your bankroll, a little amount at a time. There is very little you can do to change this part of the game, which is why it is considered unbeatable. In practice, however, these odds are not the only things that determine your fortunes as you play the game; and this is where slot strategies come in.

Have A Broad View Of The Game

First and foremost, you will need to have a long-term view of the game. This means that you should play with the intention of getting small wins over time so that they eventually pile up and turn you into a winner.

This is also the only way you can afford to take some losses along the way and still recover. Betting big equals losing big; and you cannot win if you don’t have any money left to place bets because a few losing bets sidelined you.

Plan Your Spending

Money management ultimately comes down to having a plan about how you are going to place your bets. You should have a good idea of how wins typically come as you play. This is why you will even need to change your money management rules depending on the slot game variant being played.

For instance, if you are playing for the jackpot, you will need to prepare yourself for a prolonged string of losing bets; a contingency you will not necessary have to prepare for with regular slot games.

Playing More Times Means Winning More Money

The ultimate slot winning strategy is being able to play for as long as possible. This is because, with the money management rules and all, you will have to settle for small wins at a time. Additionally, you will need time to recover from any loses you experience along the way.

So, you will have to play lots of times in order to start winning with slots. While a few big bets give you a chance to win big in a short time, this strategy will not be very sustainable because loses will also affect you substantially, and in all likelihood wipe out your entire account.

Consider The Slot Payout Percentages

This does not exactly qualify as a playing skill, but it is a tip that can help you win more with slots. Essentially, this part involves choosing games that pay out better than others. You should not even be above switching casinos to find slot games with better payouts. Some online casinos will give you win rates of 98% for their slot games, which are currently the highest in the industry.

These are the games you should seek in order to get a better edge as you play. Even a single percentage point should not be ignored here – it could mean the difference between missing and landing the most lucrative slot payout of your life.

Avoid Ridiculous Unjustifiable Winning “Strategies”

In a bid to cash in on the desperate expectations of naive slot players, some people have come up with “strategies” that should help you to win over time. Many of these misconstrued slot strategies ignore some basic facts about slot games, especially the issue of the random number generators. So, a machine does not get “hot” or “cold” after it has produced a certain number of loses or wins. Instead, it is completely indifferent to any results it has generated previously.

So, just because you can’t do much to change your winning chances, it does not mean there is nothing you can do. This guide is clear proof of that. With slots, you will get a little wiggle room to improve your chances of winning, even though most of the gameplay is driven by chance.

The above strategies, which include changing your perceptions about the game and having a clear plan before you even begin playing, can help you reduce and even eliminate whatever small house edge exists for slot games and make your gameplay profitable.