Play at the Best Slots Tournaments

SLOTS Updated on: 1 September 2018

Are you a slots lover who also likes to win big? Then it’s time you learned more about slots tournaments. At these exciting events, you will have a chance to win loads of money with just a small investment on your part. Did I also mention that taking part in slots tournaments is an enthralling adrenaline-inducing undertaking? Yea, they are that good. It might even be worth being part of one for this reason alone.

If you think that tournaments are just like slot jackpots, then you need to read this guide more than most. A tournament is a completely different game, and a better one at that. To begin with, your odds of winning are much higher, and you cannot fairly compare it to trying to win a slots jackpot, which, in most cases, is like chasing a mirage.

With a tournament, you will always know that at a certain point in time, someone will clinch the top prize, which is information you will not be privy to with slots jackpots. Tournaments always end with a winner, and with a bit of luck and few tricks up your sleeve, this could be you. So, if you are just learning about slots tournaments, this guide is precisely the primer you need to know where to find the best slot tournament opportunities on the web today.

1. How Slot Tournaments Are Played

As with any other tournament, with slot tournaments, you will be pitting yourself against fellow competitors. Therefore, at slot tournaments, you will need quite a bit of skill to give yourself an edge as you go against other players. In particular, you will need to have quite a bit of playing speed. Of course, the inherent odds of the game still have a greater sway in how your fortunes turn out. So, you need to accept straightaway that random chance will still play a dominant role in your chances of winning at these tournaments.

The ultimate goal as a slots tournament participant is to use up all the spins required of you and have the best score among all the participants to become the ultimate winner. There is actually a penalty for failing to use as many spins as required, which is enforced through a deduction to your total score. The point is, you have to play fast so that leftover spins don’t dent your final score.

To take part in these tournaments, you will also need to pay an entry fee, which is pretty much the only money you will need to spend during the entire event. This is why taking part in a slots tournament is such an attractive proposition to many people, because the potential rewards are quite substantial. In fact, this entry fee is typically a lot less than you would spend on each of the spins you will end up making during the tournament.

As already pointed out, time is one of the major factors to consider when taking part in slot tournaments. Typically, you will get 20 minutes. In that time, you will use all the required spins in order to satisfy tournament requirements and avoid a penalty.

Winning Tips For Slot Tournaments

The fact that you have to play fast has already been mentioned, but its not all there is to winning in slot tournaments. In reality, this boils down to hitting the “play” button as soon as that option becomes available. Usually, you will get the option to play again as soon as the symbols stop spinning. However, when you land a win, animations may extend this time a bit and add a few seconds to the time it takes to complete a single play. Obviously, despite this slight inconvenience, this situation is more that desirable because it will improve your score considerably.

But other than the speed, you will also need to excel when it comes to your scores. To be honest, this should hardly be a concern because slots is largely a game of chance. That said, you should ensure that you are focused throughout the game. This includes avoiding the temptation to see how other tournament participants are fairing scorewise. Your sole focus should be ensuring that you use up all your spins so that they don’t ruin your final score.

How Can You Find The Best Slot Tournaments?

Since slot tournaments generally require little stakes for big potential wins, slots casinos may not particularly favor them; instead preferring to use them as a way to promote their operations. However, top casinos in the industry can afford to offer them more regularly, which means you can take part in several tournaments from time to time until you secure yourself the top position and win the lucrative prize that comes with the honor.

So, if you want to really enjoy slot tournaments, your best option is to sign up with casinos offering them on a regular basis. I have prepared a list of the leading online casinos, with a focus on those that offer regular slot tournaments. Quite simply, with these casinos, you can invest your slots bankroll in tournaments and with time expect to get rewarded handsomely once your skills and luck help you to outperform your competition.

But I will not stop there; I will also give you plenty of information on what slots is all about. And though this is mainly a game of luck, you will learn a few tricks or so that will help you make the best of the limited odds you still have in your control. Such information include guidance on the management of your bankroll, how to play slots with the goal of winning progressive jackpots, and how to distinguish various kinds of slots and easily find those that truly meet your gaming needs from the hundreds of options currently available in the market.

In summary, if you want to play at a slot tournament, you can check out my reviews and sign up with one of these top online slot casinos. From there, its you and your skills against Lady Luck as you gun for the top prize in an exciting face-off that will truly reveal why slot games remain a favorite casino classic by far.