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SLOTS Updated on: 1 September 2018

The timeless appeal of slot machine games has few peers. Any half-decent brick-and-mortar casino has this game in its selection. Initially, slot machines were purely mechanical, but then technological advances caught up, and the classical slot machines had to move over and give way to video slot machines that were powered by software.

Then came online casinos, and the whole game experienced a rebirth as slot games rose in popularity to command a dominant presence in twenty-first century internet-based casino gaming. Now, hundreds of slot games exist, and most of them owe this honor to the introduction of online casinos.

The intriguing metamorphosis of slot games aside, today I will focus on playing online slots for money. Have been wondering if you can play online slots using real money? And, how safe is it to put real cash on the line when playing a game of slots? Also, how do you find the right casinos to sign up with when seeking real money gambling thrill when playing slot games? If you want answers to these questions and more, then you are in the right place.

1. How To Play Slots For Real Money

Already, lots of people are playing online slots for real money. But I understand you can be a little gun shy if you have not had any experience with using real money over the internet, or a good experience for that matter. But real money slots is quite easy, as you will find out soon.

The first step is picking the right casino, and the first quality you need to look at is regulation. Licensed casinos will let you play real money slots without having to worry whether you will get your money back or not. Luckily for you, it is considerably easy to establish whether a casino is going to handle your funds appropriately and expeditiously.

So, How Do You Find The Best Casinos For Real Money Slots?

The first rule to picking a good real money casino is to check if it is licensed or not. If a casino is not licensed, move on to the next candidate. Don’t make any compromises, otherwise you could lose your money before you even play your first slot game at the casino. Luckily, many casinos have gone to the trouble of getting their operations licensed in some country or another.

The second thing to consider is the selection of games a casino offers. Some online casinos will only offer tens of slot games, while others will give you hundreds of slot games to pick from. Clearly, the latter scenario is more appealing. But that isn’t the whole story; quality is also something you need to look out for. HD and 3D slot games offer superior gameplay experiences, and the quantity of these games in each casino should be a factor in your evaluation.

Today, even second-rate casinos offer their customers bonuses, and there is no reason a premium casino shouldn’t. So, look closely at the bonus a casino is willing to give you for signing up or for playing slots through their online casino interface. And since the endgame here is to play slots, make sure any bonuses you get can be specifically used to enjoy this game.

Depositing Real Money

Once you have settled on the casino to use for your online slot games, and set up an account, you can proceed to make a deposit. At the cashier’s page, you will be given a selection of payment methods you can use to fund your account. You just have to pick your preferred method. As you choose your payment method, and the amount of deposit to make, take into consideration how each decision will affect your deposit bonus.

If a casino is letting you use PayPal, you should go ahead and use this deposit method. PayPal is very safe, and its dedication to protecting its clients is virtually unmatched, which means that no casino offering this payment option will try to mess around with your money.

Start Playing Slots!

Once the money is safely in your account, you are ready to start playing online slots. Once you launch your preferred slot game, you can place your bet and hit spin. Remember that with online casinos, a line bet is a bet placed on each line, and the total bet is the total amount of money placed on all lines; which amounts to line bet multiplied by the total number of lines in the slot game. So, when playing a slot game with many lines, ensure that you place your bet appropriately to avoid putting too much of your money at risk with a single bet.

Is It Legal To Play Online Slots?

In a majority of cases, playing slots is legal. Only a few countries in the world have illegalized online gambling, and therefore, online slots. A few others lack clear policy, if any, on the legal status of online casinos and games like online slots. If you reside in a country where online slots is legal, it would be best for you to use casinos that have obtained the legal authority to offer their online gambling activities within the country.

Some countries do not regulate gambling. Therefore, while you will not get into legal trouble for playing slots online, you will also not have the option of joining a casino that is regulated locally. In such cases, you have to look past your borders and choose a casino that has solid regulation in another jurisdiction.

For countries that have made online gambling illegal, you will might be putting yourself at risk by playing online slots for real money. Still, there are ways to keep your gambling activities away from any prying eyes when playing slots for real money, such as playing only at bitcoin casinos.

Best Casinos For Real Money Slot Games

It should be pretty clear by now what real money online slots are all about. Furthermore, you should have an idea of what goes into picking the right casino if you want to enjoy this beloved casino game. But on the off chance that you are not ready to roll up your sleeves and dig through hundreds of search engine results in pursuit of the ultimate casino, I have prepared a list of the leading real money online slots casinos in the world today.

Among the things I have looked at when creating this list include the legality of their operations, bonus offerings, quality of their games, number of games in their selection, and many other factors. So, be sure to look them up and you will be enjoying high quality real money slot gaming in no time at all.