How to Play Mobile Slots Online

SLOTS Updated on: 1 September 2018

With mobile technology, casino slot games have had a new leash on life. Make no mistake about it, mobile slots offer everything you can hope for in PC or Mac-based slot games. The graphics on these games are astounding, and the general outlay of the games, as well as the inherent charm of this casino game, will tempt to keep playing your mobile-based slot game for hours.

But the pros of mobile slots do not begin and end there, as I am going to prove to you in this guide. You will see why mobile casino gaming is becoming a heavy hitter in the tremendously successful online casino gaming industry. And, as is the modus operandi around here, I’ll point you in the right direction if you are also on a quest to find the best casinos in the online mobile slots segment.

1. How Are Mobile Slots Played?

The concept of mobile casino gaming became a reality a couple of years ago, and yet, it is yet to reach full penetration. This is why even as we speak, there are people who are unaware they can enjoy the enchanting experience of playing online casino games they habitually play on their computers when using a mobile device. Granted, at the time online slots were introduced in a mobile platform, they were a far cry from what anyone would consider wholesome, even when using the time’s computer-based online gaming standards as a benchmark.

But today, mobile gambling has truly taken technological advancements in its stride. If you still think going mobile as you play online slots will give you a watered down playing experience, then you are behind the times. Casinos have now developed mobile sites, as well as sleek mobile apps, to help their customers play online slots more conveniently. In the past, you might have had to deal with a computer-oriented casino site on your mobile device, and the incompatibility glitches would have left you less than charmed by your playing experience.

The graphics today are unbelievable for online mobile-based slots games; and the gameplay is silky smooth with these mobile casino apps. Still, those casinos that are yet to reach the app milestone offer mobile versions of their sites that still give gamblers an above average playing experience. Of course, all this requires that you settle for nothing but the best casino sites in the industry.

The Mobile Slots Gameplay

By this point, it should be apparent that mobile slots gameplay should appease even players who are not willing to give an inch in terms of quality when making the switch from computer-based casino gaming to mobile slots. Once you launch the app or the mobile site, everything is just as you would expect of a premium casino gaming interface. You can choose your favorite slot game, place bets, adjust reels and pay lines, and finally, hit the spin button and sit back as you await your fortune.

Types Of Mobile Slots

iOS Mobile Slots

If you are a hardcore Apple ecosystem fan, you will have plenty of choices as a mobile slot player. Many leading casinos cater to this niche of mobile gamblers by giving them apps for their iPhones and iPads. Of course, these slot games also benefit from the premium quality graphic rendering these devices are capable of, and it also means the apps have met high app store standards to ensure that users have a rewarding experience when using them.

Android Mobile Slots

Android as an operating system has practically cornered the mobile market, and no online casino can claim to have an wide-reaching mobile gaming platform without taking care of its Android users. In fact, most mobile apps are designed for this mobile platform. Because of their custom designs, these slot gaming apps are also able to deliver a gaming experience beyond what many people would consider possible in a mobile environment.

Can You Play Online Mobile Slots For Real Money?

Yes, without a doubt. There is actually an argument for picking the mobile gaming platform over its computer-based counterpart when it comes to financial security. You can make deposits using the app with some of the casinos. And because many casinos are trying to lure people to mobile gaming, you might even get a special bonus for making a deposit using your mobile device.

As with computer based real money slot gaming, you will have a choice of various payment processors as well. And through a few choices and steps, you could have the money in your account in an instant so that you can get right to playing your favorite online slots game. The withdrawal process is just as easy, and depending on the payment processor and the casino’s withdrawal policy, you can get your money very fast.

What Are The Best Online Casinos For Mobile Slot Games?

Nowadays, it is the rule rather than the exception that an online casino offers mobile gaming as well. Distinctions in mobile slots quality, however, begin to appear when you take a closer look at the quality each casino outfit is offering. For this simple reason, you should not join the first online casino with a mobile platform that comes your way. You need to look whether the casino meets a few other qualifications, the first being proper licensing.

Then you have to look at the slot games being offered on the casino’s mobile platform so that you don’t get stuck with a game selection you don’t even like. And even though I am talking of mobile casino games having pretty good quality by today’s standards, not all casinos offer state-of-the-art slot game choices. Therefore, be on the look out for this as well.

But to cut out the massive research effort required on your part to identify the best places to play mobile slots online, I have listed the best casinos for online mobile slots games on this very page. Of course, a few strategies could go a long way in helping have more fun out of your slots gaming; so, check out my slots strategy guides below to learn a few tips and tricks.