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SLOTS Updated on: 5 September 2018

The legality of online slots in the world is the rule, rather than the exception. And yet, many online gamblers still hold on to the notion that playing online slots is not yet above board. The truth is that there are a handful of countries where playing online slots is illegal for the mere fact that online gambling, or sometimes all forms of gambling, are not legal. Even more likely is the fact that a country has yet to take a stand and give online slots a legal status.

But just to clear the air, you should know that online slots is legal. Furthermore, the countries that are yet to legalize it more often than not choose to legitimize the industry rather than ban it. Also notable is that countries that previously had adverse legal stances against online gambling are now softening their positions and sometimes wholesomely granting the industry the green light to flourish within their territories.

If your perceptions on the legality of online slots have you worried that your online slots escapades could land you into legal trouble, then this page is meant for you. I’ll even do you one better – I’ll give you a list of the best legal online slots casinos so that you can sign up and enjoy this fun casino game without worries.

1. Is It Legal To Play Online Slots?

The answer is, for most part, a resounding yes. Only a handful of countries have banned online slots for the simple reason that they don’t allow any form of online gambling in their territories. Usually, these are authorities which did not have a full understanding of online gambling at the time they considered making laws for the industry, and they therefore ended up banning online casinos altogether just to err on the side of caution.

Of course, time changed this as it became apparent what online gambling was all about. People want to have fun online, and being as uninhibited as this marketplace is, the best way forward was to make online gaming, and slots as well, legal. But this is not something that should worry an online gambler – it’s the casinos that have to follow the rules required of them or face the law.

What Of Unregulated Markets?

Even in this day and age, some countries are still undecided of what legal status to give online gambling; and by extension, online slots. So, no legal harm could come from playing online slots from such countries. But, despite the free reign you can have as a slot player in a country that does not regulate the industry, you still have to take certain precautions to avoid getting defrauded as you play slots online.

Before all else, the casino you play at should have proper licensing. Obviously, this licensing will have to come from another country. Speaking of which, such licensing should be legit, in that it commands respect from the global online gambling community.

And just for emphasis, unregulated does not mean illegal. Actually, for all intents and purposes, it means the exact opposite, since you have the freedom to gamble as you like, and without any laws getting in your way as is typically the case in areas where online gambling is strongly regulated.

Why Legalize Online Slots In The First Place?

There is a fairly popular school of thought suggesting that gambling, and online gambling as well, is “immoral”. Such people believe that the industry should be illegal. For some reason, many countries’ gambling laws are not based on this way of thinking; and overwhelmingly so. Now, why is that?

There are various reasons for this actually. And beside the obvious argument that people should have freedom about how to spend their time and money, here are a few other compelling reasons a government will sanction online slots despite the pressure to take a different policy direction.

Protect Resident Players From Scam Casinos

Many a times, a government will come to terms with the fact that the internet is a world they have little control over, and that they cannot simply stop their residents from gambling online by passing laws illegalizing the practice. For this reason, the authorities have to take the responsibility of protecting their people.

The best way to do this is to legalize online gambling, which means that all operators within the country will have to comply with strict laws designed to protect the local players. Scam operators would have lots of trouble luring such players to their offerings since they already have well-regulated alternatives to choose from.

They Can’t Ban It

Even when a government is convinced that there is nothing to be gained from legalizing online gambling, it may still opt to legalize it instead. As radical as this policy option might seem under such circumstances, it is actually quite defensible. By choosing to ban online gambling and slot games, a government will simply foster the existence of this beloved online pastime in the dark recesses of the internet.

Even worse, it might entail introducing suffocating online censorship, and this would certainly draw the ire of many human rights defenders since such a move could become the go-to option for any online activity the government is not happy about. Since censorship is off the table as a means to ensure that online gambling does not happen in a particular country, the government is left with no other option but to make it legit.

At least, this would help the government to keep a close eye on things and have some bit of control regarding how its residents gamble. Inaction would not be an option either as it would give online scammers free reign to prey on its residents.

Online Gambling Will Generate Taxes

Once a government has made a commercial activity legal, it has secured itself a revenue stream because players will have to pay their dues in form of taxes. So, a government may be motivated to regulate online gambling so that it can collect taxes. Otherwise, it would be impossible to get this money if all participants feel compelled to keep their activities hidden.

Best Regulated Casinos For Online Slots

To restate the obvious, playing slots online is legal. But this is just the first battle; you will have to do more research and ensure that the casino you are looking to sign up with offers premium gambling services. Things to consider here include quality of games offered, special promotions, selection of games, licensing and so on and so on.

With hundreds of viable online casinos to pick from, choosing the right casino is no mean feat. But this should not hold you back, I have done all the grunt work for you and listed the top casinos for playing slots online right here on Gamble711. With any of these casinos, you can be confident that you will be dealing with one of the best legal online slot casinos on the planet when you finally decide to open an account.