Which are the Best Online Slots Casinos?

SLOTS Updated on: 1 September 2018

The authority of slot games in online casinos is unchallenged. With some casinos, you will have at your disposal hundreds of slot games. Traditional casinos usually offer as broad a selection of slot machines to their customers. With such a large selection of online slot casinos to pick from, picking the right casino is not easy. So, it’s no happy coincident that I have decided to prepare this guide to help you find your way to the best casinos when it comes to slot games.

I have analyzed several leading and regulated casinos based on the quality of their slot games, and prepared a list of who-is-who in this casino sub-sector. With the casinos suggested in this guide, you will have little else to worry about as you enjoy this delightful casino game.

Other than the fact that these casinos form the upper crust of the online casino market, their lavish bonuses, high-grade graphics, and elegant gameplay will leave you positively contented as you enjoy playing slots online.

In this guide, you will see what things I consider when evaluating a casino and making the call on whether it is worth your time or not. There are also a few tips on how to get yourself amazing bonus offers during your sign up and the kind of gameplay that will enhance your playing experience further.

1. What are Online Slot Casinos?

Online gambling is already a raging phenomenon; and slot games have played a huge role in fanning the trend. Many land-based casinos owe most of their returns to slot games. But now, you do not have to leave your house to visit an physical casino to enjoy this popular casino game – the internet lets you play this game whenever you are on your computer or even your phone. And that’s online slot gambling for you – having casino fun delivered to you wherever and whenever you are.

Slot games are an ubiquitous feature of any casino, land-based or online. But for the online gambler, the motivation for playing this game is even greater, and not only for the convenience it brings, but also for the promotions usually offered for making this choice. In online environments, slot games are available in their hundreds, and lots of irresistible promotions are offered to players.

As to the technicalities of the game in an online environment, slots are not very different from other kinds of online-based casino games. For instance, random number generators are used to generate the results. So, you can shake the concern that you might be getting ripped off by playing slots in an online environment, although you should still check to see whether the casino you are using offers provably fair games; which is pretty much a given in any licensed casino.

And to wrap up the benefits of online slot games in comparison to their land-based alternatives, at least for now, is the issue of cost. It is far cheaper to play slots online than it is to play them in a land-based casino. You can stake as low as 10 cents. In fact, the payouts are also much better than what a physical casino will typically offer its players, including world-famous casinos in Vegas.

Qualities Of The Best Online Slots Casinos

Before you can even start considering whether a casino is any good or not, you need to establish whether it is licensed. Never play slots at an unlicensed casino – you will be setting yourself up for lots of hurt down the road when you discover that you are dealing with a well-orchestrated scam.

Beyond government licensing, have a look at what professional institutions such as independent review organizations have to say about the casino. From there, you will have to go a step further and look at the features a casino is offering, which is, frankly, where most of the effort is needed. Luckily, that’s where my reviews come in.

I know what to look for in an online casino game, and the establishment behind it. So, I take into consideration factors like playing experience, quality of games, amounts of bonuses offered, game developers responsible for the games being offered, and the overall experience the casino is giving its users.

As for the quality of casino games, things to consider include the strength and clarity of the graphics and animations; whether 3D slot games are part of the selection and so forth. And as for the game providers, top names in the sector include Playtech, Microgaming and others. When playing slots offered by these companies, you are pretty much guaranteed a rewarding gaming experience.

Other variations when it comes to the choice of slot games include the number of reels in the games. Ideally, a good casino will give you as much choice as this gaming sector has to offer. So, you should expect a good casino to offer 3-reel and 5-reel slots, as well as all the line options available in the market with this game.

How Do I Find The Best Online Slots Casinos?

Going through every feature a casino is offering in order to decide if its slot games are the best can be time-consuming and tedious. There is a very good chance you might give up on the chore altogether and take your chances with the casinos you have already analyzed. But this could be your undoing as you discover that you made compromises you couldn’t afford to.

To keep you from going down this path, I have prepared a list of the best online slots casinos in the world today. Be assured, these reviews come from someone who has played this game for years, and knows what a good slot game should offer its player. This is why I am not shy about recommending these casinos to anyone looking to have a wholesome slots gaming experience in an online environment.

When you play slots at these casinos, you can expect big bonuses, quality gameplay, and a high level of service from the casino staff. And above all else, you will get a chance to win big. In fact, there are some guides right here on how to improve your winning chances when playing online slots.