Video Scratch Cards – How to Play?

SCRATCH CARDS Updated on: 5 September 2018

Would you have guessed that a seemingly modest game like scratch cards would have a video version some day? I know I wouldn’t. But it’s here folks; the internet age that is turning everything on its head. And so today, you not only have the opportunity to play scratch card games online, you also have the chance to play an increasingly popular, albeit recent, version of the game called video scratch cards.

Yea, that’s how far technology has come, and how readily the online gambling world has taken such technological innovations in its stride. If this is the first time you are hearing about video scratch cards, I am guessing you are dying to know what this game is like and how it is played. But worry no more, I am about to introduce you to this game, as well as some leading casino establishments that will definitely let you enjoy it best.

1. What are Video Scratch Cards?

To understand what video scratch card games are like, it is first important to consider what a typical video casino game is like. Certain things come to mind. They include gripping animations, 3D graphic rendering, highly immersive and thematic sound effects, and a sleek game design that grabs your attention and never lets go. And these are precisely the same words that can be used to explain what video scratch card games are like.

Obviously, with their high level of design sophistication, the general outlay of these scratch card games can vary considerably from the way regular scratch card games are designed. And it should be obvious why – the central features in video scratch card games are not present in real-life scratch card alternatives.

The differences are not just cosmetic with some versions of this game. You may find video scratch card game variants that offer very unfamiliar gameplay and winning chances when compared to typical online scratch card games or their real-life counterparts.

Therefore, if you are on the lookout for something exotic and exciting, and yet powerfully reminiscent of the scratch card games as you know them, then video poker will be all you need. For instance, when you win with a real life scratch card, you will not get the animations and the high quality sound effects that players of video scratch card games usually get. This game has a way of making you truly feel like a winner when you win, which is more than can be expected of a traditional scratch card game.

So, to put it simply, video scratch cards are at par with many regular video casino games when it comes to quality of playing experience. In fact, with some games, casino game developers have managed to work a storyline into the game to keep players in suspense and encourage them to keep playing for longer.

Which are Better: Video Scratch Cards or Classic Scratch Cards?

After playing your first classic scratch card game, you usually have little to look forward to in terms of newness when playing other versions of the game. In other words, classic scratch card games are far too similar, once you have seen one, you are pretty much seen them all. To break from this homogeneity, you would have to play video scratch card games.

This is because various versions of video scratch cards are quite unique. So, as far as design innovations go, video scratch cards are certainly better than their classic scratch card counterparts.

The entertainment value of video scratch card games is way beyond anything classic scratch cards can give you. In fact, this game variant might be the secret behind the sustained popularity of scratch card games in online casinos. Because of the layered story lines, better graphics, and engaging animations, online gamblers can now play scratch cards for hours, and still walk away looking forward to their next playing session.

The conceptual freedom creators of video scratch card games have also makes this game variant more attractive to players. For instance, while you are generally required to unveil a given symbol combination when playing classic scratch card games, you do not necessarily have to deal with this sort of gameplay when playing video scratch cards. Your goal could be to find one particular symbol and then claim your winnings.

Video scratch cards are also more layered, which makes them ideal for players who prefer sophisticated games. Actually, most people do, if the popularity of this game is anything to go by.

What are the Best Casinos for Video Scratch Cards?

No casino wants to miss out on the opportunity that lies in offering video scratch card games. As we have just seen, this game variant has several advantages over its classic counterpart. But even though many casinos now offer video scratch card games, you have to be careful about which casinos to use as you look for places to play this game.

Additionally, if you are keen on securing the massive massive progressive jackpot win, then you have no option but to play scratch card games online, and with the top casinos. Scratch card games in regular casinos don’t offer players an opportunity to win a progressive jackpots. You can still win jackpots, just not the progressive sort.

And to enjoy all the excitement that should come from playing video scratch card games, you have to look for casinos that have the broadest game selection. Otherwise, you might have only a few options, which could start to get boring after a while. Additionally, the games should be of high quality. Since this game centers on great graphics, the versions you are treated to should be of high quality so that you can truly enjoy yourself.

The casino needs to meet other prerequisites as well. For instance, it should be well licensed, and offer perks such as bonuses. At the top-right hand corner of this page are the top casinos for video scratch cards in the world today. You won’t go wrong when you choose to use these casinos to play video scratch card games.