Scratch Card Rules Explained

SCRATCH CARDS Updated on: 14 November 2018

What rules, you ask?

You just pay for a scratch card ticket and scratch off to see if you have won. What could be easier than that?

Honestly, not much.

But true as that may be, scratch card games, as with any other casino game, come with a rule book. It may not be a very big one, but it’s there nonetheless.

For instance, let me ask you this.

Do you know the minimum you can spend on a scratch card ticket? And forgetting that for a moment. What rules should you follow given the house edge offered on each scratch card?

If you have the answers, it’s only because you know a few more rules about scratch cards most people.

But it does not take a lot of time to master the rules of this game, thankfully.

In fact, most people play this game based on what they have heard from other players. They never needed to sit down and pore over the rules of the game, pondering over each of them before they felt that they could finally give the game a try.

This proves is that scratch card games are easy to play. But you should know one thing.

Scratch card games have never been as serious as they are today.

Most people are not just playing for a quick thrill, but with the intention to win something. These aspirations mean having to go deeper in your understanding of this game.

Here are some rules you might not know about this game; and they might be the key to helping you win with this game.

1. How Scratch Card Games are Played?

1. Buy a Card

The first rule is simple, and most people know it – buy a card from the store, in the case of a physical casino.

The prices of these cards and their potential payouts vary, obviously.

For most people, this is a very simple rule. But you have to read between the lines, since there is another important rule within this rule you need to know about. And it has everything to do with winning odds.

You have to wonder: are the winning odds favorable to you or not? If not, it is not worth buying the card.

2. Scratch and See

As with buying the card, this rule is simple. You just need to scratch off the card and reveal the hidden symbols to see if you have won.

For physical scratch card tickets, you typically do this with a coin. And when playing this game online, you can scratch off the card with a virtual coin or your finger.

There is nothing unique here, you just have to make sure that you confirm whether the symbols on your card match the winning combo to avoid throwing away a winner.

But if you are playing online, you are in luck, since there is no chance of this happening. The casino software will check the symbols on your card automatically to see if there are any matches and credit the wins in your favor.

Why Play Online Scratch Card Games?

On the surface, there is no difference between physical and online scratch card games.

But looks can be deceiving.

Online scratch card games have more features than physical scratch card games could ever offer you. That could be because online casinos have been on a mission to make their games more exciting than their physical alternatives ever could with features like progressive jackpots, animated graphics, a wider selection of games and so forth.

There is convenience.

There is no way a physical could ever hope to match the online casino version in this regard.

Also, when you get a winning scratch card at your local lottery store, you better not lose it; because that would amount to forfeiting your win.

In fact, mutilating your ticket could mean that you will meet with a very unwelcome reception when you go to claim your prize.

There is no chance of that happening with online scratch card tickets.

You will not even have to put up with the hustle of visiting the store to claim your prize because the winnings are deposited automatically into your account.

Online scratch card games have truly helped players enjoy instant gratification. In the real world, the satisfaction is only instant if you scratch your card and are in the vicinity of the lottery store to claim your winnings.

Otherwise, you will have to wait until such an opportunity comes along.

Something to Look out For

Playing scratch card games is obviously very fun.

But with online casinos, this effect is pronounced even further. This might spell trouble for some people, since getting an unhealthy attachment to the game can happen quite easily.

So, as you enjoy scratch card games over the web, ensure that you do not get addicted to it.

Physical scratch card games are a lot more involving, and getting addicted is not as easy. Few such limits exist with online scratch card games.

So, the responsibility of keeping your love for this game under control is all on you.

In Conclusion

Scratch card games have such simple rules that most people are surprised to hear that there is even a rulebook for this game.

After all, everything you need to play this game seems like second nature to most people. You just need to buy a card, scratch off to reveal the hidden symbols, and see if you have made a winning combination.

But if you want richer playing experience, there are other rules you need to learn.

For instance, understanding the odds each scratch card game offers you will ensure you have better winning chances.

And if you want to land a life-changing jackpot, you obviously need to up your game by learning a few more tricks about scratch cards. Such strategies will obviously center around its rules.

So, be sure to learn everything there is to scratch cards and you will have a better chance of winning or even taking home the incredibly lucrative jackpot offers that scratch card players are now winning on a regular basis.