How to Play Scratch Cards for Real Money?

SCRATCH CARDS Updated on: 11 November 2018

Imagine you have just won millions of scratch card dollars? Except for one problem – you were not playing a real money version of the game.

Quite the anticlimax, uh.

So, allow me to discuss with you how a real money scratch card game is played.

I believe, like every other player in the world today, there comes a time when you have “get real” for a chance to win real money like other regular scratch card players.

If you have been recently introduced to this game, and wanted to learn the ropes before dipping your toe into real money gaming, then it makes sense to play a free version of the game.

And if you have mastered the rules of the game and are wondering if it’s time to play a live version, then you are right where you need to be.

Scratch cards games are a hit for a reason, and one of these reasons is that they allow winners to get real money.

But with this decisions comes a number of other concerns. For instance, how do your ensure the safety of your money? And beyond that, how do you ensure that you can win with this game?

How about we have a look at this?

1. How to Play Scratch Cards for Real Money?

There isn’t much difference between free play and real money scratch card playing.

There is also not much difference between physical and online scratch card games.

There only difference between a real money and a demo scratch card game is that you have to make a real money deposit into your account when playing a real money version of this game online.

This entails providing your choice casino with your financial details so that you can make deposits and withdrawals.

But first things first. Before you get to the making deposits, you have to get a good casino.

Typically, most casinos will include the account funding procedure in the accounting opening process. The process, thankfully, does not take much time or effort.

But once your account has been setup, especially if you already made a deposit during the sign-up process, then you can go ahead and start playing your favorite real money scratch card game variantss.

My guess is that at this point, you have a fair grasp of what a scratch card game is like.

But let’s recap, just in case:

  • You buy scratch cards (they vary in prices)
  • You scratch to reveal the hidden symbol combination
  • You check to see if the symbols printed on your card match the required winning combination
  • You claim your prize, or in the case of an online casino, the winnings are deposited into your account.

You mission as you scratch any card is to find a symbol combination that helps you win a reward. Some symbols will get you big wins, while others will get you no wins at all.

How Much do Scratch Costs?

Scratch cards vary in price considerably. But if you are concerned that they might be too expensive for you, put your fears to rest. Since some of these cards cost as little as $0.01.

But if you want to bet more per card, you are free to do so.

However, as far as affordability goes, there is no better place to play this game than over the web. Online casinos offer highly discounted card prices. They can afford to give their players these offers as they do not need to spend anything on card printing and distribution, unlike physical casinos.

Is It Safe to Play Real Money Scratch Card Games?

Absolutely. But there is an if. You have to play at a reputable casino, and not one of the many scam sites that have littered the online gambling world.

Naturally, the question becomes – which casinos are safe. And which casinos are not?

The first tell tale sign that it might be time to look for alternative casinos is coming across an online casino without a license.

However good the bonuses, or sleek the graphics, do not stick around if the casino has no regulatory authority behind its operations. Under such a scenario, getting your money might be a bigger gamble than trying to win the scratch card jackpot.

Sure, some unlicensed casinos might pay their players. But what about offering provably fair games? You have to be concerned about this as well.

So, if you are going to play scratch card games online, use a licensed casino. This way, you can get your money back when you request a withdraw and also enjoy fair scratch card games.

Can You Legally Play Real Money Scratch Card Games?

In a majority of cases, yes, playing scratch card games is legal. In other countries, there is no legal stance on whether you can play this game or not. Still, in a few others, laws might prohibit engaging in this game.

But when you are playing online, the biggest concern you should have is that you are playing this game at a licensed casino. It does not matter if the casino is licensed to operate in another country or your own.

However, my advice is that you stay away from this game if your country expressly criminalizes it.

What are the Best Online Casinos for Real Money Scratch Card Games?

There are plenty of great casinos you can use to enjoy scratch card games.

But that’s not the problem. The challenge lies in finding the best of them as they are hundreds of options to sift through.

Luckily, you are in luck, as you will find a list of the top online casinos in the world today right here on this site. With these casinos, you will have very good playing experiences, enjoy premium casino services, and even get a chance to enjoy other great casino games.

In Conclusion

Playing scratch card games should be fun, but that’s far from what some online casinos can give you.

But rest assured that when you sign up with the top casinos recommended here, you will have a great playing experience, probably beyond anything you have ever imagined.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with a top recommended scratch card casino today and let the fun begin.