Origins and History of Scratch Cards

SCRATCH CARDS Updated on: 14 November 2018

They say that history repeats itself, but not so for scratch card games. At least not in relation to other games of chance you can find all over the web.

No, scratch cards have not been around for centuries.

And that’s puzzling to many people considering that more complex casino games go back hundreds of years.

Believe it or not, about half a century ago, this game did not exist.

But the introduction of scratch card games changed the world in a big way; and we have John Koza and Daniel Bower to thank for that.

1. How did The Scratch Card Idea Come About?

In the 70s, there was surging demand for casino games. Sounds like today, right?

But at the time, the fact that lottery games did not offer instant gratification did not escape the eye of John Koza, a computer scientist.

His answer:

Create a lottery-like game that would capitalize on the gambling craze and at the same time give its fans the one thing that lottery games had failed to offer – immediate results.

But he needed a little help.

He joined hands with Daniel Bower, a marketing authority in his own right to design the first scratch card game.

The winning combo was printed on the card, and all you had to do was scratch off the hidden area. If you won, you could claim your reward right away.

A lot of people took an instant liking to this kind of gameplay. And who can blame them? The lottery games of the day took their pretty time before announcing their results.

You could hold on to your lottery ticket for up to a week before knowing whether you have won or not.

Scratch card popularity is still going strong today. In fact, I believe it has grown further with online casinos making scratch card games accessible to all people all around the world on desktop and mobile platforms.

Not that the game had any issues finding welcoming fans interested in its thrills at any time in its history.

Initial Reception

When the scratch idea was introduced it represented a paradigm shift.

The game was simple, and anyone could play it. It spread throughout the US like a wildfire, and by the 90s, the game was enjoying global popularity.

Scratch cards had no problem gaining acceptance, which is more than can be said of many other casino games. Through scratch cards, several causes have found funding. These include charities, federal associations, and others.

Even so, the game was yet to realize its full potential.

At the turn of the century, it was time for the traditional scratch card to pave for for the online or virtual scratch cards.

The things that made scratch cards so popular in the first place were enhanced even further. The wins were more instant, and access was improved dramatically since buying the card at an online casino saves you the trip to the lottery shop.

The wins are even more enticing as online casinos operate with much less costs.

So, are physical scratch cards on their way out?

It would seem so. A world without physical scratch cards might be quite a while off, but online scratch cards are clearly more popular than paper-based cards today.

Some Things You Should Know about Online Scratch Cards

Although many people consider online gambling a twenty-first century phenomenon, online scratch cards were available as far back as the 90s.

Obviously, modern online casinos have taken online scratch card games to another level.

In fact, scratch cards and other games have helped online casinos gain popularity more than these establishments have helped these games grow their fanbase, at least in their initial stages.

And fortunately, these companies were willing to go a little further in proving that they had something special to offer online casino fans.

As a result, online scratch card games are simply much better in a variety of ways.

The themes have broadened, and graphics have improved to include animations and other features that make the game more exciting for its players.

Online casinos also offer more game choices than were ever available in the physical world.

The quality of these games has improved as well, and people have more reasons not to buy physical scratch cars and stick to online alternatives instead.

For instance, the online scratch card wins are more attractive, and we have the lower operation costs to thank for this convenience. The ticket prices have gone down too.

With only 10 cents, you can be enjoy this game and have a chance of winning some cash as well.

Obviously, we cannot forget about scratch card jackpots, which now give regular players a chance to win millions of money. Some of these hefty financial rewards are not available to offline players.


The scratch card story is quite intriguing, isn’t it?

This game of chance filled a need many gamblers had but could never address through traditional lottery games. So, scratch card games couldn’t have come at a better time.

People want instant gratification, and scratch cards give them just that, especially over the web. Today, it only takes a matter of seconds to know whether yo have won or not.

Things that have given this game a charmed history include the fact that the cards are cheap, the game is very simple to play, and the wins are immediate.

Today, the popularity of this game has been boosted by online casinos that have made the game have a stronger presence around the world.

This convenience, and that fact the game can be used to support charitable and other causes have gone a long way in making scratch cards a favorite among many players.

Online casinos have also done their fair share in giving these games a vibrant life over the web. With sleek and thoughtful designs, great animations, lower prices, bigger rewards, and significantly better accessibility, scratch card games are now more popular than they have ever been in the past.

And that, folks, is the history of scratch card games.