What are Scratch Cards? Full Guide

SCRATCH CARDS Updated on: 11 November 2018

Feeling lucky? Maybe you should buy a scratch card and give yourself a chance to land a windfall jackpot win.

But what are scratch cards really? Most people have a clue; and I’m guessing others might not even know that the phrase is in reference to one of the most popular games there is.

So, let me ask this – have you ever played the lottery using a physical ticket? If not, I’m guessing you have seen someone play it.

Scratch cards are based on a similar idea – you buy a ticket, scratch off the market area to reveal the hidden symbols, and win if you get a right combination.

At least that is the traditional model of this game. When playing at online casinos, you do not need to purchase a physical ticket, and the scratching part is taken care of with a virtual coin, finger and so forth.

In fact, now that you can play this game online, you have a lot more to gain since online casinos offer more features on these games than their land-based counterparts.

But when it’s all said and done, you will find more similarities than differences between physical and online scratch card games.

1. How do Online Scratch Cards Work?

A scratch card game centers around a card; and whether it’s virtual of physical doesn’t matter. To play this game, here is what you should do.

  • Buy a scratch card (the casino will tell you how much you stand to win for achieving a given symbol combination)
  • Scratch the marked area to reveal the symbol combination (symbol combinations that have bigger expected wins are harder to achieve)
  • Compare the symbols you see to what was previously announced to see if you have won

When playing online, a virtual coin is typically used to scratch the card. But the wins are very real, and you can withdraw the money you win into your account.

Who Comes Up with the Symbol Combinations in Scratch Card Games

The casino’s random number generators (RNGs) create these random symbol combinations. So, nobody sits down to decide what the winning symbol combination will be.

This is true of both physical and virtual casinos.

Are Online Scratch Card Games Safe?

Yes and no. If you use a legitimate casino, you have nothing to worry about as you enjoy this exciting game. You will get a fair playing chance and cash out your winnings whenever you feel like it.

That said, there are scammers online posing as genuine casino outfits. You have to avoid these to ensure you do not lose your money in unscrupulous ways.

Luckily, telling whether you are dealing with a good casino is not awfully hard. For one thing, good casinos have proper licensing, great customer support, and a good reputation among players.

Benefits of Playing Online Scratch Card Games

The most obvious benefit, because it is true of all online casino games, is that playing scratch card games online is more convenient.

You can even play it now, wherever you are. All it takes is a device with an internet connection. Obviously, you cannot enjoy this level of convenience with a regular scratch card game.

There is a financial benefit to playing online scratch cards as well, and that’s because online scratch cards are much cheaper. After all, online casinos do not have to deal with any printing and transportation costs.

And also, and I think this is what should matter the most to any serious scratch card player, is that online scratch card games offer better wins, even for the jackpot games.

And once again, that is because online casinos do not have to deal with as many costs as physical casinos do.

Top Online Scratch Card Casinos

There are good and bad casinos. That’s a simple fact of life and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

The one thing you can do, and this is what truly matters, is choose a casino that is suitable for your playing needs.

There are some basics to consider, of course. For instance, a casino needs to be licensed, just to be sure it does not play fast and loose with fairness rules.

It is also a common belief that a casino that does not offer bonuses, or good bonuses for that matter, still has some way to go before it gets tagged as a good casino. So, make sure the casino you choose gives its users great bonuses.

And we are not talking about welcome bonuses only, but other great promotional offers along the way.

After that, take a look at the casino’s game selection. How broad are your game choices? Scratch card games come in many flavors today, and you should get a game designed in a way that appeals to you the best.

And what about the quality of the games and the platform? How good are the graphics and the reliability of the playing platform?

In short, you need to be at the right casino to play and enjoy this game. We also understand that the search for a top casino that can give you an exemplary playing experience can prove to be a formidable challenge.

Luckily for you, that is what we do here. We find the best casinos out of the hundreds of options on the web for, just for you.

So, be sure to check out our scratch card casino guides and make sure your passion for this exciting game of chance gets off on the right foot.

To Sum Up

If you are interested in playing scratch card games, then you were right to pay this site a visit. Scratch card games are very exciting, and above is a look at how the game is played.

I don’t think it needs emphasising that this is an incredibly simple and exciting game to play – the rules and guidelines discussed above make this quite apparent.

But this process starts with finding a good casino. Knowing a few playing strategies couldn’t hurt either.

So, see our top scratch card casino reviews and some strategy guides and you will discover what’s so magical about this amazing and beloved game the next time you get a chance to play it.