Best Scratch Card Strategies to Help You Win

SCRATCH CARDS Updated on: 10 November 2018

When I played my first scratch card game, I was anxious, excited, thrilled, overwhelmed, and everything in between. And no, I did not win.

But knowing that I had a chance to win big got my heart racing.

What am I getting at? It’s actually quite simple – that playing a scratch card game can be a rousing experience. And it doesn’t always matter if you have won or not.

But I also believe one thing – winning is every casino player’s dream.

As far as I know, nothing keeps a simmering passion for your most beloved casino game alive like the hope of scoring a big win.

Yes, your go-to favorite game might be scratch cards, regardless of whether you win or not. And don’t get us wrong, we totally understand that. But at the end of the day, you will close the playing session with a bigger smile on your face if you win.

Which brings us to one important question – what strategies can help you win with scratch cards?

If you are lucky, you might already be winning with the few tricks you have up your sleeve, and that’s great.

But I think a few more weapons in your winning arsenal can make you a happier scratch card fan. So, stick around, you might learn a new trick.

Let’s start with the basics.

1. Scratch Card Winning Strategies

First of all, how good are your winning odds anyway?

It’s common knowledge – the winning odds on some casino games are awful, but for others, the odds of getting that win can be pretty good.

So, what about scratch cards?

There’s a simple answer – it depends on what you stand to win on a certain bet.

Basically, if you are shooting for big wins, your odds of winning will be lower. Think of scratch card jackpots running into millions of dollars. Don’t expect to walk away with a win on such a game every day you give it a try.

And then there are bets that have smaller wins. You can win these pretty regularly, after every couple of tries in fact.

So, do people actually win with this game?

Yes they do. And you can too.

Scratch card jackpot winners have been on the news on many occasions, and one lucky bet is all it took to to get them there.

I think now it’s time we take a look at how those who win with scratch cards do it.

Scratch Card Winning Strategies

1. Polish Up On Your Game

Winning with scratch cards is for serious players.

For instance, if you cannot tell the difference between a bonus symbol and regular symbols, then you have no business playing with real money.

So, take your time to familiarize yourself with the game and its rules first. And we are not talking going over them in a few minutes, but doing plenty of practice with free scratch card games as well.

2. Choose Your Games Carefully

There are enough scratch card games today to leave you dizzied by the decision on which version to play.

Anyway, once you have a tried several of them and settled on an obvious favorite, go with that. Use a game you enjoy the best, even when you are not getting regular wins. Playing this game should be fun.

3. Withdraw Your Wins

It’s very tempting for players to let the money they have won remain in their accounts; you know, to watch as the winnings pile up and turn into millions.

Fun as this might sound, it’s generally a really bad idea. With your winnings in your account, you are likely to make some not-so-smart moves thinking you have figured out how to win, and end up with an empty account in the process.

To keep winning, you have to stick to the certain rules. So, if a huge balance means you are likely to flout these rules, you might as well get big wins out of the way by cashing them as soon as they land in your account.

4. It’s Not All About The Jackpot

Sensational news stories of grinning and excited scratch card winners holding their lucrative dummy checks can make you think the jackpot is the only thing worth winning when you play scratch card games.

Yes, you can play for the jackpot. But understand that your odds of winning are quite low, and you have to brace yourself for the fact that you will have to give this bet quite a number of tries if you are to win.

Here is something experts recommend – only about 10 to 20 percent of your scratch card bankroll should go towards the jackpot. The rest, obviously, should be spent on regular scratch card bets.

5. Don’t Be Cheap

When buying scratch cards, buy several of them at once – your odds of winning will be higher that way.

If you expect to land a win by buying a single ticket every couple of days, then you might as well put the idea of winning with this game out of your mind, especially if you want big jackpot-sized wins.

Why You Don’t Win With Scratch Cards

There could be a number of reasons.

Maybe you ignore the bonus. Understandably, it’s great that you have a lot of confidence in your playing skills, that’s the spirit of a winner actually. But a bonus can give you a boost and help you get to those wins you want much faster.

So, seize the bonus when it comes along, and let it help you turn into a winning scratch card player.

Another problem could be that you are playing with money you cannot afford to lose. The holy grail to a happy ending as far as casino games go is playing with money you can afford to lose.

When money intended for bills or other expenses becomes part of your bankroll, it’s only a matter of time before things go south and everything starts to fall apart, including your winning chances.

The Takeaway

I’ll give it to you straight – no casino game is designed in the player’s favor. That is how the concept of house edge comes about.

It is for this reason you need a strategy to win with scratch cards or any other game.

True, not every win will get you on the news as you play this game, but you can consistently build your bankroll if you have a great strategy.

Above are some strategies you can try. They will not turn you into an overnight millionaire, I can tell you that much. But they are a good start if one day you want to win consistently as you play this game.

Luck does not get players very far with casino games, but good strategies do. So, make sure you have a good strategy as you enjoy your favorite scratch card game to win more consistently.