List of the Biggest Bonuses for Scratch Cards

SCRATCH CARDS Updated on: 5 September 2018

If you haven’t played a scratch card game in your life, then you have no idea what you are missing. But it’s not too late, you can always try playing this game online. If anything, this is the golden age of gambling; and this has everything to do with the introduction of online gambling. Not only can you play scratch card games wherever you are, you can also enjoy modern playing benefits such as scratch card bonuses.

This is why I have dedicated this article to explaining what scratch card bonuses are, and how you can make the best of them as you play this game online. No traditional lottery would give you the scratch card playing benefits you are about to learn here today. And that’s even when you consider the fact that online scratch card games are much cheaper, with better winning odds in general, and a more exciting gameplay experience.

1. What Are Online Scratch Card Bonuses?

A bonus is just another word for free money. You will obviously have to meet certain requirements to qualify for the bonus, and these typically involve signing up with the casino and putting some money into your account. So, a scratch card bonus is just a boost, an appreciation if you will, for choosing to play real money scratch card games using the casino offering the bonus. Anyway, here are the different kinds of bonuses you will come across as a scratch card player.

The First Deposit Scratch Card Bonus

True to its name, this bonus is given to those who are making their initial deposit with the casino. Each casino has its way of implementing this bonus. But generally, there are two major approaches. With some casinos, you will get a fixed bonus amount when you make your first deposit. In other cases, you will get a bonus proportional to the amount of deposit you put into your account. The latter is at times called a match bonus. In fact, in most cases, the casino will match your deposit 1 to 1, up to a given amount of course. Therefore, the bigger your initial deposit, the larger the bonus you will get in such a scenario.

You have to be smart about the use of these bonuses. For instance, if you feel that your initial deposit will not be large enough, you could go for the fixed deposit bonus. This is because a match bonus would not entitle you to as large a bonus as the fixed bonus would. But if you are making a significant deposit, it would be best to go for the match deposit bonus rather than the fixed deposit bonus. Some casinos will even offer you a VIP bonus, which would help you get more free money into your account than regular scratch card players get.

Casinos usually offer a 100% match bonus, which means you will have the money you put into your account doubled when you claim this bonus. The match bonus is usually about a few hundred dollars in size. But don’t let all this talk about bonuses cause you to chase after the bonus at the expense of everything else. You should only use the bonus offers being given by the best casinos in the business because that is the only way you can be sure to enjoy them peacefully.

The Scratch Card Reload Bonus

This bonus is offered for subsequent deposits to your casino account. So, this bonus comes after the first deposit bonus. Not all casinos will give you this bonus, as most will be done with giving you a bonus after you have made your first deposit and successfully claimed your first deposit bonus. Typically the reload bonus will be lower than the first deposit bonus.

But there are situations when it just might just be the ideal bonus for you. For instance, if you foresee a situation where you will be making a series of deposits over time, then you might benefit more from a reload bonus than a first deposit bonus. As we have seen with the first deposit bonus, sometimes you will get a bonus depending on the amount of money you have deposited in your account.

This means that if make a small deposit, then you will get a small bonus, with no chance to get an additional bonus for future deposits. But with the reload bonus, even if you make a small initial deposit, the bonus offer would still be in play with subsequent deposits, which means that the deposit would be much larger over time.

Finally, you should understand that not every casino will give you a reload bonus. There are, however, casinos that can give you the option of using either the reload bonus or the first deposit bonus, but not both. It is therefore your responsibility to find out which bonus scheme will be best suited to your needs as you play.

Other Promotional Offers for Scratch Card Players

Online casino promotions do not begin and end with deposit bonuses. Many casinos offer promotions for various days of the week or month, and you can use them to get yourself some free money. These offers, unlike the deposit bonuses which are supposed to encourage you to sign up, are meant to encourage you to play your favorite games more regularly. So, if you are more than a casual scratch card player, you might as well make the best of these promotions – you could cash in big every once in a while and enjoy this game even more.

Which are the Best Places for Scratch Card Bonuses?

Practically all casinos you will meet will be trying to offer you a bonus offer so that you can sign up with them. Therefore, the work of finding the best casinos as far as bonus promotions go can be hectic, not to mention time-consuming. I assume you would like to know what the best casinos are as far as scratch card bonuses go, which is why I have prepared a list of the top casinos in the world today with regard to this feature.

The casinos you will find here offer the best bonuses, and the best playing conditions so that you enjoy this game more. The casinos are also accompanied by reviews to help you know what each establishment is truly like, which should help you make better decisions as you sign up. For other tips about scratch cards, look at the guides I have posted below.