Roulette Winning Strategies. Learn to Win at Roulette Online

ROULETTE Updated on: 4 September 2018

Roulette is easy to play. For most, that’s actually a good thing because it makes the game more fun. But for those who are trying to win with this game, the easy gameplay is a taunting reminder that this game has very rigid winning probabilities, and that no strategic approach to the game can make a groundbreaking difference to your winning chances.

But there is another way to look at this, and honestly, this is the perspective I prefer – since the inherent odds of winning with this game are quite high already (over 90%), then not much effort is required on your part to tip the odds in your favor and become a winner. This is why roulette winning strategies are pretty simple, but it takes a smart player to apply them consistently and make them work.

So, here are some of these strategies. I am not going to lie to you, some of them will even seem obvious, but trust me, if you end up applying them during your roulette games, you will have very good chances of success with this game.

1. Roulette Winning Tips

Understand the Game

Just how much do you know about roulette? Many people are surprised to learn that, even after playing the game for a while and feeling like real pros, they don’t even know that some roulette bets exist. Even worse, they never take the time to understand what their odds of winning with particular bets are before they faithfully make them their favorite roulette bets for one reason or another.

I am here to tell you that to become a winner with this game, you will need to understand as much about it as you possibly can. For instance, knowing all the bets you can place as you play this game will help you know which bets pay out more money, and which bets have the best winning chances. This is information you can use as you plan how to spend your bankroll and place bets.

As beginners, there is usually a focus to learn the basic bets. Unfortunately, some people don’t make the effort to go past this milestone. For this reason, they miss out the the benefits that could come from knowing about other roulette bets and their potential rewards. For instance, there are very effective roulette strategies that require you to combine inside bets with outside bets.

This education will also help you know why you should avoid American roulette and instead use the European version of the game. The difference in odds between the two games could mean the difference between winning and losing with this game over the long term.

By choosing to play European roulette in place of American roulette, you will better your chances of winning by more than 2%, which is quite significant when you consider the fact that the game already gives you a 90% plus chance of success. But this is given that you manage you bankroll properly. I’ll explain this further shortly.

Manage your Bets Properly

Unless you can handle your money properly, there is nothing other strategies can do to help you win at this game. For instance, placing oversized bets with the hope of making overnight riches will only lead you to a quick loss of your account. Ideally, you should plan how much to place on each of the bets you will make during the game, and stick to this plan to the very end.

If you have lost the maximum you thought you could lose during the game, then its time to walk away and come play another day. Making the rash decision to put more money into your account in order to keep playing and get what you lost back has usually resulted in many people losing more money than they could ever hope to get back.

The size of the bets you place should be proportional to the amount of money you have at your disposal. So, as your bankroll increases, you can also increase the size of your bets. But generally speaking, you should bet in a way that lets you recover from your losses without too much of a dent to your long-term winning prospects.

Choose Bets Depending on Your Money

It is tempting to try to win with the inside bets, after all, they pay a lot better. You have to admit, there is quite a bit of thrill that comes with placing and winning a bet that can multiply your initial stake 10 or 30 times. But before you can go after such winning possibilities, you will first need to ensure that your bankroll can handle the pressure.

Higher paying bets have lower chances of winning, and unless you can sustain the damage that a string of losses can cause, there is no point in placing these bets. Instead, you could use the bets with better winning odds and build up your bankroll. And then, when you have enough money to place bets with reduced chances of winning, you can start playing with the better paying bets.

Of course, you should have the right strategy for these bets. If your plan is to place one or two bets and then quit, then you will in all likelihood be wasting your money and time. You will need to have the patience to try several times, even though you are not winning, in order to give yourself a fair chance of winning when using low probability bets.

Use the Right Casino

You think all casinos are the same? Then think again. Some casinos will offer an environment that will give you better winning odds than their counterparts. For one, the casino should be well licensed, and literally at the top of its game when it comes to roulette. The games should also be of high quality, provably fair, and come with bonuses that should help you work with a bigger bankroll.

As I have mentioned above, an enhanced bankroll could help you explore more strategic opportunities as you play this game, which of course means having better chances of winning. I have provided a list of such casinos on this page, and you can trust in them to offer a superior roulette playing experience in addition to excellent bonuses.

There are also some other roulette guides you can check out to give yourself a better edge as you play. Roulette is immensely fun to play, but it can also offer good winning chances which people in the know regularly exploit to their advantage.