Multiwheel Roulette – How to Play it?

ROULETTE Updated on: 5 September 2018

If you are wondering why you have never heard of this roulette version before, especially if you have faithfully played roulette at physical casinos for years, you need to understand that multiwheel roulette started with online gambling.

The online world is not new to pushing the limits of traditional casinos, and with a game like multiwheel roulette, many people are usually happy with how much technology can do to improve the thrills that come with exciting games like roulette. This form of roulette is not available in a physical casino; it wouldn’t work in such an environment anyway, and you will soon see why. But how do you play multiwheel roulette? Read on to find out.

1. What is Multiwheel Roulette?

True to its name, this roulette will involve playing with more than one wheel at a go. Generally, you will have the option to play with up to about 6 wheels at the same time. The reason this form of gameplay is available online and not in physical casinos is because over the internet, casinos use advanced software that can easily handle such kind of gaming.

So, theoretically, it is possible to play with as many wheels as possible. But while the software might not have many limits, humans do. This is why the number of wheels will usually be around half a dozen to keep the players from getting mixed up.

But, What’s the Point of Playing With Multiple Wheels?

In a word, to speed things up. Although there is no denying that having more wheels to play with does make for quite an exciting form of gameplay, it also ensures that you can play several games in a short time.

But anyway, playing with more wheels means playing several games at the same time. This means that each wheel will require you to place a different bet; and it therefore follows that each wheel is independent of the other wheels in the setup. So, with a physical casino, multiwheel roulette would be comparable to playing at different tables at the same time, which is clearly not possible.

How to Play Multiwheel Roulette

The first call for the player will be how many wheels to use. This number will vary depending on the casino you are using. But as I mentioned above, the number of wheels you can use is usually capped at around 6. Whatever your limits, you will have to decide how many wheels to use at the start of the game.

From there, you will place bets on the wheels. Note that you will not be forced to use all the wheels you chose at the beginning of the game. So, even though you had chosen to play with 5 wheels at the beginning of the game, you could even end up using just two of the wheels. But you will have to activate all the wheels you desire to use during a particular round. The other wheels will remain inactive during the spin.

You will also have quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to placing bets. So, you don’t have to place bets of the same size when playing. You are not limited in the variety of bet types you can use as you play either. Therefore, you could make the same bet on all the wheels, or even use a different bet type for each of the wheels.

Once you have activated the wheels you would like to use and placed your bets, you can now proceed to spinning the wheels. The wheels will start spinning and when they finally come to a stop, you will know the game results. The bets will be settled depending on the bet types you chose and the amount staked on each of the wheels.

Why Play Multiwheel Roulette?

For many people, one roulette wheel is fun, but more wheels are more fun. Therefore, don’t expect any special game design advantages when playing multiwheel roulette. The odds of winning will remain exactly the same, as well as the payouts. However, with this variant of the game, you will have much faster progress as well as a higher level of excitement since you will be looking forward to see what result each of the wheels has produced.

But there is a caveat to playing multiwheel roulette. For one, since it is possible to play more rounds at a go, failure to have a winning strategy would mean losing your money at a much faster pace. On the other hand, if you have a strategy that gradually puts you ahead of the casino, then you will get more wins and build up your bankroll much faster.

Whatever the case, when playing multiwheel roulette for the first time, you should ensure you have enough practice. This will ensure that you get a feel of what this game is all about and how the use of multiple wheels affects your bankroll.

Best Online Casinos for Multiwheel Roulette

Just because this might be the first time you have heard of multiwheel roulette, it does not mean you will have a hard time finding a casino that lets you enjoy this game. As a matter of fact, this game is very popular. Many devoted fans of the game consider it the ultimate roulette game because it is simply more exciting.

That said, not every casino will offer multiwheel roulette. Luckily, I have listed the leading multiwheel casinos on this very page on the top-right corner. These casinos are the best in the world for a host of other reasons besides the fact that they offer multiwheel roulette. So, you can trust that you will love your multiwheel gaming experience once you sign up. All of these casinos offer a multiwheel version that has at least 6 wheels. I did this to ensure you truly get to experience what this game is all about.

Otherwise, thanks for your patience. And if you want to learn more about roulette and how you can win as you play, look through a strategy guide I have prepared and posted on this site – the link is available below. Also go through my roulette video tutorials and have a more practical grasp of what this game is all about before your next playing session.