Mini Roulette – What is it and How to Play it?

ROULETTE Updated on: 4 September 2018

As popular as roulette is in physical casinos, this game is even more delightful in the online gaming domain. For instance, online gaming software creators can come up with exciting roulette variants such as the Mini Roulette. Online casinos are often willing to go the extra mile to make their customers more at home when using their services; and that’s how Mini roulette came to be.

As it turns out, traditional roulette would be intimidating to some players because of the all the rules involved. The solution was the creation of Mini Roulette, a new-age version of the game intended to make the transition to the full version seem less menacing for such players.

Today, I am going to tell you all about Mini Roulette. So, pay close attention; especially if you are planning to play roulette for the first time. You might need to play this version as a transition to the full version of the game. I can assure you that if you always wanted an easy way to learn roulette, then mastering Mini roulette is one of the best ways to do it.

1. How is Mini Roulette Played?

The central aspects of the full-version roulette game are present in a Mini roulette game. However, things are much simpler here. For one, rather than dealing with three dozen numbers, you will handle only 12 numbers. Other advanced bets often found in a traditional roulette table are also usually omitted when designing a Mini roulette table.

The ultimate goal of this roulette version is to make the game’s major concepts easier to grasp. This game will also adequately replicate the fun aspect of the game. Otherwise, when playing Mini roulette, you will begin by placing your bets, and then hitting “Spin” to see if you have succeeded or not. These bets include straight bets, black/red bets, high/low bets and so forth.

The Odds Of Winning with Mini Roulette

Mini roulette has fewer numbers, and that means that the likelihood of getting your bet right is higher when playing this game. As is typically the rule in such cases, the payouts are also smaller for such bets since payouts are usually inversely proportional to the winning odds.

Why Play Mini Roulette? What are the Benefits?

First of all, the fun-sized roulette game is more exciting for the simple reason that it is easier to understand. So, anyone who does not have the time to work with complicated bets and convoluted betting strategies would instantly love what Mini roulette has to offer. But there are other great reasons to play mini roulette as well.

It Is A Good Way To Learn Roulette

By looking at the large numbers of people who enjoy this game, it is easy to assume that roulette is easy to play. The truth is that roulette has its fair share of complexities, and you may find yourself tempted to walk away long before you even learn of all the bets you can place when playing this game.

But with Mini Roulette as your first experience of the game, you will learn this game in a much friendlier environment because you will learn all the basic bets, and understand the major mechanics of this game while still having fun.

The Game Proceeds Much Faster

One the reasons Mini Roulette is so exciting is because it proceeds at a much faster pace. Because there are less variables to work with, this game’s results are usually settled within a few seconds. Normal roulette has 36 numbers, and it also has more bet types, which makes it much slower than Mini Roulette with its 12 numbers and a lot fewer betting options. Therefore, if you have already found a way to win as you play roulette, Mini Roulette is your best option because you can do so at a faster pace.

It is Easier To Win

Who doesn’t love to win? The fact is, wins are more elusive in a typical roulette game, especially if you are placing bets with high potential payouts. As newbie in this game, you might not understand why you are losing so many times in a row, and you are likely to end up thinking that roulette is not for you, when in reality, your lack of adequate knowledge about the game is what is holding you back.

Fortunately, with Mini Roulette, the bets usually offer high winning chances, which means you will take a liking to the game almost immediately because you will feel like you have what it takes to be a great roulette player. I should also point out that with better winning chances typically comes lower payouts.

What Are The Best Mini Roulette Online Casinos?

Many casinos have come to appreciate the importance of offering Mini Roulette to their customers, and practically any decent casino will give you a chance to play this game. But on the off chance that a casino does not have Mini Roulette within its selection of games, you should always check if the game is available before signing up if you feel that you must have this playing option.

But also watch out for the quality of the Mini Roulette game a casino is giving you. Some casinos will just phone it in and give you some sorry excuse of a Mini Roulette game that will give you neither the experience nor the fun that should come with playing Mini Roulette.

As I have said above, this game needs to make roulette fun, but at the same time give you a fair chance of understanding what the full-version of the game is really like. So, any casino that is not able to achieve these goals is clearly doing something wrong.

Above, I have listed some of the best casinos for playing Mini Roulette. With these casinos, you can expect some of the best Mini Roulette games available in the world today. I don’t think I need to mention that these casinos will also give you plenty of normal roulette variants including European and American roulette among other versions the online gambling world has created over the years.