History and Origins of Roulette

ROULETTE Updated on: 4 September 2018

Online roulette has the power to keep you winning and on the edge of your seat. You might even be persuaded to think that the popularity of online gambling is the reason this game is so famous today. Except for the fact that this game was a complete knockout right after its invention hundreds of years ago.

Its online reputation has only helped to validate why the “King of Casino Games” deserved every ounce of attention it received from everyone who has played it at some time or another throughout its history. So, how did online roulette begin? How did it get to be so popular? Did it have the design it bears today in the early years of its development? I’ll answer these questions and more about the game’s history through this review.

1. The Origin of Roulette

It’s possible roulette began in Asia, and that Asian traders eventually took the game to Europe. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of this claim. Therefore, this theory remains to be just that – a theory. What we know for sure is that the modern version of roulette started in France.

The game is the work of a French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher, and his intention was not to create a casino game, but rather a perpetual motion machine. While his initial goal was not attained, he ended up coming up with the design that gave us modern roulette. Still, it would take a couple of decades for his roulette wheel to be re-purposed as major part of a casino game, and lend it its signature name.

Although the game is attributed to the 18th century France, the first roulette game was explained in a book in 1796 called “La Roulette, ou le Jour” by Jacques Lablee. He got the inspiration for the book after seeing the game at the French Royal Palace. This version of the game had a double zero in addition to a single zero pocket, much like today’s American roulette.

In 1843, the single zero roulette version would make its dramatic debut into the world of gambling, at least in Europe. This game variant was the work of Francois and Louis Blanc, two Frenchmen trying to improve the game’s popularity at the German casino town of Homburg.

Through French and English immigrants, the game finally made it to America, where it also proved to be a massive hit. It is worth noting that at these early times in the game’s history, it was primarily a reserve of the elite in the society. Even when it spread to America, is was mainly concentrated in Las Vegas.

But the game would get a new lease on life during the second half of the 20th century when more people could afford to play it. Regular gamblers took an instant liking to the game, and went on to give it a wave of popularity that has kept the game famous ever since.

Online Roulette

Apparently, roulette had not seen the last of its major popularity bouts after its notable mid-century popularity spike. After online gambling became a mainstream industry, roulette become more famous, in part because it was also more accessible than had previously been the case. Furthermore, the game became more affordable, because the already subsidized bet amounts the game was already offering could be lowered much further to reel in more players.

Additionally, online casinos don’t feel the need to offer just one form of roulette – you can play both American and European roulette. Therefore, as a online roulette player, you will have the option of playing whatever roulette version pleases you the most.

The upsides of online roulette, however, do not end there. For one, you can play this game for fun and have a chance of learning its basics before trying out the real money version. In a physical casino, this is not possible, which makes them more intimidating for novice players.

When you decide to play roulette online, you will be free to enjoy the game for free and try out any ideas you might have about winning the game without risking real money. This is a huge benefit because you can use this playing experience to muster the confidence to play real money roulette games successfully.

But what is even more rewarding about playing roulette online is that casinos will give you a bonus when you choose to use their services. In most cases, you will get an amount equal to your deposit when fund your account with an online casino.

Finally, it is very exciting to play roulette online. The online casinos continue to produce various roulette game variations, and this is one of the reasons why many people keep going back to their favorite online casinos to enjoy this game in new and interesting ways. For instance, you can play Mini Roulette, a fun abbreviated roulette version, or even live roulette, a roulette game that lets you play this game using real dealers using your computer among other modern game variants.


So, at this point in history, online roulette is where it’s at. There is also no contest – online roulette is more popular than the version played in traditional casinos. The game’s reputation for unmatched popularity has also managed to follow it into the extensive world of online gambling. Practically every casino you visit will let you enjoy a game of roulette.

Over the internet, you will also have an easier time finding all the information you need to play this game better. For instance, in this site, I have provided a list of the best roulette casinos in the world today. Other than that, it have prepared guides that should help you play roulette better, understand its rules and bets, and win more as you play.

And if you are wondering how you can get those bonuses offered by online casinos as you play roulette online, I have covered this aspect of online roulette as well. Basically, you can learn all there is to this game right here on Gamble711.