How to Play Keno with real Money?

KENO Updated on: 6 September 2018

So, you feel convinced that you have the keno skills to win yourself some money on a regular basis? Then it is time you gave real money keno playing serious consideration. In fact, you should be pretty excited about your prospects because in addition to regular wins, real money keno will give you a chance to win big jackpot rewards and earn amazing bonuses.

But that’s not to say real money keno is not for newbies. Keno is one of the simplest casino games you could ever play. More importantly, the strategies you need to win with this game are also quite easy to master. This means that being a winner when playing keno is not that big of a challenge as long as you are willing to put in a little work.

When playing real money keno, your ultimate goal should be to grow your bankroll over time. This should not be too difficult once you have learned a few tips and strategies. In this guide, I will look at how real money keno is played, how you can win at this game, and the right places to enjoy it.

1. How is Real Money Keno Played?

If a casino is offering demo keno games, then it will in all likelihood give you a chance to play real money keno as well. Speaking of casinos, you should only use casinos that can be trusted. And not only that, the casino should also offer high quality services so that you can truly enjoy your keno playing experience. Fortunately, these casinos are listed right here on this site.

After you have settled on a casino, you can now go ahead and open a real account in order to start playing real money keno. With a demo account you can fudge the personal details a bit since you are doing it for fun, but with live keno games, you will need to use accurate personal details because things like payment processing are very delicate and require proper identity identification.

Otherwise, once you have opened your account, you can go ahead and use any of the several payment processing methods the casino is giving you to make a deposit. Once the money is in your account, you will be ready to play real money keno. From there, you can launch your favorite keno game version and start placing your bets. The only difference will be the fact that any winnings you get will be real and withdrawable.

But as for the game design and other keno aspects, nothing will change. The ticket will still have 80 numbers, and you will have to choose numbers from this ticket. These will be compared to the casino’s 20 numbers, and depending on the number of correct guesses you made, you will get your winnings.

You can choose between 1 and 20 numbers. Additionally, each casino will usually have its own rules, and these should tell you what strategies to use in order to win. For instance, some casinos will only let you choose a maximum of 10 numbers.

How to Win at Real Money Keno

There are many ways to win at keno. It all comes down to what playing style you prefer. For instance, if you are someone who craves big wins, including five and six figure jackpot wins, then you should pick more numbers, because getting them all correct will mean walking away with a big win. For instance, you could get a $100,000 from a $5 bet when you pick 10 numbers and get them all correct.

But if you are the risk averse sort of player, you can employ a different strategy. Therefore, you can play with just 4 numbers. This will better your winning chances. Unfortunately, you will have to forget about getting wins that will blow your hair back. But if you are comfortable accumulating small wins over time until your bankroll rises to truly impressive levels, then this playing style can be pretty rewarding too.

For now, I will mention one other thing you should consider as you play real money keno with the goal of making money. You should play free keno games first before trying out real money games. This should make you more familiar with the platform you are using if you are new to the casino. And if you are a newbie, this should give you the much needed experience you require to make the best of this game and win yourself some money.

The Best Places to Play Real Money Keno

Your choice on where to play real money keno is one of the biggest factors to consider as you play this game over the internet. In general, the game quality you will get when you use a top casino will simply be astounding. The hallmarks of such casinos include world-class licensing, great promotions, and topnotch customer support.

These are also the casinos that will give you a chance to play demo casino games before you can try the live versions of the game. For this reason, when you start to play keno using real money, the change should be less dramatic for you. The benefits usually associated with online gambling will also be available to you when you use the leading keno casinos.

These include affordability. Keno tickets are usually much cheaper than the keno tickets you will find at real-life casinos. Your money will also be very safe when you are using these casinos. This is because they make use of the best security systems in the market, and adhere to the best possible standards.

But to make it clear, the list of keno casinos you see here consists of the best keno casinos in the world today. I have reviewed each of them myself and tried out their services. So, they are as good as their reviews suggest.

This means that as long as you are playing real money keno using these casino sites, you will be safe from the challenges that come with signing up with disreputable online casinos. So, just pick one of the great casinos you see here and you can play real money keno knowing that you are using one of the best online keno casinos you could ever hope to find.