How to Play Keno on a Mobile Device?

KENO Updated on: 6 September 2018

Realistically speaking, keno has to be one of the easiest casino games you could ever play; and its wide appeal should at least be a clear indication of this fact. Owing to this simplicity, it was easy to introduce this game to the mobile gaming platform, even at a time when mobile technology was a far cry from what most people would consider passable by today’s standards.

But that was years ago. As you can imagine, things have changed quite a bit since then. Mobile technology has time and again exceeded the limits of our expectations, which is why today you can play a high quality keno game on your phone and enjoy the visual quality and gaming experience previously thought possible only on full-sized computers.

But first, you should learn a thing or two about mobile keno. Today, I am going to tell you more about mobile keno. Among other things, you will see why mobile keno is so much fun, and so well deserving of your attention. I will also tell you of some of the bonuses that come with playing keno on your phone, and a few other tidbits about playing keno on your mobile device.

1. How to Play Mobile Keno

If I were to compare mobile keno to PC-based keno, or its distant cousin, traditional keno, you would not see much of a difference among the three game variants. And you shouldn’t anyway, the whole point of offering mobile or computer-based keno is to replicate the gaming experience offered by physical keno games.

In my experience, mobile keno is actually more exciting than computer-based keno. Maybe using the fingers to play the game as opposed to a touch pad or a mouse makes the game seem more intuitive; and by extension, more engaging. The reason could also be that a mobile device is much easier to wield, and that means you can enjoy keno even while lying on your couch or standing up.

Try that on your computer, and you will realize just how physically limited this gadget is in comparison to a smart phone or a tablet. Besides, there are lots of places you can use your phone comfortably, and quite a limited list of places where using a computer, even a laptop, would be a viable option.

Android Keno

Android is the dominant force in the mobile market, which makes it obvious why you will find lots of keno games on this mobile platform. The games you will find for Android devices have been specifically optimized for this platform, which means you will get a very satisfying playing experience. So, if you own an Android mobile device, you are in for quite a treat once you start playing mobile keno.

iOS Keno

There are lots of keno games that run on this renowned mobile platform. As with the Android platform, the games you will find here have also been specifically designed to work on this mobile platform. Again, this translates into sleek high quality gameplay for keno players who own Apple devices.

Mobile Keno Bonuses

There are regular keno bonuses, and then we have mobile keno bonuses. In most cases, you will get this bonus for registering your account through the casino’s mobile gaming platform. This bonus is typically independent of any other bonuses the casino may give you. Therefore, even if you have already received the regular online bonuses, you will still have a chance to enjoy the mobile bonus when you finally decide to use this gaming platform to enjoy this game.

Mobile Keno Jackpots

Jackpot games are also available to keno players, although not with all games. The progressive jackpot, however, is still not available to mobile keno players, or online keno players for that matter. The jackpot prizes for keno depend on the number of correct guesses during the game.

You will also have to meet certain conditions to qualify for the jackpot win. For instance, you will have to play with at least 10 numbers on your ticket and get them all right. That is obviously not easy, but if you do land this combination, you will end up with between $10,000 and $100,000 as your jackpot win, which is pretty good.

Best Mobile Keno Casinos

If we were to trace how far keno has come throughout its spirited historical journey, we would find out that the mobile gambling world represents its most recent historical milestone. Mobile gambling is so important at the moment that any casino that is ignoring this important gaming aspect is dooming its future.

Therefore, whether you like mobile keno or not, a casino that does not seem keen to provide this playing option to its players is clearly not the safest place to be as an online gambler. Besides this fact, you will have to look at other important factors in this gaming universe. They include proper licensing from credible authorities. It is critical to use a casino that offers its services within the limits of the law, otherwise, you might walk straight into the clutches of a ruthless scam casino.

With mobile keno, you will also need to consider game quality. Even though mobile graphics are quite good today, some casinos are not very serious about letting their customers enjoy these amazing visual experiences. That’s just lazy, and a sign that you are more likely to face other problems down the road as a mobile keno player. A game that keeps stalling for some reason or another, or fails to run as smoothly as you expect may end up ruining your online keno experience.

Furthermore, if keno is not the only game you are interested in as you play mobile casino games, then you should consider other games in the casino’s mobile gaming catalog. These include slots, blackjack, and many others. The same factors you consider desirable in mobile keno should also apply to these games. That means you should be on the lookout for the quality of the graphics and the smoothness of the playing experience in such circumstances as well.

Finally, to learn more about keno, including some strategies you can use to win with different types of keno, look through the comprehensive keno article directory on this site.