Learn to Play & Win at Keno Online

KENO Updated on: 6 September 2018

Online keno is cakewalk, more so if you have already learned how this game is played in physical casinos. Since this game is based mainly on random chance, there is not much to figure out, generally speaking.

Still, you don’t have to sit back and let fate dictate your fortunes as a keno player. And that’s what I am here to prove. By learning more about this game and how its played, and having a few tricks up your sleeve, you can actually better your winning edge considerably.

1. How to Play Keno Online

Over the internet, as with the classic keno game, the gameplay is centered around the keno card. Except that as you play online, you will get a digital keno card. The numbers are the same though, because the card will have 80 numbers on it. Once you have bought your card, you will have to mark a selection of numbers. In most cases, you will be allowed to select between 4 and 10 numbers.

This is not a hard and fast rule, as many casinos will have their own policies regarding the amount of numbers you can select. In some casinos, you can even pick a single number, and in others, you can choose a maximum of 20 numbers, which is also the absolute maximum a keno game permits. You will select your numbers using your mouse, or in the case of mobile keno, by touching the numbers you want to appear in your selection.

From here, you will have to decide how much to stake on that particular keno card. The minimum you can bet could be as low as a few dollars. In some casinos, you can place bets of just a $1, or even 20 cents! But in physical keno games, you might be forced to bet with a minimum of up to $5. Anyway, once you have settled on what amount of money to bet, you can go ahead and hit the “Play” button. The results will be delivered instantaneously with the help of random number generators.

This is one of the benefits of online keno, a game reaches its conclusion much faster, and you don’t have to sit around waiting for all players to finish their selections and then wait for the casino to make its draw. So, basically, you make the call on how fast each aspect of this game progresses, because the casino software will do its part and deliver its output in seconds. With physical keno games, you will usually have to wait for about four minutes before the casino makes its draw.

Online Keno Playing Tips

Keno is one of those classic games of luck. That is why it is so easy to play, and more importantly, why a novice player can play this game for hours without going bankrupt even without any solid playing strategy. This is great if all you are seeking is some fun. But if you are serious about winning, then the unpredictability of this game can be a bit of a hurdle.

However, there is still plenty you can do to increase your odds of winning. One of the things to remember is that your chances of winning will depend on the amount of numbers selected. Therefore, selecting 8 numbers will make it harder to get all of them correct than say, selecting just 4 numbers. More numbers can win you more if they are all correct, but the probability of this happening is also much lower.

So, how many numbers then? Comprehensive analysis on the winning probabilities for selecting different number quantities in keno has proved that choosing between 4 and 8 numbers gives you the best chances of winning. Therefore, your selection should lie within these limits. Unless of course, you want to take a shot at the jackpot, in which case you will have no say as to the maximum numbers you can play with.

When playing keno in order to win the jackpot, you will have to work within certain rules, and they include the stipulation that you work with a given amount of numbers; and this number is usually on the high side. You might even have to use the maximum 20 numbers. This will obviously decrease the odds of getting all the numbers correct quite a bit, but the jackpot is still winnable, just look at the guide I have prepared on this particular keno game to learn more.

Places to Play Online Keno

Now that you know how online keno is played, it’s now time to find a place where you can enjoy this game. Online casinos have mastered the art of seducing potential customers, and you will find lots of great offers from practically every casino you review. Some of these offers include great bonuses, a huge selection of games, and a chance to win thousands of dollars in jackpot money.

Since this game also needs to be fun, whether you are in it for the money or not, you will also need to consider the quality of the game the casino is putting before you. Things to consider include graphics, sound effects, smoothness of the gameplay, and the credibility of the gaming software companies behind the games in the casino’s lineup. An intuitive keno game delivered using sleek graphics and with the help of mesmerizing graphics is what it takes to enjoy this game to the fullest.

Don’t also forget to look at the payout percentages the casino is giving you for playing keno using its platform. The goal should be to seek out casinos that offer the best payouts. In general, online casinos are able to offer better payouts than physical casinos, but there are still differences between various online gambling companies.

But to keep you from having to look through hundreds of options, I have already prepared a list of the top online keno casinos today. These casinos offer the best games and amazing payouts. So, you can enjoy this game immensely when you use these keno sites, and get all the winning chances you could ever need as a keno player.