Keno Winning Tips that Increase Your Chances

KENO Updated on: 1 September 2018

Do you love keno? Then you will love winning with this game even more. Many people play this game just for fun, without realizing that it would take little effort to take the fulfillment to another level by tweaking their playing techniques a little in order to win more.

So, if you came here with the goal of learning something that could help you make you win more, stick around. I have for you some of the most effective keno winning strategies you could ever need. The strategies you will find below have a proven track record of making keno winning possibilities much better than most people think possible.

1. How To Win With Keno

Be In The Know

If you are ignorant about keno and some of its important basics, then you are a long way from being a winner. It makes no difference if you visit your local casino to play this game or if you play it online. You have to purpose to know as much about keno as you possibly can.

In case you are wondering why this is necessary, here’s the reason – the more you know about keno, the better you can be at avoiding common mistakes and recognizing rare winning opportunities. For instance, knowing the inherent design of the game will give you an idea of how many winning numbers you can expect to get over time, and you can use this information to lay out your bets more successfully.

You should also understand that online keno is resulted by a random number generator. Understanding how this system works will help you know how far your abilities go as far as winning is concerned; and you will also be in a better position to avoid scammers out to convince uninformed keno players that there is a way to “crack” the system and win all the time.

Make Sure You Buy Keno Cards Properly

Keno cards come in all prices, and you have to decide which cards you are going to buy and which ones you are going to give a pass. This is actually pretty simple – you should only buy the cards you can afford. By afford I mean cards you can play with, lose, and still have enough money left over for subsequent card purchases.

In short, you need to ensure that your bankroll can last for as long as possible, and buying expensive cards will not help you with this because a few losses could completely blow your account. Keep in mind that even as you win with keno, you will have to be patient because some of your bets will give you returns, while others will not.

The only way to win is to ensure that your winners are far greater than your losers. This is why survival is paramount for a winning keno player. If you stake everything hoping that blind luck will land you big wins with a few moves, you will be more likely to get big losses that will leave you broke.

Be Random in Your Number Selections

The random number generator that produces keno numbers does so randomly, so, why shouldn’t you? Don’t use some formula or superstitious mambo jumbo to make your selections, this will leave you at a disadvantage. Pick numbers without having to justify your choices, because if you are, then you are not being random. This means no birthday numbers; and it also means no hesitating as you decide if to skip over a number you were about to select or not.

Pick Between 4 And 6 Numbers

No, it’s not superstition. There is no ancient myth affirming that any number between 4 and 6 is “magic” – it’s just pure maths. If you know anything about winning at a game of chance, then the logic for making this move should be pretty obvious.

But just in case you are unconvinced, you should know that rigorous probabilistic analysis of this game for its winning possibilities has revealed that picking between 4 and 6 numbers gives the player the best winning chances.

Bonuses Are Good, Go For Them

Actually, you should seek them. One of the great rewards of playing any casino game online is that free money in form of bonuses is always close by. Bonuses may be so commonplace now that you might not even feel the inclination to claim them. But a bonus could be the thing that takes you from being a loser while playing this game to being a regular winner.

For instance, as I have mentioned above, making your bankroll last longer gives you better, and indeed the only chance, to become a winner as you play this game. With a great bonus, you will have a chance to make your bankroll last longer without having to dig deeper into your pockets and possibly put more money at risk than you are willing to lose.

Make Sure You Are Having Fun

Don’t be too clinical in your approach as you play keno just because you want to win while some people couldn’t care less if they win or lose. Have some fun. As you can see, the strategies I have given you here, and I can assure they are the best for this game, are pretty easy to implement. This means they should not stand in your way of having a good time even as you play to win.

In most cases, people who are not enjoying this game because they “have” to win don’t usually win because they will ignore many of the strategies explained here and do the opposite. For instance, someone who is staking too much will most likely get anxious about winning with a particular keno ticket. And someone who is using some convoluted formula to make his selections will be too busy trying to implement their system to have any fun with this game.

To Wrap Up…

And that does it for us today. You now have all you need to win as you play keno. If you were expecting something more complicated, you might still be stunned at how easy the above information makes winning with online keno look. But trust me, it’s all legit. Keno is a game of chance, and the little you can control in order to win does not require too much effort on your part.

This is why you can win and have fun because it does not take much to move from being a a happy-go-lucky keno player to being the winner you suspected you could become. That said, don’t forget to read through other keno articles on this site and learn more about this casino game. After all, as we have seen above, knowing more couldn’t hurt if you want to win with keno.