Popular Keno Terms & Expressions Explained

KENO Updated on: 6 September 2018

Keno has been with us for a few millennia. And over time, it has experienced an expansion in phrases and terms describing some of its features. As an aspiring keno player, it is critical that you learn these words and their meanings.

That’s because you can understand the game better and avoid feeling out of place when seasoned keno players are discussing this game using some of these jargons. So, I recommend that you consider this page a reference whenever you need to refresh your knowledge of this game’s terminologies.

1. Popular Keno Terms

All or Nothing – A bet in which you have to match all the drawn numbers to win

Bank – The casino’s money during a game of keno

Bankroll – The amount of money you have as a keno player

Blank – A keno ticket that is still unused

Bubble – A transparent plastic container where the keno balls are contained

Call – The process of announcing the winning keno numbers over the intercom

Catch/Hit – A number selected by the casino that matches a number you had selected as a player.

Catch All – A keno game whereby a player has to catch all the numbers called out to win

Catch Zero – This is the reverse of a typical keno game in that you will win if the draw does not contain any of the numbers you had chosen on your card.

Combination Ticket – A keno ticket through which you can place more than one wager

Crayon – Used to mark numbers on the keno ticket

Deuce – Two keno spots side by side

Draw – The act of selecting the numbers that will determine if a player has won or not. In physical casinos, this is done by a person, but in online keno, the process is carried out by a software.

Exacta – This is the name of a keno card that lets you play more than a game with it. The winning chances are obviously better for this reason.

Flashboard – An electronic display screen indicating the numbers in the keno draw

High End Ticket – A keno ticket whereby getting more numbers correct pays more, but getting a few numbers correct pays less.

High Roller Ticket – A keno ticket with a high minimum price

House Edge – This is the advantage the casino has over the player for the keno game. Keno has a house edge of about 30%, and that makes it a low-paying casino game.

Jackpot Meter – A display showing the current jackpot prize

Keno Board – The place where the drawn keno numbers are displayed. For physical casinos, this the ‘board’ takes the form of a large screen. But with online casino, a special menu takes over this role.

Keno Counter – This only applies to physical keno games. The keno counter is what keeps track of all the keno cards in the game.

Keno Jackpot – A keno game in which the aim is to win the biggest possible amounts you could possibly hope for as a keno player. With a progressive jackpot, the winnable amount increases with every player who seeks to win this prize.

Keno Lounge – A section of the casino reserved for keno games

Keno Runner – A keno casino employee who takes your winning keno ticket and brings back your winnings

King – A single circled number that is used together with other numbers to make a way bet

King Ticket – A keno ticket that has one or more kings

Limit/Aggregate Limit – The maximum the casino will pay out during any one game

Multi Game Keno Ticket – A keno ticket that can be used to play several keno games

Number Pool – The range of numbers that contains the numbers you can select as you play this game. The numbers range from 1 to 80.

Pay Any Catch Ticket – As the name implies, this ticket will pay you irrespective of the number of correct picks you managed. As you might know, with most keno tickets, there is a threshold of correct picks you have to get before you get any win.

Payoff – The winnings you get when playing keno

Progressive Jackpot – A keno jackpot that increases over time as more and more people try to win it

Quick Pick – This is an online keno feature where the online software picks out the numbers on your behalf. The numbers are chosen randomly.

Random Number Generator (RNG) – As long as you are playing online casino games, you will keep hearing about the RNG. This is a computer program that selects the winning numbers at random, which is what makes online keno fair.

Replayed Ticket – When your current keno ticket has the same numbers as the previous ticket.

Rate Card – A card that is given by physical casinos indicating how much you will get paid for various winning bets

Sleeper – A keno ticket that is not forwarded for payoff

Split Ticket – A keno ticket whereby you will have to play some numbers on a separate section of the ticket

Spot – A number that lies between 1 and 80 that you have to choose on a keno ticket.

Straight Ticket – A regular keno ticket

Ticket – This could be real or virtual, and it’s where you are supposed to select your keno numbers as a player.

Touch Wand – A device used to play online video keno which is used to select keno numbers

Way – One of the bets on a way ticket (a ticket that allows placing of more than a single bet)

Way Bet – A way bet option means you can use the same keno ticket to bet on more keno games. The card is a little more expensive, but cheaper if you consider that you don’t have to buy the several tickets it represents individually.

Winning Numbers – The numbers the casino draws during a game of keno

Above are some of the most popular terms you will come across as a keno player. They are not that hard to remember. In fact, you might already understand most of them.

But I think you realize that understanding these terms will help you play this game better because you can even learn new things about this game. However, there is a lot more you can learn about this game besides these terms; just have a look at other keno guides I have posted on this site.