Strategy Guide to Win at Craps Online

CRAPS Updated on: 4 September 2018

Luck cannot be the only thing in your bag of tricks as you play craps; you also need a sound strategy. Placing random bets might be fun, but it is also a good way to lose all your money and walk home disappointed and empty handed. Craps gives you an opportunity to use some strategies to improve your chances of winning, it is just that most people don’t bother to learn them and improve their gameplay.

If you want to get more attractive payouts with your craps bets, then this article is for you. Here, I look at various craps strategies and why they can improve your chances of winning and reduce the already minimal edge a casino gets when it offers this game to its customers. With these strategies, you will become one of the few fans of this game who also constantly win themselves some cash as they play.

1. A Basic Craps Strategy

Just because it is called a strategy, it does not mean it has to be overly complex. So, there is no reason for you to shy away from learning a few strategies of the game. Sure, some craps strategies will be difficult to understand, but some of the most effective strategies will often require little learning effort on your part.

We will start with a pass line bet strategy. Since the pass line bet is one of the easiest bets to make, this strategy is also quite easy to apply. As you might recall, a pass line bet requires you to shoot a 7 or an 11. Anyway, the strategy here has little to do with the mechanics of this bet, but rather everything to do with the house edge offered on this particular craps bet.

The pass line bet has a 1.4% house edge. This makes it one of the most profitable bets you can place at any casino. So, by sticking to the pass line bet, you can give yourself an edge because the house edge is already so favorable to your winning. Some craps bets have over ten times the house edge offered on this bet, and that puts you at a great disadvantage regardless of the effectiveness of your strategy.

And while we are still on the subject of a strategy that takes advantage of a reduced house edge, I also recommend that you try to place the Don’t pass line bet. The house edge on this bet is actually slightly smaller at 1.3%. This bet typically entails betting against what the shooter will get, but the house edge is so favorable that it could keep you in the game long after players placing bets with higher house edges have exhausted their bankrolls.

A More Advanced Craps Winning Strategy

The above strategy is just a start. There are more advanced strategies that will even push your odds of winning much higher. Again, we will pick up from the pass and don’t pass line bets. If after placing any of these bets you fail to win or lose, and instead get a point number, then you can use this strategy. After getting a point number, you are usually given an opportunity to place other bets.

The trick here is to avoid bets that have an atrocious house edge. Generally, bets with odds of about 10% are best avoided, however likely you deem your chances of winning those particular bets to be. Quite simply, these are bad bets, and they will ruin you over the long term with their unfavorable house edges. For instance, the Hard 4 and the Hard 10 bets have house edges of 11%. Proposition bets are even worse, and their devastating house edges will see to the steady decline of your bankroll over time.

Even though the idea here is to focus on bets that have good house edge, and the pass line, don’t pass line, come and don’t come bets become obvious choices, there are other bets you can place and still have pretty good chances of winning. A good example is the field bet, which has a tolerable house edge of 2.77%. Just as a reminder, you win a field bet by getting a 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11. Getting a 5, 6, 7, or an 8 will often result in an immediate loss.

You can also take a shot at place bets. With some place bets, for instance, the 6 and the 8, you will only have a house edge of 1.5% to deal with. As you know, place bets require you to achieve the chosen number before getting a 7. Other place bets are not as friendly. For instance, a 5 or a 9 will mean you will have a house edge of 4% working against. The situation will even be worse when trying to hit a 4 or a 10 because the house edge will increase to 6.7%.

Crap Winning Tips

The bets and their house edges aside, there are other things you need to consider as you play craps to improve your chances of winning. For instance, I cannot emphasize this enough – you need to manage your bankroll properly. If you are playing in a physical casino, you need to know that you will need a bigger bankroll than is typically the case with other casino games. However, over the internet, this should hardly be an issue because you can bet with very small amounts.

For the physical casinos, you will also need to respect craps etiquette. Otherwise, you might get disqualified or have to deal with the ire of other players for your annoying mannerisms during the game. Otherwise, with the above strategies and tips, you will have a pretty good chance of winning your craps bets.

But if you would like to take this further, I recommend you check other guides on craps posted on this site; there is quite a selection to pick from. From these guides, you can learn how to play craps better, know more about every craps bet you can place, and even improve your playing abilities considerably.