Learn about Craps Etiquette

CRAPS Updated on: 5 September 2018

First of all, you need to know that this applies to playing craps in a brick and mortar casino. These are basically guidelines that should tell you how to act as you play craps to avoid raising questions as to your gamesmanship. In fact, failure to observe these guidelines could result in you getting bundled out of the casino or being disallowed from playing craps at a particular table.

So, for all intents and purposes, you should consider craps etiquette hard and fast rules of the game when playing at a physical casino. For this reason, I highly recommend that you keep all this information in your mind at all times when playing craps in physical casinos to avoid running into any trouble as you play.

1. Craps Etiquette

Don’t Use Two Hands To Throw The Dice

Craps dice are are customarily thrown using one hand. Don’t use two, this looks strange and can cause other players to distrust the genuineness of your play. Additionally, when you throw the dice, ensure you hit the other side of the table. Flaunting any of these rules can get you disqualified.

Don’t Conceal The Dice From Other Players

When you are the one shooting the dice, you should never conceal the dice from other players. So, putting the dice in your pockets might make you look like you are cheating, and even if you are not, that’s enough to get you kicked out of the game as it can affect the quality of the game considerably.

Don’t Throw Your Chips On The Table

Although you should put your chips on the table, you should not throw them on the table, it is considered very impolite by both the casino and the other players. Although this will not get you banned, it is considered a strong violation to proper craps conduct.

Don’t Be Slow In Placing Your Bets

If you are placing your bets after you have received the dice, then you are taking too long to place your bets. In fact, if you have not placed your bets by then, you should give that round a pass and await another playing opportunity so that you do not hold up the game as everyone waits for you to place your bets.

Don’t Mess Around With The Dice Before Throwing Them

Rituals such as blowing on the dice for “good luck” and other ways of playing around with the dice are usually not appropriate when playing craps. Although doing such things might not get you banned from the table, it will certainly make other players dissatisfied with you and possibly make them turn against you for wasting their time.

Avoid Constant Complaining

Although noise and shouting and celebrating is usually the order of the day in craps games, complaining is not appropriate. First of all, there is not much to complain about – craps is a game of chance, and it is played using a very definite set of rules. So, unless someone has clearly violated these rules to their favor, there is no need to complain about anything even if they have won and you have lost.

Throw Dice In A Clean Area Of The Table

The center of the table is usually left clean so that players can throw their dice comfortably. So, you should avoid throwing dice in places where the chips are positioned or to the dealer’s working area. This will only make the game go slower, and this will anger other players and if they turn on you, you will not enjoy your game very much.

Don’t Put Out Your Cigarettes On The Craps Table

Obviously, doing this will damage the craps table. Therefore, this violation will result in you getting banned from the casino immediately. You should also try to respect the sanctity of the craps table by never placing your drinks and anything else besides your chips on it.

Don’t Shout “Seven” After the Current Player Gets A Point Number

Some players shout “seven” to “jinx” a shooter if they get a point number. This superstition is both offensive and distracting, and it just ruins the spirit of the game. The people you tell it to will find it especially offensive, and its never good etiquette to antagonize your fellow players in craps.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Casinos are full of all sorts of fun, and drinks are always flowing. However, if you drink too much, you will become a problem to everyone as you meddle in their attempts to have a good time. If you feel like you are too drunk, stop playing or avoid playing craps altogether, as this can get you banned from the casino if it leads to other unfortunate incidents.

Remember to Leave A Tip

Craps dealers usually depend a lot on tips, which is why it is extremely rude not to leave a tip when you are leaving the table. The tip helps to boost their low incomes. So, it is expected that players will leave a tip as a custom when they leave the table. Therefore, don’t forget to leave your dealer a tip when you are done playing.

Is There Any Etiquette To Online Craps?

In a word, no. The above etiquette rules revolve around your association with the dealer, other players, and the craps table. In an online casino, you will be using a virtual table, so things like putting out your cigarette on the table and placing your drinks on it do not apply. Additionally, you will be playing against a computer program, not a live dealer. This means you do not have to worry about things like leaving a tip.

Still, if you are interacting with other players as you play craps online, be polite. In these cases, you also need to be conscious of these players by playing at a reasonable pace – don’t wait too long before hitting “Play”. Otherwise, if you are going to play craps in a physical casino, it is best to keep all the above rules in mind to avoid offending other people or even getting chased from the casino.