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Best Live Dealer Casinos for US Players 2018

CASINOS Updated on: 22 October 2018

If you are yet to try out live dealer casino gaming, then you haven’t truly witnessed the marvels of online gambling.

In this special corner of the online gambling universe, pure emotions and adrenaline come alive as gamblers face real-life dealers in thrilling and fun-filled gaming encounters.

It is for this reason gaming tables at physical casinos are usually so crowded. The action is palpable, and the excitement is as real as it can get.

And now, online live dealer casino games have introduced this important element into the world of online gaming. Read below and find out which are the live dealer online casinos that accept US players.

1. Live Dealer Games – Operation and Benefits

Those who have played live dealer games can admit that it’s hard to get enough of this gaming experience.

This gameplay offers the best of both worlds by ensuring you play against a real croupier and at the same time enjoy the convenience of playing from home or wherever you are.

Another thing: if you are not really crazy about the use of random number generators (RGN) by online casino games, a live dealer online casino is your next best option.

With the incredibly good views offered by state-of-the-art camera technology, you will even enjoy better views than you would get in a regular casino.

With live dealer games, everything is out in the open. There are no computers working behind the scenes to give you gaming outcomes as with other online casino games.

There are no digital roulette wheels or playing cards. Everything is very real, more so the gaming action.

There is just one problem though: if you come from the USA, getting a good live dealer casino that is willing to give you this kind of play time can be challenge. A really formidable challenge in fact.

2. So, Are There Good Live Dealer Casinos for US Players or Not?

Yes, these casinos exist. But they are a hustle to find.

Luckily for you, I am here to help find a casino where you will enjoy a riveting live version of roulette, blackjack, Texas Hold’em, baccarat, and many other games that now have live online gameplay.

A live dealer game uses a real croupier or dealer instead of a computer program to handle some important aspects of the game.

For instance, rather than have a random number generator spin the roulette wheel, a real dealer spins a real wheel in a live dealer game.

For this reason, a live dealer game feels more ‘real” in comparison to a typical online casino game; and many gamers live for this unique playing experience.

So, my concern today is not just helping you find a live dealer casino that will accept US players, but ensuring that you find an excellent casino that will be worth every moment of your time.

And so, after extensive research, I have come up with the following list of live dealer casinos. With these gambling sites, you can play your favorite casino games live, but without leaving the comfort of your home.

You are probably wondering, there are plenty of live dealer casinos that can be used by US residents, right?

Yes, that’s true.

But if that is the case, what makes this list so special?

Without going into excruciating detail, I can assure that these casinos have something unique to offer the US-based live dealer casino fan.

For example, they have a stand up reputation in the online gaming world.

Other benefits include the fact that the casinos are professional and friendly in the way they deal with clients. Some of them stand out for their ability to offer amazing bonuses and quick payouts.

3. Top Live Dealer Casinos for US Players

1. MYB Casino

Many Americans have found MYB Casino to be an amazing place to enjoy live casino games, and I’m betting you will as well.

This casino has a solid reputation and offers high class gaming experiences to US and Australian players.

Their payouts are also pretty good, and you can play using Bitcoin if you wish. Additionally, great bonuses of 200%, capped at $600, are available to its players.

2. Sloto Cash Casino

Besides the fact that this casino welcomes US players with both hands, it has some of the best playing conditions any online gambler would want.

For instance, if you like a broad variety of games, this is definitely the casino for you; thanks to its massive library of games.

The bonus terms are also pretty accommodating.

Typically enough, the casino gives its players a 100% bonus, but you can actually get up to $7777 in actual bonus cash. This is way beyond what many casinos can give you.

These benefits, in addition to many other upsides, make Sloto Cash casino one of the best online gambling establishments for US live dealer fans.

3. YouWager

YouWager focuses on helping Americans play live dealer games. In fact, its slogan is “Where America Bets.”

However, the casino also welcomes Australian players, who also tend to have a hard time finding a good place they can play live dealer games.

This casino has no problem with players who want to use Bitcoin.

More importantly, the establishment has gone the extra mile to ensure that it offers particularly good playing conditions to US players.

Some features that prove this fact include the fact that payouts are paid out instantly. These payouts are also pretty generous.

Finally, players also get a 100% bonus, but this is limited to $1000.

4. MyBookie Casino

US players who choose to use this casino can enjoy their favorite live dealer games using Bitcoin. That is one of the many things that make this casino so friendly to US players.

Additionally, the payouts are quite impressive, and anyone using MyBookie can expect to enjoy thrilling live dealer gambling in all its glory.

As with other reputable casinos in the market, you will get a generous 100% when you sign up with this casino, although the maximum bonus amount is capped at $300.

5. BetOnline Casino

There are a few better casinos US players can turn to besides BetOnline Casino, which seems to have outdone itself in a bid to offer a friendly and accommodating environment for US live dealer gaming fans.

The casino offers great payouts on its games. In addition, you can play using bitcoin.

And if you are a high roller, they have an exclusive VIP High Roller Zone that will take care of your unique playing needs.

A bonus is also available during sign up, but the upper limit is $1000.

So, all in all, this is a great live dealer casino for US players.

6. 5Dimes Casino

Don’t let the dimes thing in its name fool you, this casino is not mean with its payouts at all. In fact, this is arguably the best-paying top live dealer casino that will take US players.

With payouts of 98.729%, you will have no reason to consider any other option if your desire is to play at a place where you get maximum return on your winning bets.

The high payouts are more than hype, as this casino has a solid reputation in the market, and it stands behind its lucrative promises.

To make the playing experience even smoother, you will not meet with any withdrawal limits when playing at this casino.

New players also get a 50% bonus on their bets, with a limit of up to $500.

4. Finding Top Live Dealer Casinos

I have to admit, finding the best live dealer casinos, let alone those that can serve US clients, is not easy. In fact, if there were many of them, they would have been added to the above list.

Even today, not many live dealer online casinos are willing to give US players some action. But the casinos discussed above clearly will; and do an excellent job while at it.

They have already proven themselves up to the task of helping American players enjoy the excitement of online live dealer games like other nationals.

The playing conditions at these casinos are so good that anyone would benefit immensely from using their services. Some of these benefits include attractive payouts, bonuses, a chance to use bitcoin when betting and so forth.

Making Your Choice

Obviously, not every casino listed above will meet your playing needs. For instance, your greatest desire might be using a casino that offers you the best payouts.

Another live casino gaming fan might be in search of a gambling establishment that offers VIP services.

What I’m saying is this: feel free to look through the list and find the casino that is better suited to your playing needs for a custom live dealer gaming experience.

All I can assure you at the moment is that these live dealer casinos are uniquely designed to assist US players like yourself enjoy world-class live dealer games without inhibitions.

5. Conclusion

I’m sure that if you have had a chance to play at a real casino, you miss the adrenaline rush and the endless excitement that comes from playing against a live dealer.

With live dealer games, things will be even be better since the live dealer will be seated right in front of you, in your own home, helping you have the time of your life playing your favorite live dealer game.

Whether you are playing poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat or any other game, live dealer games offer a gaming experience unlike any other the online gaming world can give you at the moment.

With the above live dealer casinos, it does not matter that you come from the US, a country whose residents online gambling establishments tend to withhold their services from.

Quite simply, the rousing Las Vegas casino playing experience is only a few clicks away – just be sure to make it a good one with the help of these great casinos if you are from the US.