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Is Bovada Casino Rigged? – Find out the Truth Here

CASINOS Updated on: 30 October 2018

Apparently, there are people who would like to know: is Bovada Casino rigged?

This got me curious as well. And that is how I began my research into this subject.

As far as I know, Bovada is one of the leading casinos in the world, with an impressive selection of games, high quality support, great bonuses, and other premium features.

1. But, What about the Complaints?

There are quite a number of complaints about Bovada, including disparaging claims that it is rigged.

We should first clear a few things up – many people have had very bad playing experiences at online casinos. And it’s not just at scamming casinos, but at legit casinos as well.

For instance, when someone loses a small fortune through unhealthy gambling, which can happen anywhere, you can bet that he/she will be having nothing but a bad day.

What am I getting at?

It’s simple – every casino that has several customers will have complaints about it from people, even those who lost their money through sheer bad luck or lack of playing skill. Neither of these things make a casino a scam.

This class of gamblers then chooses to put the blame on the casino because how the events unfolded made the experience “not feel right.”

This happens all the time among people who have problems dealing with gambling losses; and indications are that this is what is going on with Bovada Casino.

I am not defending the casino, but rather saying the truth based on the reality about it on the ground.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know where the truth lies especially in the context of personal and emotionally-charged opinions from dissatisfied players.

So, is Bovada Casino as the negative reviews try to convince us it is? I think this is worth considering.

With these questions on my mind, I set out to look at some of the reviews making these claims, the facts they have to offer, and whether these facts are truly valid. 

I also think it’s important to get information from the casino itself for a complete picture of what is going on. And that is precisely what I did.

Here is what came up with regard to whether Bovada is rigged or not.

2. Is Bovada Casino Rigged?

The Bonus Implies So, Apparently

One of the people claiming that Bovada is rigged has nothing to go on except the fact that the casino offers a 100% bonus.

That’s just ridiculous.

As far as this commenter is concerned, no casino would give you such a bonus without having rigged its games.

What this means is that practically every casino is rigged because I can’t think of a decent casino that does not come with at least a 100% match bonus offer or better.

Such an argument clearly disregards the fact that there are great reliable online gambling regulators that ensure that a casino’s games are provably fair before issuing a gambling license.

More importantly, this is just a general claim, since the person peddling this claim did not even bother to register with the casino and get actual facts that the casino was being unfair.

I hope you know better than to buy into these wholesale condemnations; because this is an incredibly misinformed take on online gambling.

Such misguided views are not entirely uncommon, though.

Too bad Bovada’s name has been used as an example of a casino that falls under the rigged category, which is without a doubt due to its great reputation in the industry.

3. What about Blackjack

Another rant goes on about how the player in question burned over $500 playing blackjack.

Big deal.

People have lost a lot more in a lot less time playing this game, even in physical casinos. And these were reputable and licensed casinos actually.

But maybe he has a genuine claim against Bovada.

Except he does not, because that is not how the casino does its business.

He was just extremely frustrated that he lost so more money than he expected. A smart player would have realized that the game is not going their way early enough and get out before hundreds of dollars go down the drain.

That cannot be Bovada’s fault, however good his blackjack skills were.

There is never a guarantee you will walk away with more money that you brought in when you joined the online blackjack table, and proficiency in this game does not count for much.

Blackjack is largely a game of chance, clear and simple.

That is what makes it apparent that this is not a genuine negative review about this casino. Otherwise, if skill eliminated the chances of losing a blackjack game, the most skilled world-class blackjack players would win all tournaments.

But that is not what happens, is it? And it’s because random chance also plays a role in blackjack outcomes. You can win yourself a fortune today, but that does not mean you cannot lose it all tomorrow.

Fortunately, most people did not buy into this idea, if the ensuring comments were anything to go by. The only real concern was the player’s ill-advised use of expletives in the strongly worded and emotionally-fueled rant.

4. Some Things to Know about Bovada

The Bovada brand has been around for over a decade. It has a very good reputation in the industry, regardless of a few complaints against it from frustrated players here and there.

Many of its services have set the standards for online gambling.

These include the high quality software, a huge selection of games, a huge choice of high quality games, and great payment processing options.

Gaming is very easy at Bovada as well, and payouts are processed very fast. Customer support is also always available to help deal with any queries you might have.

Also, at this casino, you can turn your bonus into cash if you have the knowledge and luck to get through the playthrough requirements unscathed.

5. Conclusion

Bovada Casino rigged? I hardly think so. This casino is as legit as they come.

Sure, Google searches do dig up some reviews that suggest that it is, but you can always find out the truth by looking at the site itself, and the nature of the negative claims made against it.

What I can say about Bovada is that it offers legitimate gambling services using provably fair games.

Obviously, we have all had bad gambling experiences. But while most of us recognize that as an undesired side to gambling, there are people who choose to heap the blame on the casino.

This is essentially why Bovada has received this damaging tag from some players. And I am sure such people will have similar experiences at other online casinos until they get their playing strategies in order, if they haven’t already.

Otherwise, Bovada Casino awards bonuses fairly, and deposits and withdrawals are not a problem when using its services.

But I can tell you that Bovada Casino is very legit, there is nothing fishy going on here.

But if you can only like a casino when you emerge the winner when you bet, then you are deceiving yourself.

No casino is good enough to protect you from bad gambling decisions, not even Bovada.

Just to recap; Bovada Casino is not rigged, even though there are people suggesting it is. So, you will be fine enjoying your favorite games at this casino. Just make sure you have a winning strategy while at it and you will love every minute of your experience.

Bovada Casino is safe because it is completely legit. In fact, this is one of the best online-based casinos in the world at the moment.