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Chumba Casino Review – Why You Need to Stay Away

CASINOS Updated on: 26 October 2018

I hope you did not get here with the idea of getting more information about Chumba Casino so that you can sign up, because I have some bad news.

The people behind this online operation have no intention of helping you have a good time.

If anything, what they have in store for their unsuspecting visitors is a long string of disappointments that culminate in the worst online gaming nightmare they have probably ever had.

So, at least for now, you might want to shelf the plan to join this casino for a moment. I will tell you why this gaming establishment is a blatant scam that is using every trick in the book to steal your hard-earned money.

There are no winners among those who join Chumba Casino, only victims. Several complaints have been lodged against this casino on many online forums, and they keep mounting.

Here is a look at some of the ways people have had frustrating and money-losing experiences after being involved with Chumba Casino.

1. The Account Registration Complications

You can register an account with this casino over the web or through Facebook.

Convenient, uh? Not exactly.

That is because some of the games you can play with a web account are not available on your Facebook account.

In this mix-up, which needn’t be a big deal, lies the very first of the several underhanded moves this shady company uses to fleece its clients.

Obviously, if you don’t find a game you like through your Facebook account, registering a web account for a chance to play the said game would be a natural enough decision. Any reasonable person can see that, including them, actually. To some extent.

Yep, Chumba Casino’s terms and conditions allows you to have two accounts.

And even after you have opened the web account in addition to a Facebook account, you will comfortably enjoy playing your favorite games using the two accounts.

Your only mistake will be trying to make a withdrawal, because that is where they get you.

Once you do, you will see a completely different side to them. They will tell you that you are not supposed to have multiple accounts, and for that reason, they will not process your winnings.

But that is just one of the traps, if you are lucky enough to avoid it, then another challenge awaits you. Here it is.

2. The Sweepstakes Scam

Chumba Casino also claims to be a sweepstakes, in a bid to lure US players and make them comfortable using their services. But from all appearances, this is a gambling site based on the game selection the site offers its users.

Anyway, as far as the casino’s marketing offers go, you can get free sweeps and even trade them for cash or even PayPal payments.

But first, they have to ensure that the entity making these claims is human, which takes 4 to 5 days. That is not the problem though.

According to the law, they should offer these sweeps without any purchase, and they are careful not to violate this legal provision and scare off players who know the law on sweeps.

So, you will be asked to send self-addressed envelopes, so that they can mail you the winnings. But even while acknowledging the receipt of these envelopes, crediting the required winnings will be a challenge.

For one user, the credited winnings always had a zero or so missing. And this happened consistently enough to make it clear that it was no computing error.

Any follow-up queries on such issues are met with promises and reassurances that the problem will be addressed. But that’s about it.

3. Poor Customer Support

The other problem is that customer support at this casino is a joke.

You cannot even reach them by phone because they don’t even have one. If you want to get in touch, your only options are email and Facebook.

This is totally ridiculous for a gambling company that has been in operation for several years already. The site even boldly claims they have been around since 2002.

But sometimes, when they are feeling particularly generous, they might answer to your email, but in 2 days or so.

4. Payment Issues

Chumba Casino actually pays, surprisingly enough.

But as with everything else, nothing is easy, fair, or straight forward with these guys.

They make their payments through PayPal, which might sound reassuring. However, that is hardly promising when your chances of winning with this casino’s games are next to nil.

Ideally, with PayPal payments, it will take about 1 to 2 hours after your withdrawal to get your money.

But the question is: what money? Certainly not anything you have won, be assured of that.

The game payouts are terrible, and the games sometimes get mixed up on their own as you play. For instance, you might think you were playing a certain game and midway through the game you might realize that you are playing an entirely different game.

Honestly, what the hell is that?

Needless to say, you cannot win with these kinds of “hiccups.”

5. Shady and Incredibly Unfair Games

Don’t even bother asking Chumba Casino where they get their games, they won’t respond to that.

The only thing that’s for sure is that these games are not from top gaming software providers like RTG or Microgaming.

There is nothing provably fair about the games offered at this casino. Not even a shred of fairness to speak of.

Getting a few cents on the dollar is the norm for games that typically have more rewarding payouts at reputable casinos.

And getting chump change is obviously not anyone’s idea of a good time

And that is for the lucky few. Some people have witnessed new records for barren spins when using this casino. Like making dozens of spins without a single win, which, in the real world, would be a phenomenal stroke of bad luck.

In other words, at Chumba Casino, the next loss is only a spin away.

Sometimes you could hit it big, it happens.

But don’t count on getting the money you win. As long as you don’t try to make a withdrawal, you are good. But as soon as you put in a withdrawal request, everything goes to hell.

Surprisingly, some people have even mastered a way to profit from their unfair games, but that counts for nothing when you cannot cash out the said winnings.

As soon as you request a withdrawal, they will throw in all sorts of explanations to your face explaining why they cannot handle your request.

6. Suspicious Player Boards

The player boards are probably fake. Very very probably.

The same names keep scrolling by, showing the neat wins these players keep winning, day in, day out.

Let’s be honest, nobody gets lucky that many times a week, or in the case of Chumba Casino, several times a day.

7. Discriminative and Unforthcoming Bonus Offers

The casino also promises huge bonuses, but you can’t count on these – odds that you will not get paid even if you get them.

Another thing: if you have been playing there for a while, or spend a lot on your bets, these offers are not for you. They are targeted at new players who cannot claim any major bonus offers, and even they go on to get stiffed when they try to cashout.

Not that this should be a concern really – the games themselves are rigged to ensure that you lose until its time to make your next deposit.

The lousy payouts on the games in this casino’s library will wipe off the bonuses and even take a sizable chunk off your capital.

8. Summary

A couple of people readily admit that they have had their worst time gambling online at Chumba Casino.

The games are not provably fair, and customer support is as bad as it can possibly get as there are no phones or chats. Emails also go unanswered.

Add to that the fact that payouts are dreadful the the quality of games is bizarrely deplorable; and you have yourself one of the worst online casinos you can get.

So, avoid Chumba Casino completely and seek online gambling opportunities elsewhere.